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Sensitive Eyes and Acne?

Saturday, October 30th, 2010


My hope is that many people will show this next video to both their dermatologist and their ophthalmologist.

Chronic acne is not just about bumps. There are many things going on with the skin and the surrounding structures. Many people with this irritating condition complain of eye itchiness, discomfort, sensitivity, tearing, a tired look, discolored lids and under eye area, and sometimes even incapacitating stinging. Acne patients will often times not make the corrolation that this eye problem is related to the chronic condition on their face and seek an eye specialist.

Here’s the problem:

Most eye specialists are not experts of oily, dry, or acne prone skin and will attempt to treat the eye alone without noticing the rest of the face is activated. This type of experience causes regular acne patients to take home misdiagnoses of ocular rosacea, dry eyes, foreign bodies, or any other diagnosis that slightly fits the presentation of uncomfortable eyes.

Once in a while, a clever ophthalmologist will recognize the oil on the face combined with the thickened lids and correctly diagnose the patient with seborrheic dermatitis of the eyelids. However, when it comes to chronic condtions, the correct diagnosis is not the tough part. Treatment of seb derm (oily thickened skin) is far more tricky than the recognition of it.

These patients will typically go home with the proper diagnosis and several ways to remove the thick flakes and oil from their eyelids in an attempt to get comfortable eyes. It will alleviate many patient’s symptoms but leave others with a partial band-aid that never really makes it to the threshold of comfort.

I lived with uncomfortable eyes for about a decade, sometimes so sensitive that a moment of sunlight would cause a blinding sting and tearing. It’s uncomfortable and distracting from any normal social interaction. If you are panicked without your sunglasses like I was, consider you may have a little irritation of your eyelids.

Here’s the interesting part:

When you control the rest of the acne and oil on the face, the eyelids will follow. This next video shows an amazing example of how when you fix a person’s skin activity, the eyes can heal up completely. (we did not use any special eye treatment in this case. They become less inflamed as his face began to heal)

Please show this video to your ophthalmologist and your dermatologist if you have ever suffered from acne and are now dealing with sensitive eyes. Your doctor can call me anytime.

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©2010 “Sensitive Eyes and Acne?” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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