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The Movement Marches Forward

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

one generous person at a time…

To help others, this client has decided to share her story and personal bootcamp photos:


After acneboot camp

Screen shot 2012-08-04 at 11.12.07 AM
Screen shot 2012-08-04 at 11.12.57 AM
Screen shot 2012-08-04 at 11.13.30 AM

2 Responses to “The Movement Marches Forward”

  1. carlos cardoso Says:

    hello dr neal Should i send in my phone number?

  2. fiona Says:

    im really happy for you! i use these products and they DO work!! but this letter was too much like a sales pitch and it took away the true story feel of it =/

    to anybody reading this, dont think these letters are false by the way they are written. As i said the product DOES work!! I use it myself and my acne was as bad as this 🙂

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