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FAQ: What is the Success Rate of The Home Version??

Monday, April 18th, 2011


I’ve been reviewing over 20,000 emails from the past 2 years and have statistically calculated the success rate for The Home Version of this Acne Bootcamp. I’m extremely proud to say at this time we are running a 100% success rate in The Home Version when the following bootcamp parameters are met.

Here are the parameters that have thus far ensured a victory in The Home Version:

1) Victorious Clients have all emailed within 24 hours of generating concern without any delay or “harboring of concern”

2) Victorious Clients have all taken full accountability for #1 above if they are ever accidentally delayed or too busy to email.

3) When emailing, Victorious Clients have all filled out emails through the advanced email system in full detail.

4) Victorious Clients call the office if the emails are not making perfect sense.

5) Victorious Clients are emotionally committed to emailing 120 days in a row if they have any concern whatsoever and never give up or quit after a few emails.

6) Victorious Clients send focused before shots. (cropped photos are fine and they are never posted without written consent)

7) Victorious Clients fill out the Day 1 checklist before getting started with the products as instructed.

8. Longterm Victorious Clients don’t panic if they find a success and later have a relapse. they just simply follow the parameters above once again.

9) Reading and writing comprehension in English is expected at this time. (many clients have successfully used google translator but it’s important to know that language can play a role here. We are working on a seamless multi-ligual version for the future.

What is amazing about this technology and methodology is that I still possess every email that has ever been sent to me in The Home Version.

They can be searched up by name or email address and studied for the parameters above. There is not a single client in the last 2 years that has met the requirements above and not found total success. If you feel you have met the requirements above and have not achieved success, please email or call the office and we will search up the email history to review every detail of your program.

If you are a client who is aware that you have not met these requirements and are not yet completely inactivated, feel free to restart with the right mindset and requirements for victory. You can restart with an existing checklist mentioning your new intentions in this rigid program.

FAQ: How do we define Success??

Success in this practice has always been clearly defined as this:

1) You are 99-100% bump free and dark marks are fading. (**note: this does not mean a 99% success rate. This means a 100% success rate with success defined by this list)
(there is no excpetional 1% that is untreatable)

2) You are Emotionally healed from the trauma of acne and no longer scared of acne. A real sense of control.

3) You have zero fear or avoidance of specific foods due to acne issues. (you can eat healthy in general for reasons of energy, mood, and future disease prevention)

4) You are not scared of what will happen to your skin during your menstrual period.

5) You are not avoiding outdoor activities, the sun, the beach, or any social events due to your skin.

Here’s how you can ensure that you have a 100% chance of success in your bootcamp program:

Simply follow the parameters in this blog post and try not to negotiate them. If you follow them precisely, you will find victory. This is not a claim being made. Rather, it has been irrefutably proven in the largest and most detailed acne gallery ever assembled.

Here’s to the reality of a 100% success rate with one of the most stubborn conditions known to mankind.

When clients follow the parameters, The Home Version has proven to have the exact same success rate as the office version of the program. I’m pretty stoked about it.

-Dr. Neal

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  1. Darren Elkins Says:

    Stoked?? You really are surfing a lot!! lol, jk

  2. Blossom Wood Says:

    I will be a victorious client

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The Movement Continues in Ultra-High Resolution

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Day 1 Left Cheek

This Home Version video is for those who still can’t believe what is going on in this medical project. The level of resolution has been an important detail in breaking the stranglehold of hopelessness with this condition. For this reason, I recommend watching this video on the most high resolution screen you have access to. You can try full screen, as is, or partial enlargement with your own zoom to get the perfect focus and detail on your computer.

If anyone is still hopeless after watching this video, please check out the crossfit section of the blog. It will get your energy flowing and your mind focused.

Notice in the video that there is:

no dryness from the treatment
no bumps
no irritation
faded marks
and an incredibly healthy looking skin with some former wear and tear to soften in time.

Please show this to your doctor if he or she is not familiar with this innovation in treating acne without oral medications.

here’s to what is possible with any challenge in life,
-Dr. Neal

3 Responses to “The Movement Continues in Ultra-High Resolution”

  1. isidro granados Says:

    i have almost the same problems but mine is a lil bad but almost the same

  2. ml Says:

    How many of those who have purchased and tried the program have succeeded? What is the rate there? There are a lot of parameters listed for those that qualify as actual patients in order to validate the 100% success rate. While impressive nonetheless, it does raise questions about the success of the program because it could be not that those who did not meet those objectives are not good patients but rather that the program just did not work for them and these are excuses why it did not work in order to rationalize a 100% success rate. With all the marketing schemes out there, any reasonable person would wonder this.

  3. admin Says:

    hey ml,

    I”ll have this conversation with you publicly in case any others were wondering the same thing. Feel free to comment back until there is complete understanding and resolution one way or another.

    I’ll copy what you wrote and comment in to address every thought:

    “How many of those who have purchased and tried the program have succeeded? ”

    100% as mentioned in the post

    “What is the rate there?”


    “There are a lot of parameters listed for those that qualify as actual patients in order to validate the 100% success rate.”

    (for those reading, see link above)

    While impressive nonetheless, it does raise questions about the success of the program because it could be not that those who did not meet those objectives are not good patients

    it’s not questionable or subjective or in any way here. The program comes with a 27 page manual that specifically outlines the rigid emotional rules of program. The primary one being that if a client is concerned, they are expected to ask for assistance in a time-sensitive manner. Those who follow these emotional rules without bending them or negotiation find their way to victory. Those who negotiate, bend, or break rules that have been in place for over 5 years, effectively self-remove themselves from this particular program. Fortunately, there is an email record of all emails which allows me to review any case. After careful review, I have found that anyone who tenaciously and repeatedly asks for assistance in a time-sensitive manner has found victory in 100% of cases.

    If someone says they “failed”, I simply search them up and evaluate their participation in asking for assistance. After years of doing this, it becomes very obvious who is committed to being coached and who is unwilling to ask for help. It’s a common behavioral problem that is seen with many chronic conditions. There are strict rules here to extract these predictable behaviors from the experience here. It’s one of the many innovations of this new paradigm of medicine.

    “but rather that the program just did not work for them and these are excuses why it did not work in order to rationalize a 100% success rate. With all the marketing schemes out there, any reasonable person would wonder this.”

    see above. that blog post you are referring to was not an act of marketing. it was a report.

    Please try not to associate this new case study driven practice with the last 30 years of acne infomercials or cosmetic “marketing” They were using makeup and pro lighting in the after shots. It becomes obvious when you zoom in.

    Without having the instruction manual in front of you to know the rigidity of the program, I can see how this report can be confusing. In general, everyone should know that when a client joins here, their every action, inaction, and emotion is being monitored every single day via email or lack thereof. If a client is concerned and not emailing for assistance for many days in a row, they have simply been self-removed. After recognizing their own delay and mistake, all clients are welcome to restart their own program when they are ready to follow this program as it was laid down many years ago.

    hope this helps clear up any confusion,

    -Dr. Neal

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Dr. Neal’s Emotional Transformation

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

For those of you I’ve never met in person, there is now a short introduction video clip on the About Dr. Neal page:

Screen shot 2011-03-31 at 4.26.04 PM_2_3

My skin feels great today. It’s not just that it looks alright. The sensation of heaviness, itchiness, heat, bumps, and irritation has been removed. Like removing a thorn from a paw, the physical catharsis feels incredible. For those of you who know me from the former office, you’ll quickly notice my first beard in 35 years. This transformation of feeling ultra-clean while growing facial hair seemed an impossibility a few years ago. Whenever the 48 hour mark of not shaving would come around, my face would get uncontrollably oily and the resulting irritation and bumps would be unbearable. It was yet another great journey of life I avoided due to my skin. I’m happy to say that this inhibition is gone and my face feels completely comfortable with the beard. The freedom and level of control is hard to believe sometimes.

You may be wondering why I keep showing my surf videos on an acne practice site…

It relates to the conversation above. While battling with my own skin for the past 20 years, I found myself avoiding many situations that would send me over the edge.

Here are some of the things I used to unconsciously and consciously avoid in an effort to maintain a reasonable level of control in my life:

the beach (suntan lotion, sweat, and humidity was quite a stress test)

skiing (sweat and goggles, hats, and neck warmers caused trouble for me)

any outdoor activity like a barbeque, outdoor party, or gathering. (the humidity or the cold would cause my angry skin to act up)

any sun exposure (due to direct discomfort of inflamed skin)

daytime socializing in general. (outside weather of all types would cause facial discomfort)

It wasn’t exactly the most chill existence…, 20 years of it on and off in varying degrees. Come to think of it now, it was a living hell inherently. But as a very resilient and optimistic person, I developed many methods and tactics to cope with the discomfort of life. One of those was to recklessly throw myself into projects and work. The classic workaholic is someone who immerses themselves in their passionate work partially to escape the pain of the world outside of work. In my case, the pain was a day off. The idea of taking a stroll in the park on a day off sounded like a day to be reminded that my skin was tingling, red, flushing, and angry. It was the perfect setup for imbalance, a life of stress and disease, and an existence that would surely have been riddled with deep regret if not corrected.

While running from aggravating circumstances, I found myself not eager to get to the beach or to the mountain ever. This lack of desire was in absolute contrast to my childhood and looking back, was a clear sign that my health was not in balance. The idea of blazing my already inflamed skin with sun and lotion was just not worth the pain of both the day’s discomfort and the inevitable aftermath of oil and bumps. Simply put, it wasn’t worth the consequence and I made unconscious and conscious decisions to avoid some of the best things in life. For example, a stroll outside on a sunny day…

So here’s the story of transformation:

I’m no longer inhibited. I’m not scared of suntan lotions, and not scared of the sun. I’m not avoiding outdoor activities in any way and can control my skin in all environments with efficient efforts. While there is no cure for anything chronic, now that my mind has eased and my skin feels comfortable, I feel that I am “cured”

This video below represents my newly found celebration of life as a person who is no longer punished by enjoying a beautiful day outside in the water. I live without fear or inhibition. I’m currently working on a new video tutorial project to ensure that no one else ever needlessly suffers and avoids life like I did.

(just started surfing a few years ago. try full screen)

It’s been a wild journey.
I hope this blog helps others observe their own emotional reactions to the challenges of life.
-Dr. Neal

One Response to “Dr. Neal’s Emotional Transformation”

  1. Austin Says:

    Dr. Neal,
    i’m having acne problems myself. im 14 and ive tried EVERYTHING except injections and stuff like that. i would really love your help.

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