The Power of “The Home Version”

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He had a friend take this before video:  (followed by progress photos he sent us by email)

Here’s the next progress report he sent us:

Today’s email update:



This client has given us permission to show his prior emails during the course of his transformation:

Client Email  8/29/09

“My left side was horrific, just really bad – you can zoom in and see from the old pic especially, it’s a higher resolution photo, very high, and there’s redness, bumps, everything imaginable.

Dr Neal, I would literally come back from washing my face at night before I left with my one coworker who is friendly and sits across from me, practically crying, and I’d say, I just looked at my face in the mirror, and how can you sit across from me all day, it looks horrible, I told him I would never be able to tolerate looking at someone who looked so terrible.  I was almost suicidal.
You can even use the portion of this email with part of my story.  I’m not merely some teen who had bad acne, I’ve suffered for many, many years as an adult as well.  I’m 33 and I’ve had acne since I was 13.  There’s a lot of pain, shame, and self-hate that’s starting to lift.        Thanks again.”

Client Email  9/16/09

“Everyday my skin is clearer and clearer and I’m more and more amazed!

I am forever indebted to u. I will spread the word however I can. Let me know how I can help! I’ve no video camera, maybe u can video me when I come in for my free visit?”

Client Email 9/17/09

“This transformation is coupled in conjunction with my also being brave and venturing into a performing career, as well, something I’d hid under a bushel for 7 years!  People at work, just everyone is coming up to me, saying, man, your skin looks fantastic!  And when I tell them how short a period of time every day I spend on using the treatment and the short period of time (since 8th July 2009) this has taken to get to this point, they are astounded!

Thanks again!  Please show this one somewhere!  It is basically the same angle and the same distance in both pics and same use of light (bare sunlight through an exposed window).”

Here are other amazing Home Version Cases:

These clients are from all over the country and had previously failed “Everything” before stepping up to this comprehensive home program.

©2009 “The Power of “The Home Version””      by Dr. Neal Schwartz

7 Responses to “The Power of “The Home Version””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Dr Neal,

    First of all, I want to say…AMAZING!
    I can’t get my head around the fact that a handful of cleansers can make such a difference in a matter of weeks. I’ve been thinking about getting on the home version but I just don’t have the money for it right now. I’ve been trying to save and hopefully will save enough in a couple of weeks to afford the kits.
    When I told my esthetician about this program (Even showed her some videos), she said that cleansers can never cure or treat acne because they’re just not on your skin for enough time to make any difference. I actually though about the same thing but these videos make me think otherwise whenever I watch them.

    Also, I just wanted to ask you if we have any updates on Zoel who won the highonhealth bootcamp contest. I see a lot of posts on the forums and people have been asking about his progress but I don’t think he’s on those forums anymore. I’m sure all those people would love to hear his progress on your bootcamp program.


  2. admin Says:


    I’m glad these close ups have renewed your goals of finding total control of your skin and your life. We will not be victims to any situation in this lifetime.

    Last I heard Joel was feeling in good control of the activity. I haven’t heard in about a month, maybe he’ll update us soon…

    -Dr. Neal

  3. Dee Says:

    WOW! i keep coming back to this site, as i suffer from acne and am trying to decide whether to purchase your products. these results are mind blowing. i still find it so hard to think its real.

  4. Lucy Says:

    Dr. Neal, I have severe acne & right now I am using Rodan & Fields unblemish kit. These past two weeks, my face breaking out like the worst ever.. I have huge acne and it hurts… I have no confidence in socializing and making eye contact cause my face. I felt disgusting to see the pimples.. I am wondering if I send the pictures to you maybe you can help me and guide in using your product and throw that other junk… I need help

  5. nikki nunn Says:

    hi dr. Neal,,
    first thing to say i cant believe the results in these videos!
    my name is nikki im 17 i have had moderate acne now for about three years,, just wondering if the starter kit for moderate acne is actually worth the $260? ive spent lots of time and money and it’s always felt like such a waste. how long will the kit last me? and after ive used it will i need to keep buying more? i dont want acne control i want it to be cured soo badly,, it’d be great if you could get back to me,, thanks!

  6. Robert Says:


    I’m the guy in the part called “The power of the home version.” Update: it’s been 6 months and my face continues to heal and looks great. If you’re wondering whether it works, try it. It’s the real deal. And don’t get discouraged. I myself struggled and Dr Neal NEVER let me down.

  7. Natacha Slama Says:

    This is really good and has certainly made me rethink

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