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Understanding Dark Marks and Red Marks

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

When someone gets emotionally distracted by dark marks, it’s not always easy to see or understand the real medical problem that is causing them.

This video should help clear up this situation. Please teach others by sharing this video as this misconception is causing disharmony all over the world.

©2012 “Understanding Dark Marks and Red Marks” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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  1. Mazvita Says:

    This video was a wakeup call for me, l had been thinking about Bootcamp for a while but l had been let down before but this video is such an eye opener. None of the clinics l had been too explained it to me like this so l had no clue l was just doing as l was told doing my part as a patient trusting the professionals. l am so optimistic right now and thank you for your call Dr Neal my own dermatologist who is in the same country as me can’t even be bothered to email or ring but there you are miles away and you can be bothered…thank you =)

  2. R. S. Says:

    Thank you for this video. It has really helped my understanding of why and how dark marks form.

  3. Juan Vasquez Says:

    I’m thinking about getting the starter kit. My skin is dry and oily on some places so I’ll go with the mild kit. What do I use for red marks/dark marks? Do I get an Exfoliating kit along with my starter kit?

    I am currently using Aveda Sky Salon Products, minocyclin once and a while, tooth paste, and baking soda. Before that I would using Proactive. Before proactive I was on Accutane. Before Accutane I was using Clinque. Before Clinque I was using store products.

  4. Haley Says:

    i’m 15 years old and struggling with marks…. this video made me so so so so soooo happy ! ahh i am gonna wear sunscreen today. i play ALOT of soccer and i live in texas.. so now i completely understand now ! i need to focus on the bumps. not the dark marks. cause the dark marks will go away with time. yaaay thanks!

  5. Gia Says:

    I havee dark marks that one of them turned into a keylode, but I get shots and it is flatting out but I have dark marks that comes everytime I get a pimple. I want to know how much this would cost and how long should I see some results.

  6. admin Says:

    Hey Gia,

    you can find me in the “Ask Dr. Neal” section of the home page.

    I’ll be here,
    -Dr. Neal

  7. indeep Says:

    hi this is indeep .i saw your product on webside and your servis also on youtube but it’s really awesome .i have one question for you.i have problem i am 29 years old and my face is like 42 years old how i get this problem befor i had lots of pemples on my face but after all my pemples are gone but i have on my face dart marks, no brightness my face so i try to use your product but which one is good for me if you can help me plese..

  8. admin Says:

    hey Indeep,
    you can find me in the “Ask Dr. Neal” link on the home page.

    I’ll be here,
    -Dr. Neal

  9. Ramona Says:

    Hi, Dr. Neal, i have acne for over 3 years, and my case is similar with one of your patient, Kristy, i saw the videos and her case is looking so much like mine, i e-mail u but i didnt got any answer, can u please just tell me what to do. Thanks

  10. admin Says:

    hey Ramona,

    I responded to your email 12 days ago. It possibly went to your junk mail folder? search for “dr. neal” in your inbox folder also.

    I’ll be in the ask Dr. Neal section if you need. (see the “get started here” button on the home page as well)

    feel free to call the office if you can’t find the email.

    -Dr. Neal

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Dr. Neal’s Opinion: “Accutane”

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Hey Everyone,

I’m starting a new video series this week call “Dr. Neal’s Opinion” which will address any and all things I am passionate about including chronic ailments, healthcare, wellness, cultural issues, and anything else I feel strongly about.

The first episode voices my firm stance on the prescription drug Oral Isotretinoin, commonly known as Accutane.

©2012 “Dr. Neal’s Opinion: “Accutane” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

4 Responses to “Dr. Neal’s Opinion: “Accutane””

  1. Patrick Says:

    Hi dr Neal, do you have translation in french about is video?

  2. Andrés Says:

    Hello Dr.

    I would like to congratulate you for this nice web site. I found the information very helpful. My name is andres. I m 35 years old. I had acne since 12 and at age of 16 took Roaccutan for 6 months. think 2 pills a day. It work perfectly and cleanned my skin from acné. Last year i went to see my dermatologist and gave me some cream for seborrehic dermatitis, i use it and since then i started having spots. Then acne came back badly with big spots full of puss. I went to see another dermatologis, and gave me minocin 100 mg and a cream called Rosex, it work fine, after 1 week acne almost was control, my skin dried, and there were no spots for a while. But last christmas it came back again in a really heavy spread, saw my dermatologist a week ago and gave minocin 100mg and rosex again. I m thinking using also Aloe vera or Sabila, what do you think? The doctor said i have rosacea, and doesn t know exactly why do I have acné. I would like to know your opinion about it and what could I do for curing my acne. Also if you have got another way of treatment.

    My skin is white, i have black hair, and also had some problems in my eye, something called Coriorretinopatía central serosa. Some liquid inside my rethine in the macula. Was treated with laser. Is not yet perfect.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. admin Says:

    hey Andres,

    I detail this specific situation in the posts entitled, “troubled skin” and “the epidemic misconception of rosacea” you can use the search box to find them here. The traditional medical system is not yet equipped for this stubborn situation. I know it well because I lived with it for 10 years and am still prone to it without some effort.

    I’ll be in the Ask Dr. Neal section if you need,
    -Dr. Neal

  4. simone Says:

    hi, am an Italian boy and I’m 18 I know you saw the video on the internet and your treatment of me impressed how he managed to solve some serious situations. I do not think I state the only major that has a just cause of acne is getting worse I care and I are leaving small scars. I could get some advice from you even post some of my photos, most would like to know more about his treatment, what is basa and if maybe I could use it and how. thanks

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Hopelessness is the Real Disease

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

The movement of The Acne Practice continues today, further illustrating that all chronic inflammatory conditions of the human body are treatable without exception.



I’ll be here,
-Dr. Neal

©2012 “Hopelessness is the Real Disease” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

One Response to “Hopelessness is the Real Disease”

  1. Audrey Cadieux Says:

    Dear Dr Neal,

    Thank you so much for helping our whole family.You see,when one member of a family is suffering from acne,we can all be affected.We have SO MUCH hope now and Emily wants to do all the right things. She started on Saturday.Upon waking Sunday morning,she said “Mom,come here!” I thought,oh no something is wrong… When I walked in the room she was smiling and said “look at my face” She is so happy!

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