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FAQ: “Dr. Neal, can you fix full facial darkening?”

Sunday, January 20th, 2013

Large “Dark Patches” and full facial darkening are very common amongst acne sufferers and are always quickly treatable.

Dark patches are different from dark marks caused by acne. That video can be found here.

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  1. lamouchi Says:

    j’ai 19 ans je souffre d’une acne sévère sur le visage seulmement, maintant j’ai commencer un nouveau traintement le CURACNÉ. que en pense vous de se traitement ???? Merci

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Are You Afraid To Go Skiing??

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Whether you’re snowboarding, snowshoeing, or skiing, a typical day on the mountain looks like this:

1) wake up early, no shower, get dressed and cleaned up at the sink in 15 minutes.

2) eat breakfast quickly

3) throw a neck warmer on the lower half of your face, possible facemask on the mid face, and hat covering up the forehead.

4) hit the mountain at full throttle sweating and rubbing your face up and down in your neck warmer, facemask, and hat.

5) come in for lunch, eat, and repeat rubbing the same sweaty gear up and down your face for the rest of the afternoon.

Sounds like a blast for an acne sufferer right?!

It sucks if you have active acne and like everything else great in life, acne drains a lot of the fun out of this activity as well.
(not all of the fun mind you, the mountain is still a powerful force either way)

So here are the lessons from the practice for today:

1) We Are Seeking a Higher Level of Resilience:

Once in real control of the situation, you will be resilient enough to handle this type of skin-stressed day.

In fact, being unafraid of a day like this on the mountain is the specific definition of success in the program.

It’s one thing staying clear while hiding in the bathroom all day, and quite another level to stay in control after taxing your skin with sweat, sunblock, irritation, occlusion, wind, cold, etc.

If your skin breaks out as a consequence of enjoying earthy activities, I call this “partial control” or a lower level of control.
This conversation is obviously important as those with lower levels of control are living in fear and avoiding amazing earthy activities like camping, the beach, and the mountain. I believe these earthy activities are some of the best influences in the journey to find balance and happiness in this lifetime.

While fearfully avoiding these healthy activities, we all now understand why acne is one of the most taunting and emotionally painful conditions known to mankind.

2) Irritation is NOT the “Cause” of Acne:

I’ve been reading on some amateur blogs how we should avoid irritation like the plague. Let’s squash this common misconception today and I’ll do a video on it later, irritating my face with an old rag on purpose to demonstrate the point.

Here’s the deal on all physical irritation of the face:

If not resilient as mentioned above, irritation can cause problems. However, this ONLY happens as an “aggravator” for those who are currently at a lower level of control.

Irritation does NOT aggravate acne once the skin is in a higher level of control, or when your skin is more resilient.

We’re back to the same gasoline on the fire analogy I taught in the “Understanding Food and Acne” and “Understanding Hormonal Acne” videos.

In this case, partial control or a lower level of control is the smoldering fire, and the physical irritation is the gasoline.

When at a higher level of control, there is no smoldering fire and thus, the irritation is not an aggravator and no longer creates acne problems.

(In this Practice, we specifically define our success by a high level of control and the lack of fear of all aggravators)

Here’s my personal story and how it relates to the photo above:

I consciously and unconsciously avoided all kinds of fun earthy activities on the mountain for over a decade due to justified concern over losing total control of my skin. I didn’t go camping when invited, I didn’t go skiing when given the opportunity. This condition teases and taunts you while you lose your freedom to get out into nature. It’s a type of jail sentence and there is good reason why acne sufferers often lose their minds after decades of this nightmare.

Allow me to share the glory of the photo above. I’m 37 now, still very much acne prone, haven’t grown out of anything. But my skin in the untouched photo above is in super-high control and I no longer live with fear or concerns of consequences due to earthy activities. You can see from the windburn on my upper cheek and where the neck warmer and hat sit that my skin was being irritated all day while on the mountain.

The glory moment is being able to sweat in this gear all day, celebrate with a big meal, a beer, and dessert afterwards, and not have any consequence to this completely natural and wonderful day. The photo above represents that glory moment for me, I hope you can feel it.

If you are afraid of any food, activity, weather, sport, hormone, makeup, or irritation, it simply means you are living at a lower level of control. Some people have never felt the high level since the onset of their condition many years prior. If this is the case, it makes sense how this experience can set up a logical form of hopelessness. I get it. We now know that this logic-based hopelessness is one of the real diseases.

Here’s to the glory of “high control”, resilience, and to living a life that is fearless of all aggravators!!

-Dr. Neal

©2013 “Are You Afraid To Go Skiing??” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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