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Witness the Evolution of Medicine

Sunday, March 31st, 2013


For the past 30 years, the typical order of operations for a serious case of acne like the one above were as follows:

1) Wait for a doctor’s appointment for 3-8 weeks. This critical waiting period would risk worsening the condition and would risk more wear and tear.

2) Start a standard cocktail of Rx. topicals, oral antibiotics, and hormonal treatment that both you and your doctor are not confident will bring total inactivation or satisfaction. (but must be done in order to justify going on accutane for a severe case)
To protect him or herself from a malpractice case, your doctor must build a justification for accutane in case something goes wrong with the heavy treatment. They can then make the logical argument, “she had already tried everything else and was not responding to treatment. There was nothing else we could do”

3) Get on accutane after wasting months creating new wear and tear.

4) Possibly go into remission or relapse one year later, and a patient ends up at a new dermatologist’s office frustratingly starting this 30 year old algorithm all over again.

5) Often times a patient gets some sense of inactivation years later, possibly doing accutane two more times. After 3 more dermatologists, this patient is often left to soften up scars for the next several years that were created while fumbling around with this condition for half a decade. (reminder: time = scarring)

This is what has been happening for the past 30 years. As both a patient and a doctor, I have always felt this algorithm to be mediocre, uninspired, and frankly, an injustice for those who are extremely motivated to get healthy as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, This algorithm still continues to this day in 2013. Even after i post the severe cases, there are people who still quote the common misconception:

“my doctor told me severe acne can’t be beaten topically”

(This may be true for doctors who are 10 years behind the current evolution of medicine)


Here’s how this particular mega case went down and how all future serious acne treatment will go down once everyone makes the realization that medicine has evolved and that the standard acne algorithm is bringing disatisfaction, heartache, and imbalance to millions of people around the world.

Here’s exactly what happened here:

1) This teenage girl and her mom witnessed several severe case testimonials in HD, gained real confidence that her condition was treatable, ordered a starter kit, and then prepared mentally for the upcoming bootcamp program.

2) 2 days later, she received her kit, and began acne bootcamp. (notice the time efficiency here as real treatment begins immediately to specifically prevent more wear and tear)

3) She emailed several times per week when concerned, worked hard to get focused photos, and participated online with the interactive videos every single day.

4) She achieved inactivation in a few months, and softened dark marks and scars within a few months after inactivation.

5) She decided to share her story and cropped photos with the world to help everyone else learn that the 30 year old medical algorithm for acne has finally evolved and that justice has finally been achieved in a formerly broken system.

6) In sharing her story,

she further proves the reality that severe acne can always be treated topically.

The untouched body of evidence speaks loudly and the misconceptions of acne have now been left in the past where they belong.

Please inform your doctors of the evolution of medicine regarding this chronic condition. They can call me anytime if they would like to learn more about treating severe acne without oral medications. You can call me as well if still troubled by this stubborn condition.

The movement towards a functional health system will require that everyone cares enough to improve upon an ailing world.

If you would like to contribute to the evolution of our health care system, Please spread, re-post, and share this hard evidence with your doctors, friends, and family.

Here’s the link to this video:

Here’s the link to this blog post:

Thanks for your caring and pursuit of a better system,
-Dr. Neal

©2013 “Witness the Evolution of Medicine” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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  1. Leslie Viviana Says:

    Wow !! this is the most incredible transformation!! Unbelievable and undeniable!!!

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FAQ: “Can I do Acne Bootcamp while on accutane?”

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Here’s a quick video addressing this frequently asked question:

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Quitting Sports Because of Your Skin??

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

Acne has the potential to take away everything that is great in life. See the video below to prevent the loss.

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The World’s Largest Acne Gallery

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

just got bigger…

Thanks to the beautiful clients that are committed to helping others realize that this condition is always treatable with zero exceptions.

(zoom to study the details)

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  1. assadullah Says:

    my doughter got acne in her halp body i am for away from you what shal i do

  2. admin Says:

    I’m in the “ask Dr. Neal” section of the home page if need.

    -Dr. Neal

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