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100% Clear.

Wednesday, April 30th, 2008

Many chronic acne sufferers get a little better on a particular regimen and then retire to the idea that they will always have a little bit of active acne on their face. Although this is fine if the patients are well contented, it’s always a mistake when patients are unhappily giving up at 95% clarity. People often say things like, “this is probably the best I can do topically.”

In many of our videos, you can see patients who haven’t had a single new bump for weeks and even months. It is very possible for anyone who wishes to achieve 100% clarity. Ask Dr. Neal if you are getting stuck at the elusive 95% improved situation.

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  1. John123 Says:

    I can’t wait for the products!!!

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Acne Misconception #1 (“Genetics”)

Tuesday, April 29th, 2008

      Genetics does indeed have a large influence on one’s capacity to fall into a State of Acne Proneness.   The oil gland’s behavior pattern and distribution can vary greatly between and within all ethnic groups.  However, the idea of Genetics being the “cause”  of acne bears great potential repercussions because at this time, our genetics are not changeable.  So it would  stand that if acne is primarily cased by genetics, and genetics are not changeable, then acne is also not changeable!?   The video gallery has already proven otherwise demonstrating that the conversation of genetics and acne is one of mistaken pessimism and is unimportant in the treatment of this condition.


©2008 “Genetics and Acne”  by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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  1. Richmond Lee Says:

    I completely agree that genetics play a role in your “acne proneness”. My family is a walking testament. Either my Grandma or Grandpa had severe acne or some form of acne in their days. Why I point the finger at them? Well, all the males in my family (first cousins) have or had severe acne like myself and are still battling with it. And all the girls in my family have or had a form of consistent moderate acne atleast once. Genetics absolutely play a major role with your skin condition.

  2. runganpha bullock Says:

    i want to buy the cream to take care my acne can you help me

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