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Introducing: Acne Analytics™

Thursday, July 21st, 2011

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hey everyone,

I’m very proud and excited to introduce an invention that has been brewing in the back of my mind for half a decade. I call it Acne Analytics™ and it represents the first tool created to objectively evaluate an acne situation. Similar to the invention and use of the personal scale for objective evaluation of body weight, this new tool will serve as the first application of its kind to evaluate the exact number of bumps in a given area.

The data created from this innovation will help acne patients focus on the objective situation at hand rather than the emotional reaction caused by the aesthetic imbalance. It effectively turns a very emotional and clouded situation into a numerical finding that can be used to evaluate both a starting situation and relative progress or lack thereof.

The video below demonstrates all the details of the current application. The most important aspect of the process is the amount of focus on a given photo. It can be done with any camera given the right setup. The demonstration below will help you maximize your Acne Analytics™ experience:

I’ve decided to patent this invention as I believe this innovation will forever change the evaluation, treatment, and cultural belief system in regards to this difficult chronic condition.

This is my free gift to the world. It can be used by anyone.


-Dr. Neal

2 Responses to “Introducing: Acne Analytics™”

  1. IceyW Says:

    How do I find this software?

  2. admin Says:

    It’s free to use on the site here.
    -Dr. Neal

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and…, The Movement Continues

Friday, July 8th, 2011


Another amazing client has decided to share her prior struggle and recent victory with us today.


Her video was packed with emotions that are commonly seen in this practice.
I transcribed some of them below to further illustrate her journey:

Day 1:

“I’ve been dealing with acne for about 7 years”

“when I wash my face, it gets very dry, but then throughout the day it gets oily”

“I can’t have a conversation with somebody. I feel like this is all they are looking at”

“this shouldn’t be what defines me”

“I just washed my face…, I bleed. It’s terrible”

“I’ve tried everything from proactiv, I’ve gone to the dermatologist. prescribed pills, creams, I’ve had facials”

“I’ve done everything”

Week 2:

“I noticed even the first day it was already cleared up, it was less irritated, and less inflamed”

“Everything has gone down so much. Even people around me say, wow, your skin has cleared so much”

“I’ve never had anything work this fast. It’s really great”

Week 3:

“my skin looks really great. the majority of it has gone down, even the scars are going away”

“nothing I can’t deal with”

“It looks really good”

“I went out this weekend, didn’t have to photoshop anything”

“Ahhh! I’m so happy now, you have no idea…”

Week 4:

(317 bumps down to 4 bumps)

“It’s amazing, oh my gosh”

Week 5:

“my skin is really smooth”

“Its actually this time of the month I would get really, like ten new ones in a day”

“thats the only one I have. everything else is clear”

“you can kind of see where they all were but it healed up really nice. there’s no dents or anything”

We thank her for this caring contribution to the movement.

Are you going to share your story to help others?

This shared project represents a new movement in medicine and healing that will eventually spread to all other ailments. Witness as it transforms our culture over the next few years. It’s been amazing…

-Dr. Neal

3 Responses to “and…, The Movement Continues”

  1. Patrick Says:

    The really problem for other people is language barrier.

  2. admin Says:

    hey Patrick,

    there is a plan in place for this challenge. hope all is doing well with your doctors over there.

    -Dr Neal

  3. carlos cardoso Says:

    may ALLAH (SWT)bless Dr.Neal and Guide Him to Jannah/Heaven Thanks For Sharing ur Blessing Tht ALLAH Bestowed in You To Help People with there troubles and to give them another solution for their Problems Thank you for your patience and Dedication to ur Art ALLAHU AKBAR

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