Our Original Mission of Hope:

instructionmanual_rev2_3Hey Everyone, 

  This medical project of hope and transformation is beginning to change popular thought of a condition that has brought pessimism and defeat for decades.   The video gallery is getting larger every month and I believe within a year’s time, all mistaken hopelessness for this treatable condition will be gone.    


Here’s our original mission from 2007:

Our Mission:   “As a former Acne sufferer and a Board Certified Physician, it is my mission to prove to the world, beyond all doubt, that ANY degree of Acne can be rapidly cleared and prevented without any oral medications whatsoever” 
© 2007


    I believe this mission is very close to being accomplished.   My estimate is by June of 2010,  all acne sufferers will be be chasing their own transformations without doubt or fear.  They will chase this realistic possibility using the ever-growing high definition gallery as proof that they are also completely treatable.  

   There will be no nonsensical conversations of “special” or “untreatable”cases.  There will be no hoping, waiting, or dreaming of magical theoretical solutions.  Rather,  I predict that common knowledge of the possibilities here will overwhelm all tendencies to indulge in any self-pity or victimization.


   I want to again thank every patient and online client who has contributed to this project of hope.  Your contribution is the fuel that gives real hope to those who are trapped in the emotional spiral of hopelessness.   To all those who are currently succeeding in the home version,  do not hesitate to contribute to this mission of hope and transformation.   Your story will bring light into the darkness that has fallen for so many needless sufferers.   


   For those who have witnessed this gallery grow rapidly from its infancy,   we will together watch as the world transforms and exchanges it’s popular perception, pessimism, depression, and apathy for a new possibility of satisfaction and control.


It’s an exciting journey.  

-Dr. Neal

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