Self-Victimization and Logic

I often refer to this emotional phenomenon in the blog and thought it would be helpful to discuss the detailed aspects of this human reaction.

Search up Self-Victimization on google and you will learn a great deal about needless suffering and the types of behaviors that are extremely common with chonic sufferers of any kind.

None of the quotes online hit me perfectly so I will share my experiences of self-victimization of acne sufferers from my personal and  professional experience.

Dr. Neal’s Definition of Self -Victimization:

Self-Victimization is the act of logically choosing self-pity over self-improvement.   It is often generated  from the combination of prior failure and the loss of energy.   When pessimism is synergistically matched with low energy,  the result is a Logical Conclusion of hopelessness.

( If you are familiar with logic,  you will know that logic has nothing to do with real accuracy.   Rather,  for something to be considered logical,  the conclusion only needs to be consistent with the premises made.   If the premises made are inaccurate,  so is the logical conclusion.   Making Logical Conclusions is the origin of victimization and needless suffering.)

Example of Basic Logic:

premise #1:     This page is green.

premise #2:     All green pages make me hungry.

conclusion:     This page makes me hungry.

(this is a valid logical argument even though premise #1 was not accurate.  The power of Logic is not based in accuracy.  It is based in consistency)

For all who are attached to their powers of logical thinking,  know that the stronger you hold onto your logical conclusion,  the more blind you become to the reality that your original premises that made up this conclusion may, in fact, be flawed.     Deep Attachment to a logical conclusion creates the real blind spot.

There are endless examples of how logical thinking has harmed humankind.  If you think of any genocide or large scale human torture,  you will uncover that the propagators of such acts were not all evil people.   Rather,  they were foolishly duped by Logical Conclusions that were generated from the pseudoscience of the time.    If you review the Anthropological science at the time of the Holocost, American slavery, or any other long standing act of inhumanity,   you will reveal the Inaccurate Premises that were generated from the scientific and popular communities to justify such acts.   Those who propagated the inhumane culture had made Logical Conclusions based in these inaccurate premises.  It was the deeply held power of logic that Blinded all other instincts of what was right or wrong.

(This tangent was mentioned to show the “Blinding Effects of Deeply held Logical Conclusions”)

Back to acne….

(We have now shown examples of the blinding effects of deeply help logical conclusions.  Keep this in mind when thinking about the following situations)

Victimized acne patients are constantly telling me how their case is “untreatable” or “special”.    How were these Conclusions made?

Here’s how:

By failing all common treatments, a premise is made.  With a few more failures,  a mistaken conclusion is generated.

Here’s how it is created:

Inaccurate premise #1:    “Since I failed all other treatments that have helped other people,  my acne must be “special” or “different”.

Inaccurate premise #2:    There are no treatments available for “special” or “different” acne.

Proper Logical  Conclusion:     “My acne is untreatable”

( This is perfect logic !! )

Remember:   Logical thinking is not based in accuracy,  only in the premises that make up the conclusion.

Over time,  an acne sufferer will often deeply attach to this logical conclusion only strengthening the attachment with every new failure.   The deep hold on the conclusion will blind them from EVER reevaluating the faulty premises that created this conclusion.

I witness this “Logical Victimization” every day.   The higher the intelligence of the patient, the more at risk they are of a greater blind spot.  This is the reality because highly intelligent, well studied, individuals are more confident in their skills of logical thinking as it has brought them many successes in other areas of life.  In the artistry of medicine and wellness however,  it is the highly logical thinkers who often times needlessly suffer the most.

For example: Doctors do not have relatively long life expectancies.    (–we’ll do a post about this later.)

Bottom Line:

The combination of prior failure and lowered energy creates a powerful breed of hopelessness we call Self-Victimization.   It is only those with a tenacity for victory who will expend massive amounts of energy to dig themselves out of this spiral of failure.  If you are searching for hope but can’t summon the energy to get back in the fight, follow my lead step by step in the crossfit section of this blog.

I’ll be here,

-Dr. Neal

©2009   “Self-Victimization and Logic”    by  Dr. Neal Schwartz

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