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hey Everyone,

In a prior post entitled “The Epidemic Misconception of Rosacea”, I mentioned that many highly motivated people with a classic presentation of rosacea are still failing the standard of medical care.

Today, a thoughtful client has contributed to the movement with before and after photos of her long standing Rosacea. Please show this video to your doctor to get everyone up to speed on what is now possible beyond the cookbook algorithm of metronidazole, tetracycline, and other Rx topicals.

Original email inquiry:

Hi Dr Neal,

I wonder if you have success at treating rosacea like you do with acne.

I’m 51 and have had continual rosacea for about 3 years. Looking back, I remember bouts of ‘weird acne’ that I now know were rosacea. When my son was born (now 19) I remember a patch on my chin.

It’s getting worse. When it began a few years ago, I would get a couple of new spots (on cheekbones or nose), then have a few quiet days, then a couple new spots, a few quiet days etc. Now there are new spots every day and the places on my cheeks which are prone to rosacea are getting larger. I’m starting to get spots along my upper lip. I used to only get spots under my nose on the right side, but now it’s moving over to the left. A patch is starting on my jawline.

I eat well (organic vegetables juiced every day, nearly vegan diet, minimal sugar), meditate, exercise all the time (xcountry skiing, road bicycling, Bikram yoga (I had rosacea before I went to Bikram, so it’s not the heat), hiking, regular yoga) ..I don’t know how I could improve my lifestyle. Well, I do eat chips sometimes!!

I’ve tried special soaps, jojoba oil, Rosacea-Ltd-III mineral conditioners, essential oil therapy, and am now using a 1% Dalacin antibiotic treatment, all to no avail.

Can you help? Thank you so much

ps I also get the associated blepharitis on and off.

She used the Mild Starter Kit.

Thanks to her generous contribution, the movement continues today.
-Dr. Neal

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