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My skin is “Special” (Part II)

Friday, March 26th, 2010

One of the earliest posts on this blog was called, “My skin is Special”

It talks about the emotional phenomenon of categorizing oneself in a hopeless situation based in prior heartache and failure.

After seeing this next unbelievable case, I will ask you whether you still think your case is special and untreatable.

Pay close attention to every detail of a case that seemed unbeatable for years.


Acne for 18 years!
Flares mostly with Menstrual Periods
Never had a clear month (“no vacation”)
emotionally affected
life choices and dreams affected
compensatory life skills were developed to overcome the challenges.

Prior Failures:

Multiple Dermatologists
Oral Antibiotics
Rx Topicals (multiple)
OTC Topicals (multiple)
Lifestyle Modification
Food Changes
Home Remedies


©2010 “My Skin is Special (Part 2)” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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  1. Darren Says:

    great post!

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“Control Issues” (part II)

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Last year I wrote a post called “Control Issues” which discussed the core emotional struggle of chronic acne.

After reading that philosophy, watch these videos below and witness how similar the suffering is for so many people.

It’s amazing how many people truly believe their case to be special and untreatable.
It’s been witnessed, written about, and revisited once again in high definition.

The many emotional phenomena of chronic acne are being broken down and illustrated here in a way that will bring a new sense of awareness to this type of relentless suffering.

Once the entire blog is read, one can learn how to react less and observe more.

Witness the powerful transformation of “Control Issues”

After another month of total inactivation, his mind had reset and you can feel that he is no longer painfully suffering.


©2010 “Control Issues” (Part II) by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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Audio Chat is Live…!

Thursday, March 11th, 2010


I’m pleased to announce our new audio chat upgrade has become available today….!

You can always call Dr. Neal in the office anytime to say hello or ask him to help you choose a program that is right for your needs.

This new audio upgrade is for more detailed questions that can only be asked to Dr. Neal though a specific system that clearly marks the communication as unofficial chatting. Real medical visits with Dr. Neal can only occur in the office.

This audio option will be used for highly detailed communication, reassurance, and emotional support. It also can be used by members or non-members for health, wellness, fitness, and emotional issues in general.

Here’s the details of the new upgrade option:

1) After purchasing a session, you can schedule a time by phone or email. (all information is now on the home page or you can click here)

2) Once scheduled, Domestic clients can be called directly or use the internet for audio chat. International clients can either use audio chat or call the office to begin.

3) For Audio Chat online, we will be using either ichat, AIM, or skype. (click icons below)


If you can’t call, here’s how the scheduling system works online:

First you check general availability:


Then you request multiple possible times you are free. (choose as many as possible)


You will receive an email back during business hours to confirm the exact chat time.

Video chat will be coming later this year.

Hope this new option is helpful for those who can’t make it to the office…
Talk to you soon,
-Dr. Neal

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  1. Andy Lam Says:

    I really liked your blog, you provide some really good information on this blog.

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“Pure Joy” (part I)

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010


When was the last time you felt momentary pure joy???

The kind of smile you can’t hold back, the kind of laugh that goes up an octave accidentally.

How powerful has your vast knowledge been in regards to finding happiness in a single moment in time?
(Hint** Your intellect can’t always save you from depression. Mood is a visceral sensation and can’t be fixed from the mind)

This is biggest medical tip I can give anyone in the world:

Your Doctor, Psychiatrist, Therapist, Holistic Healer, Nutritionist, Dermatologist, or Spiritual leader can never fully fix your Depression or Anxiety. Ever…!!!

Its really all up to you and your actions…

They can give you a turbo boost or a step by step path to a new destination, but it’s really all on you.

The sooner you take 100% accountability for your life, the sooner you will develop the needed skills for this world.

As conscious human beings, we are all predisposed to depression and anxiety. Some will crack early and some won’t feel its rath until they get older. The more you alienate or isolate yourself as a “Special” case, the lower your chances are of seeing the truth.

The Truth is that only tenacious self-starters can rebound and pull themselves out of a hole.
To dig out from the bottom, It takes four times the energy of getting through a typical day.
(Fortunately, energy can be aquired step by step as an artistry in itself. follow the blog here for a map of how to escape the dungeon)

I can see in retrospect how my uncomfortable skin and my imbalanced mood ruined many joyous opportunities in my 20’s. I became hesitant to do many fun activities including the beach, skiing, outdoor sports in general, and general daytime social activities. This is what troubled skin has done to millions of others. A huge group of repressed sufferering souls who are missing the best years of their lives. It’s horribly painful to experience and equally troubling to witness as a prior sufferer.

Here’s the up side:
Its never too late to re-capture your youth. You’ll need to swiftly and effectively fix your skin and mind and start living before it’s really too late. 20’s, 30’s, 40′, 50’s, and on…. it moves fast…

I’m 34 now, feel like I’m in my early 20’s only through creative physical activity that has exponentially gone up in the last few years.

After having needlessly suffered for long over a decade, I have re-entered the “World of the Living” in full regalia.

Check this out.

As an expressive necessity of being a sensitive person came to a head, I finally found the guitar and my voice at 29.
(We all have this same need. It’s never too late to find it)
(learn how to play guitar here)
Original songs will be coming on this site to help inspire people to express themselves. It’s vitally important, especially if you consider yourself to be a sensitive individual)


As the possibilities of the world re-opened for me, I found a childhood dream in Mexico 3 years ago:
(I loved the beach as a kid and lost this amazing aspect of life somewhere along the line)
This photo is from my first time surfing a few years ago. I improved last year and this summer will be bringing surf videos here to inspire the most sluggish of minds.


After a complete mind transformation from surfing, skiing magically came back into my life.
(I had skied as a kid and somehow through the rigors of becoming a doctor had completely lost it in my twenties and early thirties)

And last but not least, This video is from yesterday, day 1 of a new adventure in physicality. This last one is the inspiration for the “pure joy” of this post.

It’s the artistic search for the “balance point” that magically clears the heady mind. I strongly believe that the stress caused by the energy of our overly-conscious minds is one of the biggest causes of all disease.
Our greatest strength as humans, our consciousness, is often the cause of our own demise.

(They make these things in Adult sizes also!!)

I am feeling good today and it is no accident. My actions will dictate my life. Your actions will dictate yours.
There is no western medicine or eastern herb that can really save you.

Like all real arts, finding happiness, physical balance, and mental wellness can never be mastered. Only improved upon.
If you do not yet consider yourself an artist of life, know that your knowledge and intellect may not have enough power to save you.

As a former “know it all” non-artist, follow me as someone who has transformed and found the light of life. New possibilities arose only when I began to move away from the imbalance created by the stress-inducing “heady” identity.

Engaging in the daunting challenges of artistic balances rather than patting myself on the back for the simple task of gathering and storing knowledge.

Find the art of movement and your mind will finally release.
(your therapist can’t help you with this)

At this rate, I imagine I’ll be younger by 35…..

I promise to help you all find “pure joy” in this very short lifetime.
Stay tuned for the next level…

-Dr. Neal

©2010 “Pure Joy” (part I) by Dr. Neal Schwartz

4 Responses to ““Pure Joy” (part I)”

  1. Joseph Blaise Says:

    An “artist of life” …how true. It requires massive amounts of creativity and dedication and is always uniquely yours. Great post doc. Looking forward to seeing you back in the surf this summer…!

  2. Frokostordning Says:

    Well… that’s very interessting but to be honest i have a hard time figuring it… wonder how others think about this..

  3. admin Says:

    Like many things in this practice, this is my personal philosophy based solely in clinical experience.

    Please feel free to elaborate on any confusion and I will be glad to communicate the ideas here using different examples.

    -Dr. N

  4. msminiqueen Says:

    Dr. Neal,

    I do not know you. I simply stumble upon your youtube videos. As an acne sufferer i decided to check out your website and blog. In an effort to try to find out your credentials, I stumbled upon “pure-joy” and a picture of some healies (Lol). Reading the excerpts you’ve shared about your personal life and struggles brought happy tears to my eyes. At 30something you are young and alive again. I am so inspired, thank you for sharing your life and your knowledge. You are what being a doctor is all about. Thank You

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