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Do you feel Unclean??

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010


One of the most baffling phenomena in the world of acne is the physical sensation of feeling unhygienic despite great efforts to get clean.

While the aesthetic challenges, the physical pain, and the failing doctor’s visits will eventually drive anyone mad, I’ve found personally, and through watching others, that the inability to attain the sensation of being clean despite relentless efforts can be the straw that breaks one’s mind.

There are millions of good people taking showers with soaps and medications only to feel completely grimy and dirty within hours or even minutes after coming out of the shower?!??

What in the world is going on when a regular shower “doesn’t take”??

This post was inspired by my shower this morning…. I got out of the shower, dried off, and felt more clean than I have in years. I then grieved for the 20 years of needless subtle suffering I had endured while living a young life uncomfortable and unclean despite taking two showers a day.

(listen to my story here)

If you feel unclean despite taking multiple showers every day, do not be baffled or surprised. You are one of millons who are living your journey through the haze of this relentless grime. It can make you moody and angry sometimes. Do not be surprised if you snap at people or criticize those around you.

As a clue to your state of mind, know that the more critical you are, the more depressed you are becoming. Consider the possibility that your inability to get clean is making you unconsciously bitter.

There are many emotional phenomena surrounding this sensitive condition. I hope this post gives you insight into your own emotional reactions and helps you get your head around this maze-like situation.

As a red flag for life, if you have a family member or friend who frequently acts bitter, angry, upset, critical, or generally uncharming, consider that they may be living a life that is physically uncomfortable despite not having any obvious injury or disease. We are sensitive creatures and there are millions of nerves on the skin. The constant firing of these nerves can create real torture for those who have not been able to break the chronic cycle for years.


©2010 “Do you feel Unclean??” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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1st Affiliate Center is LIVE!!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010


Big news continues… (see the post entitled, “Big News”)

Our first affiliate center is up and running in New York City.
See the New services section above.

Bootcamp Members can now log in to find The Acne Practice Affiliate Centers and benefit from having a skin care expert specifically chosen by Dr. Neal.
The new affiliates are here to locally support The Home Version. Since this is not a spa or cosmetic based project, the prices at the new centers will be incredibly affordable.

To make sure the affiliate centers run in perfect harmony with the mission of this medical project, I urge you to rate them and let me know if they are not performing exactly as expected.

Go to the services section and choose “Rate Your Affiliate”


The more people monitor the activity of the affiliate centers, the faster and more confidently I can create more centers around the world. This rating system really allows you be a part of the quality of care in this project. Your feedback will be vital in helping others who are still suffering.

thanks in advance for helping to change the system of acne treatment worldwide.

I hope you all enjoy this new chapter of the project.

Los Angeles is next…!!


3 Responses to “1st Affiliate Center is LIVE!!”

  1. Pam Miller Says:

    I am soon going to be a licensed Esthetician in Colorado Springs. I am a 45 year old corporate person who has had a passion to help my 16 year old son get rid of his acne. I too suffered as a teenager. It is my passion to help him and others in my city get rid of their acne.

    I am going to be purchasing your system for my son tomorrow (pay day) and put him on the program. He is very excited about it! So am I. We have tried everything outside of accutane to help him. He is healthy and has a good skin care regimine, and I give him high frequency treatments once a week. He still gets new bumps a couple times per week.

    I am also very interested in become an affiliate of your program. Please let me know what the requirements are to become one. Must you be a physician, or can a licensed Esthetician like myself become one?

    Thank you
    Pam Miller

  2. admin Says:

    hey Pam,
    Glad to hear of you passions to help your son and others like him. The future will have Licensed Aestheticians like yourself in every city assisting with the main program that will be running online. A tandem effort using advanced virtual medicine and live skin care support.

    keep in touch,
    -Dr. Neal

  3. Lisa Low Says:

    I am interested in learning more about how this system works. Please help!How can we order

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