Hoping and Waiting (Part II)


(Continued from “Are you still Hoping and Waiting”)

I keep meeting people who are hoping and waiting for their acne to get better.

They are either trying to grow out of it or wish it away. It’s tough to witness as this condition can stick around unnecessarily for a lifetime if not properly taken care of.

My mom turned 60 the other day and mentioned to me that her face didn’t feel oily anymore like it always had. (she had bad acne when she was younger and never had asked me for any treatment for the oiliness. I think she just noticed it more when it was no longer present.)

I thought to myself, “ok, now I know what to expect as far as really growing out of this thing”

I met a 54 year old lifetime acne sufferer the other day in the office and we had a chat about the confusion that exists regarding outgrowing acne or oily skin. I told him the story of my mom and then told him…, “Only 6 more years and you’re golden…”

we laughed and spoke more about his life with the struggle of a heavy face full of oil and occasional bumps.

I meet with acne patients in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s every month and invariably the misconceived idea of growing out of it comes up in some conversation.

To minimize underestimation, frustration, and further emotional trauma..,
I think its important to be very clear with young patients who are struggling with this chronic condition.

Here’s the reality of the chronic human condition we call acne:

1) If you have a family history of acne, it started young, you are oily, and you have had it for years:
Expect to battle it for a long, long time.

Your mission is to completely win the battle. Thats what this program is about. Victory over a very powerful beast.
Here’s what a true victory looks like:

-you are not scared of food
-you are not scared of any activity
-your skin feels great
-your skin looks calm and healthy
-you can touch your skin, others can touch your skin
-you are no longer neurotic or fixated on your skin and have moved on to more interesting passions in life.

2) No amount of wishing, hoping, begging, or negotiating will ever magically fix this stubborn condition for you.

Rather, you’ll need to beat it and keep it good so you don’t create further wear and tear. If avoiding things in life because of your skin, you haven’t yet found a full victory.

3) There is neither a Cure nor Root Cause for any chronic condition of life:
-Chronic conditions of the human body never have a cure. They need to be inactivated and maintained for people to move on and heal physically and emotionally.
-Chronic conditions of the human body do not have a root cause. The root cause is the humanity itself. We are all predisposed to chronic conditions in differing degrees. (more on this topic later)

4) Are you “hoping and waiting” while on Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp™??
yikes.., read this post many times and email as instructed when concerned.

5) And lastly as always, It’s important to know that Time = Scarring.

(watching people hope and wait with treatable conditions is a painful experience…)

Hope this helps people get their head around this thing.

I teach people that true power in life comes from working within the confines of reality.

Although magical thinking is fun and soothing, it creates weakness through frustration, disappointment, anxiety, and Fear.

To attain any goal in this lifetime whether it be acne, fitness, success, relationships, or any dream…,
you will find the most power working creatively from the confines of reality.

Bravely confront the truth and what is real, and you will find the step by step pathway to achieve your goals.

-Dr. Neal

©2010 “Hoping and Waiting (Part II)” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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