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Does your doctor really care if you get better……?

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

go to site Would your doctor lose sleep if your acne never improved…..?   

   I ask people this question to remind them that it really does matter.  With simple common short lived medical problems like a cough, a cold, or an upset stomach….,  it may not matter if your doctor even speaks the same language as you do.  For emergency room medical care or surgical procedures,  your doctor’s diligence may be more important than their actual “feelings” for you.  (Although of course,  the most talented E.R. and O.R. doctors have real love and personal feelings for all of their patients)

     In the world of chronic conditions,  communication is as important as expertise.   Some would say communication skill is the real expertise in medical healing.  This is the reason holistic practioners often times have more success with chronic stress related conditions than Medical Doctors.  Based on the practice setup, they have more time to dig into the real conversation of what’s going on in a person’s overall life situation.

So the question remains…..,   would your doctor be heavily distressed if your acne did not clear up……?

Do you think it would drive him or her crazy knowing that you are doing everything you are supposed to do and still not getting better…..?

     The answer to this question is more important than you may realize.  Chronic relentless conditions like acne often times require massive energy from both patient and practitioner.  The strength of the patient/practitioner relationship is the glue that keeps the battle going until they reach the threshold of victory.  Although it can be a rigor, it’s very rewarding for both the patient and the practitioner when total success is achieved. I essay in marathi holi n regards to this healing phenomenon,  allow me to offer an important tip……

      When you meet your next doctor for acne or any other medical problem, do not come at them like you deserve some impersonal industrialized service for the money you’ve just spent.  Rather,  recognize that you are spending money to get into a productive patient/practitioner relationship.  Treat them with the respect that you hope to treated with.  Give them the benefit of the doubt that their 10-20 years of experience with real people is more powerful than the impersonal random information you have gathered from the internet.  Give them the benefit of the doubt that they will be able to help you.  Using this vibe as a jump off point to the relationship with actually exponentially increase your odds of getting better.  It’s a healing phenomenon I’ve witnessed for years.   Observe yourself and recognize if you are unable or unwilling to trust again. Do your best to try to express that real feeling to your doctor.  If you express your pessimism in a real and personal way, a good doctor will respect that vulnerability and put energy into gaining your trust.    

    If your doctor seems unable to give back energetically to the healing relationship,  he or she may not be good enough for someone who has failed many treatments.   


Hope this tip helps, 

-Dr. Neal





©2008  “Does your doctor really care if you get better……?”   by Dr. Neal Schwartz

2 Responses to “Does your doctor really care if you get better……?”

  1. R Says:

    I went to a dermatologist when I was 12 and again when I was in my early 20’s. Haven’t been back since and I’m now 42. But I will say that my own Doctor, Dentist, GYN – none of them would ever take the time to email w/ answers and help like Dr Neal did. He really does seem to care and want us to get clear and stay that way.

  2. Steven Says:

    I really liked the way they came off

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Acne Misconception #5 (“It takes 6 months to 1 year to clear up Moderate or Severe Acne”)

Sunday, August 10th, 2008

    For the past several decades, doctors have been prescribing topical and oral medications for acne and telling people to patiently “wait” for results.  “I’ll see you again in 3 months”,  is usually the last thing you’ll hear when leaving the doctors office.  While some mild cases will clear up with a single prescription and a smile,  more stubborn cases do not always go as planned.  It is often told to patients coming in, “Your acne will take 6 months to one year to clear up.”   This prognosis is dangerous for many patients because they find themselves in a “Hoping and Waiting” pattern like when they eagerly waited to get their driver’s license.  Unlike other milestones though, real psychological damage can be done when a year has passed and, despite perfect compliance, they are the same or even worse.

        As you can see from several of our case studies,  moderate acne can be cleared in weeks and severe acne can be cleared in a few months when treated properly.  Why then, do many doctors still tell patients 6-12 months??    It is simply the passing forward of the “standard of medicine” from generation to generation.  As you can see from the videos, the standard isn’t always the most effective.  Commonly used topicals like prescription retinoids, benzoyl peroxide,  and antibiotics have ruled this field for decades.   When and more importantly, if at all successful, this treatment concept can take several months to a year. How do you know if you should patiently “wait” or change up doctors??   This really becomes a critical question because, on the other end,  many people also make the mistake of switching up before giving their treatment a chance at all.     How can you decide what to do???

paraphrasing shakespeare Here’s how:   Rather than asking random people what they think you should do,  simply ask go your go here doctor if he or she thinks you are on the right track.  If you can’t get in touch with your doctor after several attempts or feel like he or she really doesn’t care whether you get better or not,  then it’s time to switch.  





©2008 Acne Misconception #5 (“It takes 6 months to 1 year to clear up Moderate or Severe Acne”)    by Dr. Neal Schwartz


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Don’t miss out on the Beach…….

Saturday, August 9th, 2008

   Acne can really put a damper on all the great things the world has to offer.  It sometimes feels like a punishment for enjoying oneself.  My biggest regret is staying away from the beach for fear of breaking out worse from the sun, sweat, lotions, etc.    The ocean and the beach have amazing, soulful healing properties that I was missing out on for years.  Don’t make the same mistake.

     My goal is for anyone to be able to spend a great day on the beach, eat well, and then relax with good company without paying real consequences for living their life.  

     My suggestion is to get this problem quickly handled, if not by me, then by someone else who also knows how to get it done properly.  Living in fear and avoiding huge influences like the beach will always become a regret.


Here’s a shot I took from my phone today….

Take care, 

-Dr. Neal

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Acne Misconception #4 (“For Acne, all you need is to just…..”)

Friday, August 8th, 2008

    The biggest misconception about acne is the idea that it is a simple problem. Decades of acne marketing with a smile have mislead the public to believe that acne is something you can “just” fix with a small tweak in your washing or nutritional routine. I always encourage my patients to try any simple acne program sold on the market, only to get an idea of how this condition is not as simple as it seems.

    I often get worried when I hear people give others acne advice with a breezy tone that sounds like this:   “All you have to do is just………”            With persistent acne, there is no “just” do this or that.  It can be very stubborn and very complicated.

    We created this program to handle the complexity of persistent Acne.  All possible scenarios can be handled in a new tone that sounds more like this: “Pay attention, this is not a simple problem to defeat. However, although it is powerful, it can ALWAYS be beaten.”  I give online support with all our programs to specifically address the stubborness of this chronic condition.




©2008 “Acne Misconception #4 (“For Acne, all you need is to just…..”)”   by Dr. Neal Schwartz

4 Responses to “Acne Misconception #4 (“For Acne, all you need is to just…..”)”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    Appreciate the info guys, thanks

  2. Kayli Says:

    Can you please tell my mom this! I’m 17 years old and have had acne since I was 11. And for these 6 long years, my mom is always telling me “all you need to do is wash your face with Dove soap.” I always reply with “I wish it was that easy.”.

  3. Catherine Says:

    oh my gosh! I’m the same way. Since i was 14 my mom told me that “all i need to do is put nutraderm lotion on my face every day”! I’m 26 now and i still have acne.

  4. Sarah Says:

    I feel the same way! I’ve been suffering with acne since i was 14. “Be sure to use Aveeno face wash,” could be heard all the way in the bathroom. I wish it was that easy too.

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Positive Feedback From Our Acne Bootcamp™ Members:

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Please feel free to share your prior struggles and positive experiences using the Home Version of our Acne Bootcamp™ Program.


-Dr. Neal

15 Responses to “Positive Feedback From Our Acne Bootcamp™ Members:”

  1. Evan Says:

    Hi, my name is Evan and I’ve had acne for a total of about 6 years. It had started when I was a sophomore in high school and by the end of my senior I had developed cystic acne. I tried proactiv and murad to get rid of the problem with no luck. After those products didn’t work I went to see a dermatologist and was put on the antibiotic minocycline along with differin gel as a topical. The antibiotic had helped clear most of my cystic acne but I was still left with new pimples forming daily if not every other day. I continued to try different herbs, supplements, and natural topicals with little or no visible improvement. I came across through youtube videos and thought they were amazing so I sent for the products and about 5 weeks later I am the clearest I have ever been in years. I’d say 97% clear and I know Its just going to keep getting better at this point and that is a major relief. This is my first testimonial I’ve ever written and I am glad its for this. My advice for anyone still suffering from acne is to stop wasting time and money on things that don’t work and immediately start this program. Thanks Dr. Neal.

  2. T Says:

    I’ve suffered from acne for most of my young adult life… and I’ve tried every medication known to man in the hopes of clearer skin. I’ve even been on 2 rounds of Accutane, which helped (the 2nd time) but didn’t leave me as clear as I’d hoped long term. Topical treatments didn’t give me the results I wanted and left my sensitive skin more irritated than anything. After starting the Home Version of the Acne Bootcamp program, I noticed immediately that my skin felt really clean and not overly dry. Most importantly, I have not had cystic acne (which i occasionally had) since starting the program. If i am diligent and use the products morning and night, I do not break out AT ALL. This program has changed my life.. I LOVE these products… and my new, consistently clear skin. 🙂

  3. mike Says:

    hello to anyone who reads Dr. Neal’s site—
    I am a 28 year old guy, who has been dealing with the ever-changing problem of acne since my early teens(13) Over the last 15 years, I have tried many antibiotics, cleansers, prescription cleansers, proactiv, and every natural remedy in the whole body aisle in whole foods. I learned of the Boot Camp from my brother, also a successful patient of Dr.Neal’s, about 6 months ago and my skin has never been so consistently clear. His regime, and the products seem to be the right mix for me, and i’ve seen the videos, and other peoples acne looks different, and it works for them too…so I guess its the right mix for many! All I can say is, this is my first summer that I can remember, where I am not trying to “tan” over some huge summertime blemishes. thanks Doc!

  4. Samantha Says:

    Hey guys!

    Just wanted to post a quick feedback on the site for anyone considering trying this stuff. I think this is week number three now, and i’m probably the clearest i’ve been in over a year. I was definiteyl skeptical, but after trying everything else, thought i’d give it a shot. The only complaint i have is that its a little pricey, (at least double the cost of proactive-but then again proactive didn’t do much for me).

    Anyway, I’m kind of exctied to keep using this stuff and see how clear i can get. Not sure exactly what’s in this different than other products, and how it works so well, but it definitely seems to be doing the trick for me.

  5. Phintso Says:

    Hey everyone,
    All I can say is wow!! wow!! wow!! I cannot believe how much I suffered from this horrible thing called ACNE. Just watching my video after like a year was like I cannot believe this. My boyfriend was also like wow!! He forgot how I looked with all those pimples on me. He put up with my face too lol!! But now that’s history. I just want people to know that this is the best deal to get rid of pimples. I was a skeptic at first and Dr. Schwartz has proved to us all that there is such a thing as a guaranteed treatment. LOOK AT ME!! He changed my life. Ever since the change in my face I have braces to fix my teeth to go with the cleared up face. Ain’t that some thing? If you don’t believe this I am the girl in the video. Dr. Swartz and his team are absolutely phenomenon!! They were very understanding of my condition and they kept motivating me and gave me a sense of hope; thanks to them, I got my “MOJO” back. Please believe me when I say go and get your treatment because they are not out there to scam you, they are there to help when all the hope of getting better has been drained out of you. I don’t try any other products without asking Dr. Schwartz and he is always there to answer all your question, and surprisingly, believe it or not, he gives you his cell number and ya!! He is on call all the time. Him and his staff are there for you and accommodate you in every way they can. I am an advocate for acne sufferers and I am not lying when I say, he is the real McCoy when it comes to battling ACNE!!! Thank you all for reading and I am that girl whose dermatologist gave up on her.

  6. monica Says:

    I learned of this like many others, through youtube. When i first saw it I was amazed to say the least. I made an appt and went it, but unfortunatley was not able to afford the program. then dr. neal came out with a home kit, which i ordered and is phenomenal! wprth every single cent! i have been on for 3 weks and for the first time in 15 yrs, i am not worried about my face! which says soooo much! anyone doubting these products watch the videos, as they are the only ones ive ever seen with b4 and afters! get these products and stop wasting more time and fear dealing with this acne monster! i have tried everything, and though my endless internet searching never found me a cure, i can finally say that i found it with the acne practice. and also, when u order the home kit, dr neal answers all ur questions thru email…super quick! he is an amazing human being, and honest! this stuff works! thanks dr neal!!

  7. R Says:

    Hi All,

    First of all, I’m very sorry that I haven’t posted sooner than this! Life got busy though…

    I got acne when I was 12 yrs old and have battled and suffered w/ it for the past 30 yrs now. Moderate to severe. I was on retin a back in the day and I think topical clindomyacin (it was a long time ago so I’m not quite sure). Tried all OTC products throughout the years as well as those on TV etc, and more recently some alternative methods. Some did nothing while some helped a little. But nothing ever came close to clearing me to any extent.

    Most of you know how bad acne affects all of us and I’m no exception. It’s lousy to have at any age. So when I saw Dr Neal’s videos, I read more and kept watching til the Home Boot Camp version was available and got it immediately. I’ve been using it since early June of this year. Within a week there was a noticable difference!! But after all these years of product usage, my skin tends to dry out alot when using anything now. Dr Neal was absolutely Wonderful about answering my questions and modifying the regimen according to “my skin needs”!! I’m still astounded at all the emails and help I recieved from him.

    It probably took me longer to clear than most (because of my dryer skin problems mainly). But YES, these products work!! I am on the moderate kit and reordering again. If you are unsure, I hope you give it a chance. It’s a lot of money for the first kit but well worth it!!

    Thank you Dr Neal and please never stop making your products!!

  8. Iris Says:

    Hi, my name is Iris, and before this program i really thought that there was not goig to be anything that was going to be able to fix my skin problems, i know this is going to sound cliche but i had tried almost everything. my acne was really preventing me from being myself. and i had been eyeing the acne at home bootcamp products for a while, but i was still a little unsure if they would work, but finally i took the steps towards clearer skin on October 2008 and i bought it, and i am so glad i did, it helped my skin tremendously, and please dont think i am making all this stuff up i am not, i have now the clesrest skin i have ever had in my life, my parents still coment me on how good the acne boot camp products worked and how ‘polished’ my skin looks, i still cant believe the coments i get, “flawless skin”, and i think back 2-3 months ago how horrible it had been. So if you are thinking about buying this product and you are not happy with your acne i would please encourage you to take the leap and purchase it, you wont need anything else! Thank you soooooo much Dr.Neal not only for guiding me through the program, but for creating such an amazing product!!!!

  9. Iris Says:

    i had suffered from acne for a year, it was right after high school that my skin started to act up and i had breakouts almost every week, my face never experienced a “clear day” before using the acne boot camp.prior to purchase
    I had been questioning myself, whether these products actually claimed true to their statements, and i have to say i was a bit apprehensive because i had tried so many things i just simply refused to believe that topical products would do anything on my persistent acne. But as frustrated and helpless as i felt with my acne situation i decided i would give it a try, and on October of 2008 i purchased it, and i am so HAPPY to share with you that i now have the clearest skin!!! my parents cant believe how “polished” my skin looks and feels, i now get compliments, i cant even believe it 🙂 so please if you have been suffering with unwanted acne try it out and i promise you its the last thing you will use on your face.

    Thank you so much Dr.Neal for all your help, and your online assistance, and for making these products that work!!

  10. Raul Says:

    Hi, my name is Raul. I am 19 years old and I believe I got m first zit around the 8th grade. my acne didnt bother me until about my junior year of high school and progressively got worse. There were ups and downs but mostly downs. Right after I graduated high school and entered my first year of collegemy face was full of zits. And for the first time in m life I had cystic acne…especially under my jawline. I decided to go to get a laser treatment done which consisted of 8 lasers for about $4,000. I was pleased with the results but was assured theyd last at least 2 years. They only lasted 5 months. I was really dissapointed and just went back to using neutrogena until I saw Dr. Neals videos on youtube. I was out of a job so waited til I got a job in order to buy one of his kits. About a month later I got a job and bought his kit and am really happy that I did. Ive been using it since October of 2008 and my face has greatly improved. Nothing else has really done anythiong close to this. I didn’t really think that these products would have helped my face as much as they did. Honestly if you’re having second thoughts about buying any of these kits. You really shouldn’t. I mean I spent thousoands on other products that didnt work, or worked for a short while…so why not try this…

  11. Rohit Arora Says:

    Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog…

  12. Robert Lee Says:

    Hi, my name is Robert.

    I am 33 years old and have suffered from acne for roughly 20 years. I came to Dr Neal with a lot of hope and gladly have NOT been disappointed. This program works and here’s why: Dr Neal is tireless in his efforts to help his patients. I have not gotten such personal advice and support in the 4 other dermatologists I’ve seen over the last 20 years. It was in and out, in and out, try Accutane, try Erythromycin, try Benzoyl Peroxide, try Tetracyline, try Amoxicyllin (I was on an almost LETHAL dose of amoxicyllin for 2 years straight with one dermatologist!), I tried EVERYTHING.

    I started on the acne practice on 8th July, and I’ve gone from having over 70 bumps on my face, mostly whiteheads and several dark marks and scars and severe redness to a basically clear face with some old bumps that are still just a tiny bit red and some dark marks which will go away eventually within the next few months. Every time Dr Neal saw me struggling against myself in my emails through the home version, he was tough with me and didn’t let me get myself down. I have only been on this for 3 weeks and it has done wonders.

    ANYONE reading out there who feels hopeless and is wondering if this is just a crock, if Dr Neal is a quack, he ISN’T. I am not a paid sponsor and I am a real person and I have pictures to prove my success. I am so glad I decided to contact Dr Neal. Show your videos to him, send your pictures, send your story, he is willing to listen and will help you. You have to trust him. Just do it. Please believe me when I say – your face DOES matter to people. I’m single and I’ve gotten so many responses from some of the same people who before backed away from me, now they are responding and I am also a performer, so image is a big thing as well as talent…and I believe it can only get better from here and it will.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dr Neal.

  13. Valerie Says:

    Nice write up…usually I never reply to these thing but this time I will,Thanks for the great info.

  14. Nadine Says:

    Hello everybody! I am as well a FORMER acne sufferer who now wants to share with all of you the joy of freedom from acne and the experience I went through to find the desired result!
    It started like a light rash in my early twenties. In a few months the rash changed into cystic acne. At first, the condition was responding successfully to a number of different treatments, but every time it would come back in a year or so with more severity((( Bottom line — in a few years something mild turned into moderate to severe, sometimes severe acne accompanied by hyper sensitivity and reactivity of the facial skin. Since then I was always at search — I tried to “fix” my face in FOUR different countries, saw more than dozen medical professionals. I cumulatively wasted over a year of my life sitting at home rubbing crazy things on my skin (most of them were pretty abrasive and they would burn, peel, and what not my poor already inflamed skin). I’ve spent over $10,000 on my face, and even switched to a different career (from teaching to accounting, so I could avoid people when I needed)!!! Sounds crazy, right? Well, that was my life before I read about acnepractice.
    I should admit, I was BEYOND skeptical when I purchased the kit! I am sure, most of you can relate to that voice inside you that says: “it’s not going to work,” “you gonna face one more failure.” I was fighting pretty hard to suppress that feeling of hopelessness and overcome the negative self-programming. I personally found Dr. Neal’s posts, patients’ testimonies, and interviews extremely helpful! I wish there was a way for patients to communicate with each other on this site, something like forum. I am not sure if Dr. Neal would allow this type of communication because people might try to give each other advice which might negatively interfere with the program… What is your opinion on this, doctor?
    OK, back to the story. Two years ago I went through a very rough treatment which did hold my skin under control for about 1.5 years, but then one day it all came back(( I had the worst break out EVER!!! Here is the brief picture — huge cysts scattered all over my face, sitting there for months, scaring the tissue, and leaving numerous purple spots. Ah, I am having chills just remembering that! I started desperately searching again, checked product after product, hit very many web sites — nothing seemed convincing, or at least close to that. Then I got on YouTube and found a few acnepractice videos. In a few days I watched them all, read the site from cover to cover, decided to take the chances and emailed Dr. Neal. I originally wanted to fly to NYC, but family situation did not allow me to follow my plan through, so I went for the home version.
    This is my third month on the products, and let me tell you people — I am living my life!!! For those who are concerned with the price — it is soooooooo much worth it! $300 or so is NOTHING in comparison with the nightmare of acne. Don’t get me wrong — this money is a lot for me as well (I am a new immigrant and a student here). The point is that the freedom from this terrible condition is priceless!
    Thank you Dr. Neal and all the people who shared their testimonials — I am grateful to you forever!!! This product has changed my life. I hope it will change many others!!!

  15. Sarah Says:

    I have been so troubled with acne and how to successfully clear my skin that I dont even know where to start. I am a little worried because I have never had any success before. I became overwhelmed and felt helpless when I tried to treat my skin before. I am asking any and all for any helpful advice or tips.

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