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2009 Rebate Option

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

        In an effort to help everyone who is still endlessly suffering,  We have come up with a rebate option for those who are very comitted but simply can not afford the program at this time.

      This offer is for those who are willing to request assistance and publicly promise they will follow all the directions perfectly.   


This is our debut request of this new offer.   2009 Rebate Request


Feel free to email us about the details of this new option.

Take care, 

-Dr. Neal

14 Responses to “2009 Rebate Option”

  1. yer lo Says:

    dr. neal & staff,

    when i was a teen i had zits . . . went away for a while . . . got pregnant at 16 & 19yrs (no acne what so ever during pregnancy) pregnant at 22 yrs. my face broke out like crazy . . . super ugly! after giving birth . . . better but not completely gone . . . now at 28yrs. horrible for the last 2 yrs. i get the gram-negative folliculitis= pustules & cysts. i never broke out on my chin/neck/back area before . . . now . . . they are everywhere. nasty! the thing is . . . they (acne) are so big and red and they hurt . . . they (acne) stay on my face, neck & back for a very long time . . . about 2-3weeks for one of them to . . . not go away but . . . to shrink back down. when i pop a pimple . . . it tense to come back in the same place in about a week . . . most of the time that happens . . . i see like trapped blood in the acne . . . when i pop that same one again . . . i get lots of blood . . . mainly dripping down my face. it bleeds for about 3-5mins. nasty! i’m pissed off! i have seen a derm. she gave me some anti-pill things (gave me yeast infection), clindamycin gel & finacea(burns me real bad) derm. recommened me to take some yaz birthcontrol pills (currently taking . . . no effect). i have used proactive, clean & clear, aveeno, neutrogena acne wash, clinique, olay, face peels, face whiten, dove, etc . . . my elderest daughter is 13yrs . . . she too is having ance problems. she has them on her face, neck, chest & real bad on her back . . . when she has swimming classes at school . . . i have to write an excuse to get her out of there. i’m asian (just incase there might be some skin type issue) . . . co-worker told me to do lazer because she does lazer . . . i don’t think it’s working for her because i don’t see a difference. don’t know what to do . . . heard about 2009 rebate on youtube . . . very interested. PLEASE HELP US! thank you for your time!

    yer lo

  2. admin Says:

    you can email me anytime on here. Just click on “Ask Dr. Neal” and scroll down…

    Talk soon,
    -Dr. Neal

  3. Valery Ladeira Says:

    Hello Dr.Neal!! I can across you on youtube and i am very very very intersted in regards to the rebate and getting started with your program. I too have been a suffer of acne since i was 13 years old and now i am 25. It seems like the older i get the more bigger my zits get as well and the more oily my face gets! Now i too have it on my back and they do not go away with any produts , I tried proactive and all it did was irritate my skin so bad to where I couldn’t even touch or wash my face. I am looking for a permanent fix so i can have that smooth skin zit free.. Please help..

  4. Tamieka Nuble Says:

    Dr. Neal. Where have you been all my life! I have had acne since I was 10 years old. I am now 30. My acne has gone from mild (age 10-16) to moderate (age 17-23) to severe (age 24-30). I have tried every over the counter drug there is. I’ve tried Proactiv, Murad, RX for Brown Skin and every -cyclyn known to man. I’ve been put on accutane twice first for 9 months at 30mg and the second for a little over 10 months same dosage. With the accutane the breakouts would stop but three four months later my face would erupt. I now have mild dryness of the eye.

    Dr. Neal I’m tired. I’m tired of not being able to leave my house without make-up for fear that someone will see my face. Listen to this experience- I was running late one morning and didn’t have time to put the makeup on in the house. Grabbed the kids, their bags my bags and rushed to the car (head down of course). Dropped the kids off at school and was on my way to work when I noticed that my makeup bag was not in the seat next to me (AHHHHHH). I knew I took it out of the house or did I (later I found that it was sitting on top of the fridge where I placed it to get the lunches out). What was I to do? I had just enough time to get to work but I couldn’t go to work with my face uncovered. I drove to the nearest drug store and spent money that I didn’t have on makeup to cover my ugly face. Needless to say I was late to work.

    Between being a single parent of two and the current economic state I cannot afford the boot camp products. I am asking (really I’m begging) for your assistance to help me by allowing me to take advantage of the rebate offer. I saw your youtube videos and I knew that if anybody would be able to help me it would be you.



  5. Elaina Joyce Says:

    I was wondering if you are still providing discounts and rebates? I have been suffering from mild to moderate acne for over 25 years. A year ago I was laid off of work and 6 months ago I had to let go of my insurance. During the past year, my acne has went from mild to moderate. I have mainly had large very painful cysts that I finding got under control but now I have dark marks and scars everywhere ( I am African American). Many people tell me how beautiful I am but I feel like it’s a facade because I spend so much time covering my acne. For once I would love to not have to wear makeup, put my hair up without worrying that people are freaked out seeing my acne and scars.

    I’m exhausted and it feels like controlling acne is a part time job. In addition, I found a wonderful man in my life and he wants to get married in December. I really wish I can have clear skin before the wedding. I’m tired of all the products that don’t work and I saw your video on youtube. If you are still having the deep discounts or rebates that would be a Godsend. Believe me I am very diligent and would be a very good patient (In 25 years, I have learned that success come for people who are patient) Being unemployed has reinforced this strategy.

    Please help!!

  6. Alex Says:

    Hello Dr. Neal,

    I always remembered going to school as being more of a chore than any thing else. An unpleasant task not because I loathed the idea of education but because I loathed myself. At the tender age of 14 I developed facial acne and subsequently became a prime target for many classmates. At first I thought it was a phase, a part of growing up and something that would gradually fade after time.

    However as time passed it became clear that this was going to be more of a bigger problem than expected. It started off with the odd one or two smart remarks. A jibe here insult their kids can be so cruel and soon enough it was happening everyday. The stress of it took its toll and instead of the acne fading it just began to break out further. After using many off the shelve products and seeing no results I was desperate for a solution so I visited my local GP to seek some answers. Again I was told the same “information” that my acne was a result of my age and that It would soon go after my teenage years, this was very off putting to hear. I went back several times and soon enough I was given a prescription of creams, which worked, but it was not a permanent remedy, back to stage one.
    I was 16 and the acne was no better. School became very traumatic, even with the support from friends and family I could not get rid of my name-calling image. Now I am 24, and I am still keep asking myself “HOW MUCH LONGER DO I HAVE TO LIVE WITH THAT NASTY ACNE ON MY FACE ?!”. I came across Dr. Neal’s Acne practice on and it really looks promising!!!! GETTING RID OF THE ACNE WOULD CHANGE MY LIFE COMPLETELY!!! IT IS LIKE GETTING A NEW CHANCE OR BETTER A NEW BEAUTIFUL LOOKING SKIN !!!


  7. cherai plummer Says:

    hello dr neil i was doing some research on acne and came accross your site on u-tube i was blown away by the results i seen people had using your product .i suffered with acne my whole life and its realy getting out of control and i despettley need some help. i ia gonna try your product and se if ir realy works talk to you soon

  8. Rebekah Says:

    Hi, Dr. Neal. When by some miracle I came across your success stories, it’s to be honest the first time I felt like there could be hope for myself. I’ve sufferred with acne since around the 8th grade and I am now 31 years old. I wouldn’t even say I have just sufferred. it’s more like I’ve been a prisoner to makeup, cleansers, lotions, pills, and ultimately severe depression because I don’t want to leave my home. The constant stares from strangers, friends and family has been nothing but my whole way life that I really have no idea what it’s like to be just normal. My husband has been supportive in many ways but he finds it hard to understand. He was laid off from a fulltime job and now works part-time for the last several months. I am a stay-at-home mom with the hopes of being a massage therapist. We have to pay for our own health insurance but it covers nothing for myself in the way of skincare. I have had a rider on all prescriptions and dermatologist visits for almost 2 years. I have had to pay for everything out of pocket. With finaces so tight, I am at my wits end. I was told Acutane is now my last and only resort. I really would rather not go through the side affects not to mention the cost of this drug. I would love to try this program. Please let me know if there is still some kind of rebate etc… Thank you.

  9. admin Says:

    hi Rebekah,

    you can email me anytime for the details of this rebate.

    I’ll be here,
    -Dr. Neal

  10. stephanie Says:

    Dr. Neal,
    I have suffered from acne since I was 13. I just tuned 30 this year. I have tried everything Proactiv, Murad, OTC products you name it. I saw your ad on you-tube and I am interested in your rebate offer right now I am returning to school so my budget is low.

  11. Justin Phee Says:

    hello sir i am a human in need and is slowly losing his human mind strength to keep waking up everyday,
    over this disease. I suffer from (acne)
    coming from such a peacefull lovelife and strong griped friendships i use to have, but as time has pasted me these people that i thought would always stand beside me have left me in the dark like i was never to have walked with them. My heart feels lost and my eyes are slowly darkening.
    As i myself have huge dreams for the olympics and my music career
    but as a young man myself at 20 years old my mother is really sick and we can’t barley make it ourselves i only have dreams and heart left to become something for me and my family
    but im getting scared im gonna end this all for myself cause i suffer this disease

    if there is anyway or any time that you have to reach out to a stranger like myself

    i would give it my all in life and accomplishments i so dream of

    i promise,

  12. admin Says:

    sorry to hear of the real struggles…

    All acne is treatable, keep watching more videos to see this reality.

    In the meantime, check out the crossfit section for beginners to get moving in the right direction.

    -Dr. Neal

  13. Sharon Says:

    Dr. Neal,
    I am desperate when it comes to clearing my skin, I tried many products such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Salaycid Acid, Tea Tree Oil, OTC brands, I’ve tried being extra careful using a very gentle cleaner (Purpose Gentle Cleanser), Witch hazel, Epsom Salt soak, Murad, Proactive, Antibiotic gel with BP in it, Retin A gel and micro, Tretinoin Cream, Facials, Clay mask, Natural remedies such as honey, lemon, apple cider.. etc, epiduo and the list goes on and on. And i had my battle of finding the perfect moisturizer that controled oil, but when i did some research after purchasing it, i hear its not good using an oil controlling product,
    To start with i have very stubborn mild acne, Bumps under skin, oily clogged pores and stuff under my skin that turns into big painful pimples or it just wont surface at all. This made me feel ugly and very self continuous, i literally had to check the mirror 5+ times an hour, I’ve been obsessed and longed for clear and a smooth completion. I’ve been breaking out for almost 5 years and i lock myself in my room 24/7 no joke, i felt serverly depressed and i felt like i shouldnt have to live my life like this and i dont want to live my life like this. I avoided everyone, i wouldnt even feel comfortable around my mom, I gave up oppurtunities and decided to let the acne take over my life.I also dropped all my classes except on class at night. I dont have a job also, I have to pay for my classes.

    So I just discovered this site today and watched most of the video and i was amazed, though i was skeptical that it wouldn’t work for me because my acne is so stubborn, but i had two options, since my dermatologist wouldn’t prescribe me accutane because my acne wasnt serve enough. Knowing that accutane is supposed to be prescribe but i was desperate, i wanted to break down the walls and live my life without worrying. So i really gave accutane so thought and looked it up and discovred you can purchase it online. While i was doing some research, i found this. Now i feel like i might have hope again, since Dr. Neal always tells people not to loose hope.

    I really hope i can have the rebate, I have so much to say and tell about my struggle. Make up is my enemy, but i need it, like they say keep your friends close but your enemies closer. (Haha) Seriously, I really want to feel free without make up and stress free from acne, Like i said i am obsessed and i would really appreciate if i had a chance to try this out, Maybe it can be the answers to my problems and give me hope !

  14. admin Says:

    sorry to hear of this trouble. you can email on the home page. read the entire blog to learn more about your “special” case. I’ll be here….

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In case there was any question…

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

    I’ve had a few questions about the videos and thought I’d clear the air in case anyone felt anything but positively moved from the video gallery.

For the record:

There are no lighting alterations, makeup tricks, or photographic alterations of any type whatsoever going on this practice.  This video gallery is an untouched representation of patient’s experiences using our original program.

**Any question of the authenticity of these acne testimonials should prompt closer viewing on a high resolution screen.  Once viewed many times in high resolution, it will become obvious that this is the real thing.


be well, 

-Dr. Neal

2 Responses to “In case there was any question…”

  1. Sarah Says:

    Hello dr Neil,
    I just ordered the kit today and I have my hopes high. I have tried a lot and although I have about 5-10 spots, they are persistent and very frustrating. I am nervous being nothing has worked for me. If use this product correctly, what are the chances i wiill actually achieve clear skin?

  2. admin Says:

    There is a 100% chance you will find control if you memorize and follow the video on the lower homepage entitled, “How to communicate in Acne Bootcamp”
    Acne is always treatable. there are no special cases.
    talk to you soon,
    -Dr. Neal

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Exfoliating Kits are becoming available Tonight!!

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

       Our Exfoliating Kits are being added to the online store today.  My web team will be doing some work on all the new products today and tomorrow.   While we clean up the loose ends of the kits during a busy holiday season, expect a small delay with these new kits.   (Expected ship date is December 29th.)   If you have any problems online, Email me with the details and we’ll do whatever needs to be done.


Have a great holiday!

-Dr. Neal

One Response to “Exfoliating Kits are becoming available Tonight!!”

  1. Lindsey Says:

    I just started using my exfoliating kit and I can’t believe how smooth my skin feels. I’m 60 years old, and I always described my skin as “like leather”, and recovering from the excessive oil. big pores and pimples from the past. Now after one week, my face is soft and smooth, I can hardly see any large pores, and even the wrinkles are lessening….I never thought I would ever say that about my skin. The product is unlike anything I have ever used (and after this many years of being alive on this planet, I’ve used many, many products!) Each day I am amazed at the new results I see; sun spots getting much lighter and old scars starting to fade. It’s exciting for me….I look forward to each day to see what other new results will appear.
    Thanks Dr. Neal!

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Stress Relief #3: Intoduction to “Crossfit”

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

      In the passion for helping those who needlessly suffer,  I have found that ultra-fitness has been my biggest weapon to help my patient’s mild depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, mania, obsessive compulsiveness, fatique, and general low levels of enthusiasm for life.    

     When I was a Soccer and Lacrosse player in high school,  I remember my overall emotional and physical balance would keep me healthy under all types of stress.   As college, medical school, and the life of a doctor overshadowed my physcial fitness energies, I found myself constantly in need of something that I couldn’t put my finger on.  It was a mild anxiety and mild depression that crept up on me without my knowledge.  I used to think it was just “part of getting older”  or “part of life”  but I now realize what I was doing wrong throughout my 20’s…

      I realized that my stress level was greater than my fitness level and the resulting negative slope was what I now call the “downward slope of unwellness”   Although I was still working out almost every day with weights and some cardio, it wasn’t enough to balance the heavy tolls of work and living in New York.  

     It wasn’t until about age 30 that I realized I was in a fitness deficit”,  even though I worked out 5 times a week!  It was the intensity of the soccer field that was gone leaving me in a “relative mild depression”    In a flurry to get back what I now realized I had lost, I started searching for better ways to safely gain cardiovascular fitness and found indoor rock climbing and “the summit” (older post).  They gave me a good fix of what I was looking for but never held enough ground to get me through the whole week.  Still looking for more, I consulted my older brother who is a world certified Moutaineer and Alpine touring ski guide.   He had recently gotten into a new workout called “crossfit” and urged me to join in.  He said,  “this is the only workout I’ve ever done in gym that has even come close to the ice climbing and alpine touring trips I do all winter.”  A “bad” patient myself, I was very reluctant to change anything even though the rewards from my workouts had been only partially fullfilling.   I hedged for a few more months and then finally started checking it out.  

       I limped in trying some of the isolated exercises like “burpees” and “Box Jumps” without actually doing the real “workout of the day.”  I immediately felt the rewards and my hunger for crossfit began to grow.  It wasn’t until I did a “workout of the day” called “fran” that I became completely hooked.  The rewards were so massive that I felt at 33 years of age that I was back in high school.  It furthered solidified all the subtle wellness mistakes I was making in my twenties.

       As a passionate practitioner of medicine and wellness,  I can’t help telling every patient about the crossfit revolution regardless of the reason they have come to see me.  Mild depression and anxiety work into every facet of life and if not addressed, creep up on patients unconsciously.  

      Although I’m a huge fan, I have found that the crossfit site, without real one-on-one coaching, isn’t very easy to follow for a beginner.  As a 3 week beginner myself, I’m going to outline how I got massive rewards from this innovation so far.  If there are any crossfit experts out there reading this,  feel free to comment on my instructions as this represents my personal amazing experience with this “new” type of workout.  


        As a beginner, I’ve been selecting out the workouts of the day that have less powerlifting moves in them.  I did a more advanced move the other day as a tester and indeed pulled my back out likely do to improper form.  I will be outlining and detailing some of the safer routines for any beginners like myself.  If you are a beginner to exercise in general,  it’s safer to wait on this intense workout until you have done some standard cycling or treadmilling for a few weeks.  (if cleared by your doctor of course.) 


     For those that have done some of the isolated exercised and are ready for a “workout of the day”, I think “fran” is great place to start because you can adjust the weight to your specifications.   (I used 65 pounds on day 1 and now use 75 on week 3.  Will be increasing as my form improves.)

Here it is:


Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.


   As I mentioned earlier,  these workouts of the day aren’t very clear to a total beginner, so i will elaborate here.  


         21 “Thrusters” using any weight as shown in the video link.  You should have a weight that is difficult to get many repititions from but not too difficult to do a small handful.  After doing a bunch,  you take “mini breaks” just to catch your breath as if you were in a soccer game hanging off the ball for a moment.  You don’t take a long walk to the water fountain or have any conversation like you used to do with classic weight lifting.  The whole routine is one long set with breaks only to catch your breath momentarily.  You get back into the fight as soon as possible.  (see video for these little breaks)

      Immediately after thrusters, you catch wind only if needed and start your pull ups.  you can use the assisted pull up machine or swing your legs.  This pull up is different than the isolated pull ups of bodybuiling back workouts.  It’s more of a full body functional move.  Use the small breaks to get though it. 

After the pull ups,  you catch some wind only if needed (no real breaks here),  and start your 15 thrusters.  Change weight only if you can’t even do a couple of them.  

then the pulls ups–15,   9 more thrusters,  9 more pulls ups.  no real breaks, just short breaks to catch wind.  

The whole routine is intensified by the fact that you are timing yourself.   you’ll see “for time” on the workout of the day.   Knowing that thousands of people around the world are doing and timing the exact same workout you are doing is very motivating and brings massive rewards.


******As with any exercise routine,  the conversion from regular cardio and weight lifting to crossfit style working out comes with several real risks.   You must be mindful of your limits especially in the first few weeks.  Specific concerns for this routine would be your heart, your back, your shoulders, your knees, and neck.  Be careful and ease into this new amazing culture.  You still have plenty of time to recapture your youth…



    Having access to hundreds of mildly depressed patients and online clients everyday,  I will make a crossfit section here and update all the beginner details in an effort to clear the heads of all my patients. This new clarity will open up infinite possibilites of tackling any health challenges including the ruthless ones of the skin. 


hope you feel the energy here, 

be well, 

-Dr. Neal




©2008 “Introduction to “crossfit”” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

7 Responses to “Stress Relief #3: Intoduction to “Crossfit””

  1. Deanna Says:

    WOW, thanks for sharing Dr. Neal. The “thrusters” look a little harsh on the joints…. when I get to a stronger fitness level I definitely want to give this a try. I also think my husband will really like this type of workout.

    By the way, did you know in order to post a comment or make purchases on your site you must use Mozilla Firefox as your browser, Internet Explorer will not work.

  2. admin Says:

    hey Deanna,
    I didn’t know that. I forwarded your comment to my web team to see if they can tighten things up around here….

    -Dr. Neal

  3. Joseph Says:

    AMAZING story and fitness plan. Thanks for sharing this Dr. Neal. I can totally agree with your theory of the “downward slope of unwellness.” My wife and I really got into your Vo2 max exercise plan, but this sounds like a whole new level. We’ve been hedging on taking our fitness to a new level, but I think it’s time for us to seriously consider the benefits of crossfit. After all, we’re not getting any younger! Thanks again!

  4. Ambyr Says:

    i am fully inspired to do “Fran” tomorrow at the gym! should i do cardio before or after this kind of workout if i am working on losing weight? thanks for your help dr. neal, this is great, i’m in.

  5. Sachiko Carfora Says:

    Just came to read about this, and I ended up spending 20 minutes reading your other posts too, awesome work man

  6. Paul Wood Says:

    Hi I found your blog on yahoo and enjoyed reading this post you have given some good information.I’ve bookmarked your site and will be back

  7. how to burn wii games Says:

    What a exhilarating topic. I absolutely concur with what you have got posted. You clearly have many wonderful posts. I will absolutely be returning for way more.
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FAQ’s: How much is International Shipping??

Sunday, December 14th, 2008

We are currently shipping to any country the USPS or DHL will take a tracked shipment to.  The cost is 30 USD and will be added to the cart during checkout.  We don’t increase the actual shipping cost or add any handling charges.

It usually takes 2-8 business days for international shipping.  Often times, local customs, (not US customs), will get in the way of a shipment both delaying the order and adding local costs for customs holding.  

5 Responses to “FAQ’s: How much is International Shipping??”

  1. Article Submission Says:

    Hi, just thought you’d be interested to know that I have added you to my bookmarks because of your great blog layout (LOL). But honestly, I think your site has one of the cleanest design I’ve seen yet. It honestly makes your blog post easier to read.

  2. Zoe Says:

    I’m from UK and got stung an extra £28.22 for customs

  3. admin Says:

    hey Zoe,

    sorry to hear it. These customs charges are different for each country. The fees go directly to your country, not to this practice.

    I’ll be here,
    -Dr. Neal

  4. abdul wahab Says:

    i just seen your uploaded vedio on youtube,i watched complete vedio but still i didn,t find the answer to
    my question that how you treated that patient means did the patient used medicen or some thing else,

    i am male 30 and my face is oily and i have accne problem since i was 15,
    this time i am here in england and i wants to use and fallow your way of treatment so how can we possiabley contect each other and what is best way to explain my satuation.

    waiting for your reply.
    abdul wahab.

  5. admin Says:

    you can find me in the “Ask Dr. Neal” section of the home page.

    talk soon,
    -Dr. Neal

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