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FAQ’s: Resistance? Pregnancy? Side Effects? Movie Stars?

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

This single follow up video captured many frequently asked questions.

I’ll outline them all here:

FAQ #1: “Will Dr. Neal’s products work for a little while and then stop working. I’m scared it will one day not work?”

Answer: There is no resistance or immunity seen in this practice. If the products aren’t working perfectly, you will be expected to simply ask Dr. Neal.
(see the video below)

FAQ #2: “Can I use Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp while I’m pregnant?”

Answer: Yes. (see full video below)

FAQ #3: “Will Dr. Neal’s products hurt my skin in any way? I’m scared to use acne medications”

Answer: These products do not harm the skin. If used properly, they can be used as an anti-aging program. (see video)

(this beautiful actress has been on the products for over 10 months. Notice the overall natural health of her skin)


FAQ #4: “Is Dr. Neal’s acne bootcamp good for models and actors who need High Definition quality skin?”

Answer: Yes. We have many models, actors, and entertainers in this practice. We have fixed up leading actors in blockbuster movies and have many clients who act on Broadway. We have many on TV series both in NY and LA, and many who model for a living in New York. (see video below)


6 Responses to “FAQ’s: Resistance? Pregnancy? Side Effects? Movie Stars?”

  1. Darren Elkins` Says:

    Another amazing video! What is it going to take for all of the sceptics out there, to finally realize that this program is changing lives! You saved my life and I’m sure countless others! Keep up the good fight Doc!!

  2. Angel moua Says:

    Does this product work on illy skin? Because my skin tends to be oily all the time and I brake out and sometimes it doesn’t. Also my face and especially my forehead is always shiny. Will this product work on my face or body?

  3. Cherese Y. Says:

    Once the acne is gone will this product need to be used for the rest of your life to continually keep the skin clear? I know I’m not the only person to ask this. However, I have found nothing that addresses this question in the FAQ’s. Thank you for posting so much comprehensive information!

  4. admin Says:


    Similar to a healthy body, anyone who seeks healthy skin will have to take some type of action for a lifetime. Whether you need only a simple shower, a single product, or multiple products depends on how stubborn your skin is. Some people use these products occasionally and others keep them going daily as needed. The refills are less expensive at 20-35 per product.

    hope that helps,
    -Dr. Neal

  5. christina Says:

    Hi, I have bad blotches on my skin, my cheeks seem to bear the front, but my forehead, nose, and chin have scars. Is there a way to get to see you for a free consultation or no? I can get to nyc easily.

  6. Leticia botello Says:

    I’m wanting to try your product but iam now 6 Weeks preganant is it completely safe to use while pregnant??

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Vegetarians with Acne?? (part II)

Saturday, July 17th, 2010


In the Post entitled “Vegetarians with Acne”, I discussed the basic feeling of being baffled with acne while maintaining an ultra-healthy lifestyle.

In this post, we can revisit this emotional issue and continue to illustrate how hopelessness is created from doing “Everything Right”

Lets breakdown how logic can create hopelessness for a motivated, health conscious individual:

Misconceived Premise #1: Diet is the cure for all normal acne.

Premise #2: I eat a masterful diet.
(ex: raw food, vegan, vegetarian, organic, grass fed, paleo, etc…)

Premise #3: I still have acne.

Therefore: My acne must be abnormal and untreatable.

That’s perfect logic.

(Remember that the power of logic is not based in accuracy but rather in consistency. Premise #1 is inaccurate and therefore the perfectly logical conclusion is also inacurate.

If you are making great dietary efforts and this internal thought has crossed your mind, you have just become victim to what I call “needless suffering”. A powerful breed of hopelessness that is generated from the power of logic regardless of how inaccurate the premise.

If needed, here’s some logical arguments that will get your mind back on the right track:

Premise #1: Diet restriction is well known to have failed millions of acne sufferers.

Premise #2: You are an acne sufferer.

Therefore: Diet restriction may fail for you as well.
(Do not be surprised by this common outcome)

If still hopeless, try this one…

Premise #1: All Acne is treatable. (a well known reality that has been proven in over 130 videos)

Premise #2: You still have acne.

Therefore: Your Acne is treatable.
(There is no amount of hopelessness that can refute this reality.)

Bottom Line:
Eat well. It will help your mood, your energy, and possibly your skin. Do not be surprised if you still have active acne on a perfect diet. Diet has never been and will never be the ultimate “cure” for acne.
The power of logical conclusions can create hopelessness for those who suffer from treatable conditions. This type of needless suffering hurts us all.

Here’s a video of another health conscious vegetarian who still suffered from chronic acne despite her great lifestyle.
(The high resolution may need a moment to load up)


©2010 “Vegetarians with Acne?? (part II)” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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Red Marks: A Case Study

Sunday, July 4th, 2010


Chronic red marks frequently cause frustration, confusion, and dissatisfaction.

Frequently Asked Question:
“Hey Dr. Neal, I don’t have much acne anymore. Which kit is best for my red and dark marks?”

All red and dark marks are treatable and preventable regardless of prior failure.
Feel free to send photos and details of your situation if you need a recommendation.

Watch this video closely to see what is possible.

(the Full Screen button is in the lower right corner)

Here’s the Associated Audio Testimonial:


©2010 “Red Marks: A Case Study” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

4 Responses to “Red Marks: A Case Study”

  1. nathaniel Says:

    i have dark spots from acne and i have a low self esteem i need a solution

  2. Dayna Says:

    I have also cleared up my acne and only break out every now and again, but my old acne has left the sides of my face scared and my pores dilated. My acne was not as bad as many of your other clients but I do feel the enbaresment and feel the need to hide my skin under make-up.
    I would love the feeling of not having to wear face make- up and still feeling confident, if is possible to do in Canada please e mail me back! Thank- you

  3. admin Says:

    hey Dayna and nathaniel,

    you can “Ask Dr. Neal” by email on the homepage or by phone anytime.


  4. Anonymous Says:

    What are people using for there acne?

    What’s the product ?

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