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Our Original Mission of Hope:

Monday, August 31st, 2009

instructionmanual_rev2_3Hey Everyone, 

  This medical project of hope and transformation is beginning to change popular thought of a condition that has brought pessimism and defeat for decades.   The video gallery is getting larger every month and I believe within a year’s time, all mistaken hopelessness for this treatable condition will be gone.    


Here’s our original mission from 2007:

Our Mission:   “As a former Acne sufferer and a Board Certified Physician, it is my mission to prove to the world, beyond all doubt, that ANY degree of Acne can be rapidly cleared and prevented without any oral medications whatsoever” 
© 2007


    I believe this mission is very close to being accomplished.   My estimate is by June of 2010,  all acne sufferers will be be chasing their own transformations without doubt or fear.  They will chase this realistic possibility using the ever-growing high definition gallery as proof that they are also completely treatable.  

   There will be no nonsensical conversations of “special” or “untreatable”cases.  There will be no hoping, waiting, or dreaming of magical theoretical solutions.  Rather,  I predict that common knowledge of the possibilities here will overwhelm all tendencies to indulge in any self-pity or victimization.


   I want to again thank every patient and online client who has contributed to this project of hope.  Your contribution is the fuel that gives real hope to those who are trapped in the emotional spiral of hopelessness.   To all those who are currently succeeding in the home version,  do not hesitate to contribute to this mission of hope and transformation.   Your story will bring light into the darkness that has fallen for so many needless sufferers.   


   For those who have witnessed this gallery grow rapidly from its infancy,   we will together watch as the world transforms and exchanges it’s popular perception, pessimism, depression, and apathy for a new possibility of satisfaction and control.


It’s an exciting journey.  

-Dr. Neal

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Control Issues…

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

    The aesthetic and beauty conversation surrounding healthy skin often times can obscure the real emotional issue of chronic active acne.  Although these other issues are real and distracting,  the main issue here is one of control.  If something breaks in your body, it’s always very reassuring to know that you can find a medication, a service, or a lifestyle change that can help you get back to normal.  

    However,  when you are diligently making major efforts with all possible resources available and finding no relief,  a real anxiety will arise.

   I observe the classic anxiety that arises with chronic acne as a predictable consequence of this condition regardless of the original strength of one’s character.   If you are feeling anxious about your acne that has not yet been controlled using standard treatment,  try not to get down on yourself for it.  It’s extremely common, predictable, and reversible.  Your anxiety, frustation, fear, depression, and eventual hopelessness have all been witnessed before.  I’m writing this post to help people observe their own emotional reactions.  As you become more self-observant, you will find yourself less reactive and more keen to your own feelings and actions.

This control issue is also one of the reasons why those without chronic acne will find it difficult to ever really understand what it is you are going through.   


Here’s an example of the distinction between aesthetic issues and the bigger issue of control:

If someone gets hit in the face and takes a small superficial wound on their cheek, they will likely be upset.  This upset will likely manifest as anger, annoyance, and then quickly resolve into acceptance as it appears there will be minimal permanent damage. 

In contrast,  If an acne patient gets the same size pimple on their cheek at the same time,  they will not go through the stages of grief properly because there is a another issue in the mix.  Although the temporary aesthetic problem may be similar,  there are many differences:

1)  They may be ashamed at the stigma of having acne.   

2)  They don’t really know why it came up in the first place.  

3)  They don’t know when the next wound will be coming.

4)  They are doubly frustrated since they are already eating well and using many acne medications. 


This example was put here to show the differences between aesthetic concerns and control issues. 

If someone close to you does not understand why you are getting upset about your acne problem,  clue them into the real issue of persistent acne. 

This is not a superficial problem.   It is a physical and emotional issue of control.


   You can observe this issue in the videos as the anxiety changes from week to week.   The reason things have changed is not only because their skin looks much nicer.  They are calmed down by the reality that they have regained control of their lives.   Listen closely for the transformation.


Hope this helps, 

-Dr. Neal




©2009   “Control Issues…”      by    Dr. Neal Schwartz

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  1. Betsy Isenberger Says:

    Hi, Thanks for the post. You don’t know how this helped me.

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Self-Victimization and Logic

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

I often refer to this emotional phenomenon in the blog and thought it would be helpful to discuss the detailed aspects of this human reaction.

Search up Self-Victimization on google and you will learn a great deal about needless suffering and the types of behaviors that are extremely common with chonic sufferers of any kind.

None of the quotes online hit me perfectly so I will share my experiences of self-victimization of acne sufferers from my personal and  professional experience.

Dr. Neal’s Definition of Self -Victimization:

Self-Victimization is the act of logically choosing self-pity over self-improvement.   It is often generated  from the combination of prior failure and the loss of energy.   When pessimism is synergistically matched with low energy,  the result is a Logical Conclusion of hopelessness.

( If you are familiar with logic,  you will know that logic has nothing to do with real accuracy.   Rather,  for something to be considered logical,  the conclusion only needs to be consistent with the premises made.   If the premises made are inaccurate,  so is the logical conclusion.   Making Logical Conclusions is the origin of victimization and needless suffering.)

Example of Basic Logic:

premise #1:     This page is green.

premise #2:     All green pages make me hungry.

conclusion:     This page makes me hungry.

(this is a valid logical argument even though premise #1 was not accurate.  The power of Logic is not based in accuracy.  It is based in consistency)

For all who are attached to their powers of logical thinking,  know that the stronger you hold onto your logical conclusion,  the more blind you become to the reality that your original premises that made up this conclusion may, in fact, be flawed.     Deep Attachment to a logical conclusion creates the real blind spot.

There are endless examples of how logical thinking has harmed humankind.  If you think of any genocide or large scale human torture,  you will uncover that the propagators of such acts were not all evil people.   Rather,  they were foolishly duped by Logical Conclusions that were generated from the pseudoscience of the time.    If you review the Anthropological science at the time of the Holocost, American slavery, or any other long standing act of inhumanity,   you will reveal the Inaccurate Premises that were generated from the scientific and popular communities to justify such acts.   Those who propagated the inhumane culture had made Logical Conclusions based in these inaccurate premises.  It was the deeply held power of logic that Blinded all other instincts of what was right or wrong.

(This tangent was mentioned to show the “Blinding Effects of Deeply held Logical Conclusions”)

Back to acne….

(We have now shown examples of the blinding effects of deeply help logical conclusions.  Keep this in mind when thinking about the following situations)

Victimized acne patients are constantly telling me how their case is “untreatable” or “special”.    How were these Conclusions made?

Here’s how:

By failing all common treatments, a premise is made.  With a few more failures,  a mistaken conclusion is generated.

Here’s how it is created:

Inaccurate premise #1:    “Since I failed all other treatments that have helped other people,  my acne must be “special” or “different”.

Inaccurate premise #2:    There are no treatments available for “special” or “different” acne.

Proper Logical  Conclusion:     “My acne is untreatable”

( This is perfect logic !! )

Remember:   Logical thinking is not based in accuracy,  only in the premises that make up the conclusion.

Over time,  an acne sufferer will often deeply attach to this logical conclusion only strengthening the attachment with every new failure.   The deep hold on the conclusion will blind them from EVER reevaluating the faulty premises that created this conclusion.

I witness this “Logical Victimization” every day.   The higher the intelligence of the patient, the more at risk they are of a greater blind spot.  This is the reality because highly intelligent, well studied, individuals are more confident in their skills of logical thinking as it has brought them many successes in other areas of life.  In the artistry of medicine and wellness however,  it is the highly logical thinkers who often times needlessly suffer the most.

For example: Doctors do not have relatively long life expectancies.    (–we’ll do a post about this later.)

Bottom Line:

The combination of prior failure and lowered energy creates a powerful breed of hopelessness we call Self-Victimization.   It is only those with a tenacity for victory who will expend massive amounts of energy to dig themselves out of this spiral of failure.  If you are searching for hope but can’t summon the energy to get back in the fight, follow my lead step by step in the crossfit section of this blog.

I’ll be here,

-Dr. Neal

©2009   “Self-Victimization and Logic”    by  Dr. Neal Schwartz

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  1. Phillip Collet Says:

    Your website came up in my research and I’m impressed by what you have composed on this topic. I am presently branching out my research and thus cannot contribute further, yet, I’ve bookmarked your site and will be returning to keep up with any inflowing updates. Simply love it and gives thanks for tolerating my remark.

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Yoga Pose of the Week: (Introduction)

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

      As I mentioned in the crossfit section,   I spend a great deal of my energy helping people take on their own anxiety and depression.  The transformations you are witnessing in the videos are both physical and emotional.  Listen closely how the tone of voice changes in the after videos.   For patients in the office and clients online, I plan to make this blog a mecca for finding the sensitive balance of the body and mind.   This balance point of wellness is often times very difficult to achieve and all efforts should be viewed as an ongoing artistry for life.  Like with every real Art, it can never be perfected, only improved upon.


My mission is to add methods and activities that are both fun and effective, stimulating the most sluggish of emotional situations.     


For our first week of yoga poses,  I want to share with you the very popular and effective  “Shoulder Stand”

I chose this one for week 1 because I find it to be dramatically helpful for easing the commonly tense muscles of the lower neck and upper back.  It’s also pretty fun. 


dreamstime_9841644                   dreamstime_5098950

                 (basic pose)                                                (super-advanced)   




Directions:  (These are very basic instructions to get you started)

-Lie on your back

-Bring your knees up and toward your head.

-Use your hands to support your lower back.  (see photo)

-With your hands,  press the lower back higher into the air keeping the knees bent at first. 

-When your hips are in the air and you are getting a good stretch of the neck,  you can try to straighten your legs to the sky. 

-Use your abs to control the legs and try to get your back straight like the photos above.   Avoid looking side to side and tuck your chin into your chest.

-Breathe in and out slowly through your nose.  Each breath should help move the pose further into position.

-You can hold the pose for as long as you are comfortable.   Come down frequently as a beginner to make sure you’re not overdoing it. 


Hope you are lovin it.  I just did it. 


Be careful with yoga poses.  There are many possible injuries from this type of stretching.   go slow at first. 


I do my yoga poses after my muscles are very warm from my crossfit routine.


-Dr. Neal

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  1. admin Says:

    “of the week” may have been a little ambitious…. (we’ll get this going soon) 😉

    -Dr. Neal

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FAQ: What if I’m Pregnant ??

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009


     Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp has been approved for use in Pregancy and Lactation by many local OB/GYN physicians in the New York Area.    

To further reassure yourself that this program is safe during your pregnancy,  we recommend you ask your personal physician if there are any topical acne preparations they want you to avoid.  


You can email your list to Dr. Neal and he will make sure you receive a kit that suits your specific needs.








Here’s a video of a current patient who became pregnant while in the program.


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  1. ccc Says:

    I knew it was only a matter of time before we’d see this happen; I just didn’t think we’d see…

  2. Limewire Download Says:

    I enjoyed readin ur blog mate, how long have u been blogging for u seem really good at this 🙂

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