The Lethal Sofa.


We love to demonize things. It probably serves as a quick and easy way to decipher good from bad at a glance.

Although I’m usually against this simplistic habit, I’d like to demonize something today in an effort to increase consciousness of our overall wellness.

The basic concept is that humans require constant movement to stay internally balanced. Over the past 20 years of investigation, I have learned that movement is the most powerful element of health.

With this in mind, it becomes obvious that sitting at the computer or in front of the television is directly affecting your health in a negative way. Unless celebrating and relaxing from a great physical adventure, the sofa can act as one of the primary aggravators of the common ailments we see in our culture. (Type 2 Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Depression, Anxiety, Joint Pain, GI problems, and every other ailment regardless of the original trigger or source)

Here’s a method to help solve this problem while at home:

Try to look at your couch as a type of dessert. Something that needs to be earned and celebrated after a mind blowing physical experience. Know that this “dessert” is inherently not good for your body chemistry but when earned, is a beautiful way to balance the recent activity. If no activity is done, I promise your sofa will aggravate every health ailment you will ever come across.

I made this video to offer an option to the couch while watching TV. If this video is memorized, you can use the lessons from it anytime you’re in the family room.

Feel free to experience and join in the demonstration while memorizing the sequence for later use…

Hope this video helps our culture stay in balance.

be well,
-Dr. Neal

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