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Time = Scarring (Part II)

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

Continued from the post entitled,    “Time = Scarring”

As mentioned previously,  the inflammation of active acne is a destructive force that often times needs to be dealt with in an urgent manner.   Any complacency, delay, ineffective treatments, hoping, waiting, or inappropriate advice can create a regrettable situation.

When confronted with a case of acne that is actively scarring the skin,  there is an urgent need to first “Inactivate” the skin.  I use this term in many videos as it represents the moment when a patient is safe from further scarring.   Once safe from danger, all other cosmetic scar conversations can be discussed in a non-urgent manner.  It’s a stepwise approach.

Here’s an example of a very difficult starting situation moved briskly through step 1 of the stepwise approach:

Here are some other successful examples of the full stepwise approach using only Dr. Neal’s topical products over time. (no other scar procedures)

Scar improvement after one year of “Total Inactivation” :

(see more videos below)


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Acne Misconception: “Oil Production Can Only Be Controlled Internally”

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

dreamstime_1694460Of the many acne misconceptions being propagated in the world, there are some popular thoughts that rarely get challenged.

One very popular acne misconception is the idea that oil production is not changeable by any means other than by internal changes in the body.  The idea that toxins are coming out through the pores of the skin has gained widespread popularity and from this premise, it only makes sense that you need to fix these “toxins” from the inside.

Another stance that is strongly held is that oil production is a direct and sole result of hormone levels.  Common sense would then dictate that hormones can only be altered from the inside.

The idea of changing oil production using topical preparations makes absolutely no sense if one is deeply rooted in the toxin or hormone philosophy.

Let’s revisit this widespread belief and see if it holds as much power as the hype would make it seem:

“Oil production can only be controlled Internally”      Truth or Misconception?

Argument for internal sole cause of oil production:

1)  Acne often occurs at puberty when hormone levels change.

2) Accutane is a an internal treatment that has helped control oil for millions of patients.

3)  Other hormone related oral medications have also been able to control oil.

4)  Holistic measures including nutritional changes, stress relief, lifestyle modifications, and behavior modifications have been shown to decrease oil production.

5)  Many people have failed topical treatments for oil production and at best only get temporary partial relief.

6) Severe acne has been shown to be caused by internal tumors and glandular disorders.

7) It has been proven in the lab that hormones directly influence the production of oil from the oil glands of the skin.  (universally accepted scientific studies)

*8)   Many people have oily skin despite amazing efforts using topical remedies.

Pretty strong argument here…,      Let’s take a look at the other side….

Argument that oil production is changeable using topical treatments:

1)  Millions of  people have been able to control oil production using all types of topical acne medications despite zero changes in lifestyle, diet, or stress.

2)  Hormone levels mostly come back normal when tested in very oily patients.   (why are they oily if their bloodwork is perfectly normal?)

3)  Many people with high levels of androgens or other hormones do not have oily skin.   (how is this possible if oil glands are controlled by hormones alone?)

4)  This practice has captured many cases of transformation of oil production without internal body modification of any sort.

5)  Individuals with perfect diets, great meditation, perfect bloodwork, ultra-fitness, and low stressed environments often times have severe oiliness.

So What’s the real story??

Here’s the reality.   Oil production is changeable by both internal and/or external influences.   This bottom line refers back to prior posts of self-victimization.  It is only those frustrated patients who have failed tremendous efforts to control their oil topically who will give in,  see the situation as a sole internal problem, and then use an excuse to rationalize why their special internal problem is unchangeable.    Seeing oily skin and acne solely as an internal problem is a set up for victimization because some internal problems are not easily treatable.  This misconception then creates an “untreatable” acne situation.    We know from the video gallery that this stance is misconceived.

Here’s the logic and breakdown in clear format to observe:

Inaccurate premise #1 :

Acne and Oil production are solely controlled by internal factors.

Premise #2  :

My internal medical disease is untreatable.    (possible reality or more of the same victimization for a different condition?)

Perfect Logical Conclusion: “My special case of Acne is untreatable”

(*remember:   Logic is not based in accuracy.  It is based in consistency)

Examples of this type of self-vicitimization are seen with those who suffer from PCOS, Strong family histories of acne, hormone imbalances proven by bloodwork, bowel disorders, systemic infections and infestations, and all other sorted medical diseases and “diagnoses”.

Dr. Neal’s Bottom Line:

While hormones or “toxins” due to stress, puberty, or real medical disease can and often do aggravate any acne situation,  they are neither the cause nor the sole source of cure for this complex condition.  In this practice,  it has been proven that all cases of oily skin, dry skin, and acne can be inactivated regardless of the mayhem that is going on internally.   Although we always make efforts to help people holistically and internally as well,  some are not willing to make lifestyle changes and still get perfectly clear in the practice.  Others come into the practice in amazing internal condition with only problems evident on their skin.   (see “Vegetarians with Acne”)

This bottom line will be addressed in the case studies below:

This patient was in top athletic physical condition and had a very conscious diet before coming to the office.   His only internal problem that was noted on day 1 was his anxiety caused by his oily skin.   Since he was in such peak physical condition,  i did not expend too much energy trying to help him internally.  Rather,  I treated the oil production topically and his anxiety dramatically reduced in weeks.

Many of the cases in the collection start off very oily and finish with minimal oil production.   Here’s another great example of mild acne and chronic oiliness that was completely controlled in a patient who was already very health conscious before coming to the office.

@2009     “Acne Misconception: “Oil Production Can Only Be Controlled Internally””      by  Dr. Neal Schwartz

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