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BIG News!!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


In my quest to bring real victory to all those who still endlessly suffer, I am pleased to announce the beginning of the Second Phase of the medical research project I call,
“The Acne Practice”.

After I clear up the current office patients in New York over the next 2 months, I will be going virtual for several months to expand the home version and make the experience of the home version mimic the office version precisely. I will also begin working on“The Acne Practice Affiliate Centers”

In this grand vision of the future of acne treatment, I will be setting up mini offices in every city all over the country, and eventually the world, to help assist clients with the Home Version. These offices are not required for this bootcamp. Instead, they will simply speed up the cometic clean up after inactivation is achieved through the online system. As you can tell from the countless hours of blogs and videos, this breakthrough project comes from a place of passion over all other business interests. With my original mission still as fiery as ever, I’m excited to announce that I will be making live hands-on treatment from affiliate practitioners available to everyone for lower prices than the world has ever seen prior.

Here’s the timeline of this next phase of the medical project.

1) Going Virtual on August 1st, 2010: If you are in the New York area and want to meet me in person, feel free to set up a free consultation anytime before the end of July.

2) Setting up the First Affiliate Center: The Acne Practice New York Affiliate Center will be opening August 1st in my current office space and will be delivering assistance with the home version for unheard-of low prices.

3) The Second Affiliate Center: Soon after things are running smoothly in the NY affiliate office, I will be opening the next Affiliate office in Los Angeles, California.
Likely by January, while creating this new practice, I will be making myself available in person to all those on the West Coast who are still in need.

4) The Third and Beyond: After NY and LA are up and running in a very tight system that brings incredible value to those that have so desperately needed it for so long, I will be opening up the flood gates and setting up affiliate centers all over the country.
Likely in this order: Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Houston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Phoenix, D.C., Baltimore, San Diego, Detroit, Columbus, and the list goes on…

5) International Affiliate Centers: Once numerous US cities have been set up and the system has proven to be well organized, I will embark on setting up the first few International Affiliate Centers likely in this order: London, Toronto, Sydney, and beyond.

Mission #1 of eliminating pessimism regarding the treatable condition of acne has been accomplished. Since the presentation of the extended gallery on the home page, I have celebrated this groundbreaking victory.

Mission #2 is to give affordable local support to everyone around the world while they confidently embark on their own bootcamp journey.
This new affiliate project will help me achieve my final mission of victory for all those who still suffer all over the world.

2011 Update on the rapid evolution of the mission, click here!!

Leave me a comment below if you are psyched about this new chapter of the project….!

-Dr. Neal

38 Responses to “BIG News!!”

  1. Tim Says:

    Sounds exciting! Thank you for making the program more accessible.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    I am inspired that the Acne Practice is expanding and so many more people will have access to the kind of results that I have experienced……way to go Dr. Neal.

  3. Tova Says:

    Amazing! I’m excited that that other people get to experience what I have with your program. Changing lives across the globe……

  4. Howie Says:

    Changing the world… one pimple at a time. Very excited about this visionary move for The Acne Practice!

  5. Michael Says:

    Dr. Neal—

    You’re program has been essential in my battle with my skin, I feel like I am in control and in the drivers seat of my skin’s condition, which is very good now! The idea that people around the world could be exposed to the Acne Practice and the Boot Camp products is very cool, especially since I live in L.A. and have some friends who will greatly benefit! The west coast awaits you!

  6. Bianca Says:

    Dr Neal

    I am from Melbourne Australia and my acne is clearing so well. Been doing the program now for around 4 weeks. Come to Melbourne!!! Thank u so exciting!!!

  7. Jill Says:

    Congratulations! I had always wondered if you’d be able to conquer the world’s acne relying solely on your on-line campaign. With the implementation of satellite offices, you will now have the ability to reach more people face-to-face, which is so effective. I only hope that whomever you get to run your offices while you are away will share your passion, intelligence, and expertise. If I have learned anything about you over the course of my treatment, it is that you will accept nothing less from them, just like you accept nothing less than 100% effort from your patients. Good luck.

  8. Daniel Says:

    Awesome Work, keep it up!

  9. Diana Says:

    I found some videos on youtube..amazing question is as i a from Romania..nothingt here in the near future? or ill have to go to London..Please keep us might be great if there would be available products for europe also.i couldn quite figure out “the product section” how it works….” i m sure there are a lot of people in need for this kind of help ,much ;Love D

  10. kumar maharaj Says:

    i am from mauritius i shall be much grateful if you could do necessaryto have the products in the african region as well the asian region i am ready to collaborate with you on this please try to do something thanks.

  11. Paola Says:

    Hi Dr. Neal

  12. MS. FRYE Says:

    Congratulations! I am so happy to hear that there is a miracle and the nightmare will finally go away for me. I reside in DC and cant wait until you open a location near. In the meantime I will be ordering the $300.00 kit. six weekes and its over. Oh, My God thats wonderful. I may come to New York on the train to visit .

  13. Arujunan Says:

    Hi Dr Neal,
    went to the supermarket the other day to get some shaving cream. I saw a whole range of facial products from neutrogena all the way to proactive. Suddenyl i had this vision that one day the whole row of these products were subsituted with rows and rows of white bottles with black caps…your products…its gonna happen!!

  14. Bernard Says:

    Hi Dr Neal,
    As for your information,I from Malaysia. I’ve been having this acne behind my back since Im a teenager and it seems like it’s getting worst and keep growing which now involving my chest part. As you know for those who’s having this kind of problem have low self esteem which we couldn’t or should I say we dare not to take off our cloths which will reveal our body part. While surfing through Internet to find a solution, I end up watching 1 of your video about your treatment for back acne. As I can see though my own eyes, it really works and I wanted to get your treatment but the problem is, Im far away from your place.Could you give me an answer how am I suppose to get your treatment?

  15. admin Says:

    hey Bernard,
    you can email on the home page or call anytime…

    -Dr. Neal

  16. glory Says:

    Dr. Neal I’m mexican and I watch your videos in youtube but I live in México and I Like know more for the acne and I want to get your treatment, I need help please and I hope an answer, thanks

  17. julian Says:

    hey dr neal im from toronto and ive had mostly shoulder acne for the last 3 yrs even though it has gotten better over the years it is still there and i really want to completly get riD OF IT so can u tell me like the steps i would have to make to get an appointment with you guys i will drive down no problem or is the online products just as good i just wouldnt know really how to tkae them properly. sorry for the confusing email but whatever u can anwer is greatly appreciated. thanx

  18. lucy Says:

    this is great!

  19. Victoria Says:

    PLEASE come to Mexico! im trying to go to NYC but so far its been extremely hard for me to get my visa. but i have severe cystic acne that ive had for 3 years already. its so painful and depressing that sometimes suicide seems better than going to dermatologists all the time and pills after pills and creams and gels for nothing. please help and seriously consider coming to Mexico ASAP!

  20. cinthia Says:

    hey dr. neal. i suffer from severe cystic acne all around my cheeks forehead and chin. they were separated but now its seems they all have joined and i have huge bubble like things all over now. so painful i cant even wash my face because it is so painful. i have tried everything. pills, creams,home remedies, gels, over the counter products, clinique and nothing. please come to mexico!

  21. Steven Says:

    I started to get acne breakouts about 2 months ago. I’m 45 years old and this is new to me since I’ve never had this before. Your treatment sounds promising. I want to try it. California.

  22. Sharon Says:

    Hi Dr Neal ;o)
    I have seen many of your videos and i would like to buy your products, you have shown that it REALLY WORKS!
    But im from Costa Rica (central america)… Would it product be available worlwide???

  23. jérôme Says:


    ce qu’il ressort de tous ces messages (et dans lequels je me retrouve) c’est une impression de ouf ! la voila la solution miracle. je fonce sur le home page ! cette affection est incroyablement destructrice et isolante. j’espère que votre méthode, va m’oter ce mal qui me ronge à petit-feu depuis trop longtemps.

    I’m glad to see that I’m not alone in the case. this desease lives with me for a long time already, too long, isolating me little by little. I hope your method will work with me, I jump on you for email Doc !


  24. Sadie Says:

    Where is this Affiliate in New York?? i live in new york i would like to ho!

  25. admin Says:

    The new affiliate centers are here to simply speed up the healing process. The centers assist bootcamp members who are achieving control and inactivation on the products.

    you can call or email if you have any questions,
    -Dr. Neal

  26. precious Says:

    Hello, have suffered with acne for 12years, nothing seems to work. My skin is always oily my face has so many scars, really deep down i feel unhappy, i use make up to try cover it up but it does not work lately have just gotten tried of everything. I came across your page on youtube and i said it this works for the men and women out there why not me. So are u guys in Atlanta or any where close ?

  27. nathan Says:

    dear dr please send me your phone number ,I amm suffring a lot

  28. Joy Says:

    If this works just as i have read, will gladly like to be part of it in my pratice as a skin therapiest in my country. I will like to have more information how it can be done.

  29. zarah Says:

    hi Dr neal!

    i cant wait until your products comes to europe………GOOD LUCK 🙂

  30. admin Says:

    hey Zarah,

    we ship the kits all over the world at this time. The affiliate centers are a way to support what is already going on here online.

    take care,
    -Dr. Neal

  31. Jackie Paulson Says:

    I have to say this is impressive, must give it a try. I have suffered with cystic acne for six years. NO results after trying OTC and dermatology remedies. The doctor wants me to get a vampire life but I have severe case and no self esteem. I live in Chicago, IL.

  32. Kerri T Says:

    I was searching you tube for something totally different. I have had acne pretty much since I was nine years old, so thats about 16 years now. I am loving the success stories!! I really want to take this one. Have you thought about Atlanta in your Ventures Dr. Neal??

  33. Jennifer George Says:

    Hi Dr Neal,

    I really need your help to clear my pimples and the scar left behind by it. Can you advice me how do i choose which is the right acne boot camp product for my situation? I really wish to hear from you soon. I’m leaving in misery with my stupid pimples!

  34. Robbie Says:

    At last! Someone who udnsertadns! Thanks for posting!

  35. dee Says:

    thank you, this is what we need to feel alive again…cant wait!!!

  36. Benjamin Olivas Says:

    I am very glad that your work is helping everyone around the world, it gives me hope that maybe one day i can have better skin and be free from acne..hope to have the money as fast as time allows it to be able to purchase these products from you because taking pills only makes me think that time is going slow and nothing will ever change..shout out from south California..keep doing your effort into this because your gaining followers each and everyday, i discovered you by youtube and i will never regret it Dr. Neal..have a good one.

  37. thibaut Says:

    do you speak in french?

  38. Tiffany Says:

    Your practice is the wave of the future. Your newwest developments sound exciting! I wish you and your patients around the world well wishes.

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Chronic Mini Bumps

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


These flesh colored mini bumps can drive people crazy.

Here are some observations I have made about them over the years:

1) They are more difficult to extinguish than people originally expect.

2) Humidy often times makes them worse. I used to call them humidity bumps on myself many years ago. (I’ve experienced many variations of this relentless condition)

3) They often times fail all standard acne treatments. (i.e. don’t be baffled if you have failed everything for these bumps)

4) They are almost universally downplayed by others. (have them read the post called “control issues” if they can’t understand)

5) They are often times misdiagnosed as anything but plain old acne. When frustrated by failure, patients and doctors start creating new diagnoses for plain old stubborn conditions.

Here’s a major case study of an acne variation I like to call “Mini Bumps”
(Possibly the first and only case study of its kind. View Full Screen.)


©2010 “Chronic Mini Bumps” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

5 Responses to “Chronic Mini Bumps”

  1. msminiqueen Says:

    Thank You for posting this. Mini bumps are acne too and they have the same emotional toll. I am so happy to see minibumps are controllable. wow! amazing! I have a question about acne “icepick” scarring and other scarring. How do you deal with those type of after affects?

  2. Emily Says:

    My skin is almost identical to hers, I just turned 20.! I have recently steered toward natural healing..I’ve been watching videos…very intrigued.

  3. Christina Waters Says:

    Wow, I am and have been suffering from the same condition since I was about 14. My acne completely cleared up at age 16 when I got on birth control and was managable up until 2009 when I got married and got off birth control. I have watched several of the videos and I am VERY interested.

  4. Marie Says:

    How did you cure her chronic mini bumps? I have them too. I watched the video, but I didn’t catch the exact regimen of your acne boot camp program that you put her on to clear these mini bumps up! I will literally be trying this as soon as you say what it is! 😀

  5. admin Says:


    It’s called Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp™ (see the home page)

    I’ll be here,
    -Dr. Neal

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Knees Hurt on the Treadmill??

Monday, June 7th, 2010


hey Everyone,

I get a little excited whenever I have fitness breakthrough and would like to share this new one with you as it has been bringing me great rewards.

Although I can run hard and play sports on occasion, I have avoided running on consecutive days for decades because I repeatedly get knee and heel pains that cumulatively get worse over time. The problem is that weightlifting, crossfit, and my other workouts sometimes lack that sustained heart rate boost that brings hours of euphoria. I get bored easily on the bike or other machines.

If your knees, heels, shins or hips have been keeping you away from daily cardio also, try this new style on the treadmill:

Big Picture:
30 minute uphill climb at a slow pace.

-set the treadmill incline to 8.0
-set the speed to 2.5 to warm up. Increase to any comfortable slow speed. (I get to 3.5 after about 7 minutes)
-increase incline to 10 at around the half way mark (15 minutes)
-increase incline to 12, then 15 (max) every 5-10 minutes.
-keep speed slow ~3.5

as a beginner modification, you can also make the whole workout a fast uphill walk.
(This will probably be enough for those who are more susceptible to injury.)

The slow speed and high incline with give you both a sustained cardiovascular workout with minimal impact on the joints. It kind of feels like the eliptical, but much better.

I usually go for 30 minutes minimum and add extra minutes when feeling stronger.

try it…
and let me know how the sweet rewards feel.

Let me know if you are able to repeat the workout for multiple days in a row without hurting your joints.

-Dr. Neal


©2010 “Knees Hurt On the Treadmill??” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

One Response to “Knees Hurt on the Treadmill??”

  1. Cameron Says:

    This is something I really respect about Dr Neil. He looks at the whole picture and the importance of maintaining your health and the consequences with these symptoms if you DONT take action. Usually GP’s seem to be over weight themselves these days and its uplifting and positive to see a Dr practicing what he preaches.

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