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Pros and Cons: Board Certified Dermatologists

Sunday, April 25th, 2010


There is major conflict going on in the world of acne treatment that is driving patients more crazy than the condition itself. I’m referring to the repeated lack of confidence a patient has for their chosen practitioner.
The real problem is that this lack of confidence is often times justified and makes sense when you consider the amount of failure currently going on in the world.

In order to preserve the minds of the many continuing sufferers, I want to do another pro and con list specifically regarding Board Certified Dermatologists. I will make a new blog category today organizing these pro and con lists to help people get their heads around what is going on in the world of acne treatment. My intention with these lists is to prevent patients from being baffled by what is going on in the offices they choose. I want everyone to understand the reality of the medical world we live in and work wisely from within the confines of this reality.

Pros of seeing a Board Certified Dermatologist:

1) They are legally and ethically held accountable:
This aspect immediately makes going to see a real doctor completely different than taking irresponsible advice on a blog site. Doctors have an accountability that is monitored by the state government, their specialty associations, and their peers. They are held to a high standard of “First doing no harm”
For this reason, seeing a real doctor is a relatively safer move.

2) Powerful Remedy Options: A good dermatologist has the ability to quickly blast old bumps with injections, lasers, aestheticians, antibiotics, and creams. With this extended arsenal, a dermatologist is the best place to go if you have one large rogue bump that needs to be fixed fast.

3) Credentials: There is no doubt that your dermatologist is more knowledgeable regarding the anatomy, physiology, statistics, and science of skin than any other practitioner you will ever run across. The amount of hours, meetings, competitive testing, and speaking on the topic is far more extensive than any patient can ever imagine.
For this reason, doctors who have been in practice for many years are true experts in the field, having spent tens of thousands of hours at their craft.

4) Some really do care: Although they get a bad rap, some dermatologists are still very passionate about helping acne sufferers. It may take a few tries before you find one you can connect with on an emotional level.

Let’s look at the other side to break down why so many patients are losing their minds in this system.

——————————-> (more…)

8 Responses to “Pros and Cons: Board Certified Dermatologists”

  1. Darren Says:

    awesome post. only problem i have is that you are too kind to the majority of these doctors! Otherwise, spot on!!!!!!! lol

  2. Sharita Garra Says:

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  3. Lucas the Music Guy Says:

    Sweet, that’s just what I was seeking for! You just saved me alot of looking around

  4. baby exersaucers Says:

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  5. Ciaran Says:

    Hey, I searched for this website on Bing and just wanted to say thank you for the superb learn. I would need to agree with it, thank you again!

  6. kelly Says:

    how can i get ahold of this treatment?, my achne is only minor but it still has its emotional and physical toll on me, and from looking at the results its had on so many people i would be happy to try this product…?

  7. admin Says:

    hey kelly,

    you can see the home page for the details of the kits and the communication.

    -Dr. Neal

  8. Jackie Says:

    My son has had acne since he was 13. He’s now 30. I used to take him to the doctor and we tried everything but nothing worked. His face isn’t too bad but his back is awful.

    He now only uses a product here in the UK called Retin A Gel. Do you know it? I believe that this is the product that is used in beauty clinics for skin peels. All it does is dry up a spot, then the skin flakes. It’s not a cure.

    Acne has had a severe effect on his life and he can’t see an end to it. Do you think Benzoyl Peroxide could help him?

    Thank you.

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Wedding Day Anxiety?

Friday, April 23rd, 2010


There is nothing tougher than trying to plan the perfect wedding with skin that is completely unpredictable. Fear of being the center of attention during a very romantic celebration is often times too much for an acne sufferer to bear.

The lesson of this blog post is that skin that feels unpredictable is not really in good control.

Real control comes with it a sense of confidence and a lowered level of anxiety, allowing one to focus on other aspects of life. (like the flowers and catering for the reception…)

When you watch this video, you can really feel how her anxiety vanishes once her skin is in total control.


©2010 “Wedding Day Anxiety?” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

One Response to “Wedding Day Anxiety?”

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Can you see the Difference?

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

Can you tell the difference between this groundbreaking HD acne gallery and all the nonsensical photoshopped, professionally lit, and made-up acne testimonials of the 80’s, 90’s, and even today?

Can you recognize real innovation and invention when you see it?

When you view this video, think about how very different this project is from all other prior work.

Once you really look and read through this Original Body of Work, you will begin to see what is miraculously happening in this special place.

Watch this video as slowly or as enlarged as you want and you will witness a true innovation in medicine and healing.
(The Full Screen button is near the lower right corner)

(share this video with anyone you know who still needs hope)

One Response to “Can you see the Difference?”

  1. Erdan Says:

    Excellent video, even better introduction ! I hope there is a day when everyone on this planet visits West 44th!

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The Perfect Mindset for Victory

Sunday, April 11th, 2010


The following internal conversations represent the proper mindset for victory in The Home Version.

If you know these conversations are non-negotiable, you will keep a perfect focus as a “good” client.

In a very emotional situation like acne, these conversations can be very important.

First Important Logical Internal Conversation

Premise #1 This project has proven that all acne is treatable and preventable with no exceptions.

(If you doubt this first premise, you are not ready for this program in the office or at home. i recommend watching all 120 videos to see what is possible in this world. If still having doubts after spending hours watching, you need to zoom in and watch again. Disillusionment and Hopelessness are powerful forces. You will need to really watch and listen to extinguish these mistaken negative emotions)

Premise #2 “Good” Clients always ask for assistance when concerned.

Premise #3 “Good” clients who are tenacious always find victory here.

Therefore: All Home Version Clients will find Victory if they can can focus on becoming “Good” clients.

Second Logical Internal Conversation

Premise #1 There is no such thing as special skin. (as proven by 120 videos here)

Premise #2
Chronic acne is known to create disillusionment and hopelessness

Premise #3 Disillusionment and hopelessness cause needless suffering

Therefore: If you think your case of acne is special in any way, you are needlessly suffering from an emotional reaction called “Dillusionment and Hopelessness”

Third Logical Internal Conversation:

Premise #1 Acne always causes some degree of emotional imbalance.

Premise #2 You have suffered from acne for many years.

Therefore: You have some degree of emotional imbalance. (This is always true and needs to be addressed if you want to really heal.)

Forth Logical Conversation:

Premise #1 The office version is still experiencing a 100% success rate. (for 3 years and counting. Proven by the growth of the largest acne gallery ever assembled)

Premise #2 The Home Version has all the tools and methods of the office version.

Therefore: If you can carefully mimic the office version using The Home Version, it is a foregone conclusion that you will find Victory here.

This should help people attain the perfect focus in both the office and The Home Version. (“Good” clients will re-read this post many times)

If struggling with any of these concepts, this is your cue to watch the entire video gallery. Very few people have ever remained disillusioned after watching them all.

This should help,

-Dr. Neal


©2010 Perfect Mindset for Victory by Dr. Neal Schwartz

One Response to “The Perfect Mindset for Victory”

  1. Darren Elkins Says:

    Aweswome post! keep them coming! Ps thanks for the shaving tips! Been very helpful.

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Do you trust Dr. Neal…?

Monday, April 5th, 2010

In the next chapter of this groundbreaking medical research project, I have decided to make myself available to the world by video conference for free.

Although very busy in the office and with emails, I’ve decided to spend more energy to let people know how very real this project is.

When the time arrives, refresh your page and click the purple countdown button. It will take you to a request page that will then set you up on the queue.

(you can use Skype, iChat, GoogleTalk or AIM)

The window will be open for a short period of time.

See you there…

-Dr. Neal

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