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Let’s Discuss the Injustice of a Broken Medical System

Sunday, July 29th, 2012

I was at a meeting the other day with some business types and one of them asked me, “So what’s your intent with this project?”

My answer was this: “I intend to fix the injustice of a medical system that has fumbled around with the condition of acne for far too long”

I ran into an interesting video the other day. I assume MTV’s original intention of the video below was to both bring awareness and to entertain. Inadvertently though, I think this video plays as a real documentary into how inefficient and ineffective the standard medical system is in regards to stubborn cases of acne. Let’s discuss this video below after you watch it. It’s interesting.

(Click below to watch on, then browse back here to discuss each case)
Screen shot 2012-07-27 at 3.41.34 PM

Let’s discuss:

Alexa (singer/actor)

alexa before
-chose Accutane
-paid $1595
($319/month for 5 months)
-risked side effects

Quotes from video with my comments in parentheses:

“acne may get worse when starting”

(initial breakout can be traumatic and cause real 3D scarring. This can be worse than the original condition)

At One Month:
Alexa one month front

(this is not a swift improvement. Very inefficient and slow.
reminder that, “Time = Scarring”)

Week 6: “I think it’s too early to judge”
alexa one month

(6 weeks?! This is not an acceptable trajectory in my opinion. In this practice, we expect a noticeable improvement in 24-48 hours and at least 90% improvement with severe acne at 6 weeks. If not, something needs immediate adjustment)

At 5 Months:
Alexa month 5

“I’ve been on for 5 months and just in the last week I’m starting to see some changes”

(5 months?!, 1500 dollars, are you kidding me?)

You can see she is happier at 6 months. She is not completely inactivated as hoped. I searched online to see how she was doing now and found this quote:

“Hey…this is Alexa. I was taking Accutane on the show while we filmed for 6 months. My skin stayed clear for about a year and then I started to break out again. My dermatologist recommended that I go back on Accutane but I chose not to. While I was on Accutane my spine sometimes felt odd and my vocal chords would become dry.

Bottom Line: This MTV video has inadvertently become a vivid documentary of how slow and inefficient accutane can be. Sitting, hoping, praying, and waiting for 5 months is not what I would call a masterful acne treatment.

(4 year sufferer, multiple failures, and tangible emotional trauma from the ordeal)

Brandon before
denied accutane when requested:
“You can’t have accutane without having ongoing psychiatric counseling. But no counselors are available at this time. sorry”

-chose Light and Laser Therapy as a second option.
-cost: $1700
-took a loan, add interest payments.

“I just want clear skin, Why can’t nobody help me”

(Sorry to hear this Brandon, you are working within the confines of a broken system)

Doctor quote: “Hide in the dark for 2 days”

(I guess that would be ok if the treatment worked)

After Treatment:
Brandon in car

(Is this really the best option western medicine has come up with for acne?)

Several Weeks into treatment: “I don’t see improvement yet. Mom, you see improvement, I don’t”

(As an outside observer, I see partial improvement with no confidence that full inactivation will take place)

Brandon’s after shot:
Brandon After

“my confidence is up somewhat”

(I’m happy that he is getting better, but after months of waiting and thousands spent, I’m not happy to say that this skin is still very much active)

I searched for Brandon online and found this:

“Hey! How have you lovely people been? A lot has changed for me since the show… I have come to the conclusion that I am GAY! Big shocker, right? NOT… Anyways, I continued with the laser treatments up until the middle of July and then I gave up. Although it had improved my skin, it didn’t completely clear it up and I was sick of going through all that pain.”

Bottom Line: If you have to wear a full facial shield in public, you better come out the other end sparkling.
This treatment was far too inefficient, far too expensive, and way too annoying relative to the partial improvement seen here. I don’t know if MTV realizes that they captured a documentary of the injustice and rip off of light and laser treatments for acne. I don’t recommend this treatment to anyone with chronic acne unless they are just looking for temporary facial-like treatment. It’s expensive and does nothing for future prevention despite false claims of “permanent shrinkage of oil glands”

Lily (model)
Lilly before

-chose laser therapy
-paid $950 per treatment

“Why can’t anyone help”

(I’m sorry Lily, the system is currently broken)

“That was the most painful thing that has ever happened to me in my life”

(I guess that would be ok if it worked)

“This is where I’m putting my faith and if it doesn’t work, I’m screwed”

(Lasers rarely give long term satisfaction and prevention. I was worried for her when I first heard her say this)

Lily’s side effect photos:
Lilly peeling

(I guess this would be somewhat acceptable if she came out the other end in great shape. In this case, it was not worth the struggle)

Lily’s After shot, $950 paid:
Lily after

(This young model is being scarred, robbed, and emotional twisted in a broken system. I find this to be a real injustice and do not blame any one doctor. It’s the system)

“Lily is considering more laser surgery to treat her acne”

(Think the next $950 treatment will bring her long term satisfaction? I don’t think she’s on the right track here)

Bottom Line for Lily: I don’t know if MTV realizes that they just captured a documentary of the mediocrity, lack of accountability, and ineffectiveness of laser therapy for acne. This story is upsetting to watch. What ever happened to Lily??! (I haven’t found anything online yet)

Dr. Neal’s Final Thought: It appears MTV set out to capture a documentary of the emotional effects of acne and then to show some great transformations. Unfortunately, it appears that MTV accidentally captured how ineffective the standards of western medicine are at tackling serious cases of acne. I was very uncomfortable watching this documentary. This injustice will not continue for much longer. I promise.

p.s. Just for comparison, here’s what a swift inactivation looks like within 2-4 months.

(Special thanks to MTV for bringing further awareness to this difficult situation)

Feel free to share your thoughts on our medical system in regards to the treatment of acne below:

One Response to “Let’s Discuss the Injustice of a Broken Medical System”

  1. William Joseph Says:

    There is so many men and women that is suffering from the acne problems they have and there is so many things that they can try to get results to solving or curing the their acne problems. unfortunely by the time they get a product to effectively put the acne inder control or cure it their self esteem and confidence is so low that they have a hard road to climb.


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The Movement Continues Today…

Thursday, July 12th, 2012

Thanks for your amazing contributions!

(all photos in the practice are private unless specifically offered up to the movement via written consent)

share this case to help others:

Here’s the photos in the great resolution for scientific study of inflammation, mild wear and tear, and overall texture transformation. (zoom on them to see all details)



4 Responses to “The Movement Continues Today…”

  1. Patrick Says:

    Im follow always!! even if acne pratice not working for me because of problem language, and i waiting,you translate your program into multiple languages ​​so that everyone not only benefit but also understanding.

  2. admin Says:

    hey Patrick,
    The language translation will take a couple years. Remember that acne is a time sensitive condition which causes scarring when left active. I recommend seeking more help locally or entering back into the program with someone to help you translate for now. Waiting two years seems like a bad idea with a time-sensitive condition. Make a move either way. Talk soon, -Dr. Neal

  3. Khosnoor Says:

    Hi Dr. Neal

    If i start the kit, do I have to sent you my picture?

  4. admin Says:

    In this program we use Private, cropped photos to help clients self-evaluate their own skin.
    The photos and videos that are posted on the blog have been contributed to the movement by written consent by many generous souls willing to help others.

    I’ll be in the ask Dr. Neal section if you need,
    -Dr. Neal

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Understanding Cystic Acne

Saturday, July 7th, 2012

Recap of new lingo:

“Plain old acne” -the old classification of acne has become irrelevant as all cases have been proven treatable without oral medications.

“Deflecting the stigma” -describes the emotional phenomenon of an acne patient preferring any diagnosis except regular old acne.

“Seeking overwhelming hurdles” -describes the emotional phenomenon of self-victimization to justify a “vacation” from the fight.

Please share this video with those who have found hopelessness with a
treatable condition:

©2012 “Understanding Cystic Acne” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

4 Responses to “Understanding Cystic Acne”

  1. MGG Says:

    In my understanding and always observation the main cause of acne is masterbation. this is not a myth but it may have linkage with what you have said from medical science appraoch. However, Masterbation is number one activator of acne. That is why it is attacking more teenages than others. Anyway, any age can be attacked if he/she is still exercising masterbation.
    Now, I would like you tell me if there was any study regarding what I have said. If not please try a study on that. You will see the results.

    Yours faithfully,

  2. admin Says:

    hey MGG,

    hope all is well.
    I will likely be making a video in the future called, “Understanding Other Aggravators and Acne” which will address the confusion, mysticism, reality, and distraction of the relationship between masterbation and acne.

    Here is how the logical argument plays out for me:

    1) It has not been shown in studies, but IF masterbation aggravates acne through any type of hormonal shift, then so too does sexual intercourse.

    2) If sexual intercourse aggravates acne, one option would be to refrain from sexual intercourse with your loved one.

    3) Since refraining from sexual intercourse with your loved one is an unacceptable and ludicrous treatment approach for acne, this conversation becomes moot.

    4) The more ideal conversation is to compensate for all inevitable stress and hormonal shifts in this lifetime with great skin care. You see, if you skin is totally inactivated, aggravators have nothing to flare up.

    Please see the “gasoline on the fire” analogy from the video entitled, “Understanding Food and Acne”

    This gasoline on the fire analogy also works for stress, periods, and any other hormonal shift that will inevitably be seen in this lifetime.

    The lesson of this practice and the video gallery is that you can have it all. Great relationships, great intimacy, and total control of your skin.

    It takes a good weaponry and skill.

    My intention is to clear up all confusion, mysticism, and distraction regarding acne.

    I prefer that my clients are neither scared of wheat bread nor intimate relationships.

    If any food or activity is flaring your acne, it’s a sign of a general lack of control with your home routine.

    I’ll be here,
    -Dr. Neal

    ©2012 “Understanding Other Aggravators and Acne” (video coming soon)

  3. Giselle Says:

    I accepted having PCOS without even seeing a doctor for fear that I won’t have PCOS which gives women the non treatable “cystic” acne (What I assume is on my face & body). I have always been told If i get negative results for PCOS I won’t have a coping excuse for why my acne hasn’t been deactivated by “everything” that I’ve believed in to cure my acne. Acne has scarred me emotionally but this video has completely changed my way of thinking and feeling about it.
    Thank you 🙂 because now I know I can fight it.

  4. Giselle Says:

    I accepted having PCOS without even seeing a doctor for fear that I won’t have PCOS which gives women the non treatable “cystic” acne (What I assume is on my face & body). If i get negative results for PCOS I won’t have a coping excuse for why my acne hasn’t been deactivated by “everything” that I’ve believed in to cure my acne. I have always been told that I should start by treating it from the inside out by everyone but I don’t know how if i already have a healthy lifestyle for the most part… they just don’t see that it doesn’t work. I don’t blame them because only I have the acne so they DO NOT know what it’s like and everything is always easier said than done. Acne has scarred me emotionally but this video has completely changed my way of thinking and feeling about it.
    Thank you because now I know I can fight it.

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