“How to Look in the Mirror”

©2013 “How to Look in the Mirror” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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  1. Allison Clark Says:

    It may sound cheesy, but this video was a real gift for me today. It is true, acne has caused me to have a “stress related emotional imbalance” and I see it when I look in the mirror and feel it in my spirit. Acne has felt like trauma, and has changed me as a person. When my skin is clear, or I have control I feel I have the capacity to overcome challenges, bless others and be who I am meant to be. When I see the acne, I feel fear and the fear makes me weak, spiritually, physically and emotionally. It helps to know this is more than me just not being big enough to look beyond a superficial problem, it is a symptom of a problem, and can be treated just as the acne itself can be treated. I recognize that I do see myself and my energy in a negative light because its become about more than just acne. It is impossible to explain to most people. That you get it and care enough to even make this video is such a generous and rare gift. Thank you.

  2. Vincent Says:

    Dr. Neal is spot on with this helpful tip about looking in the mirror. I believe that the conscious images we project to our subconscious mind are very powerful forces in creating who we are. If we continually impress upon our subconscious that we are an acne burdened person, that is all that we will become.
    I recently realized this truth while practicing a meditation technique that required me to consciously visualize the perfect representation of myself. I realized upon trying that I could not do it! My mind could not create an acne free image of myself! My imagination simply couldn’t create the image since I have only looked in the mirror to see acne for the past 25 years.
    I remedied the situation by lowering the lights and moving away from my mirror. I stood and stared at my self, who in those conditions, had perfect skin. It took only a few moments and I felt an amazing uplift in my spirit. I stayed like that until the image was well developed in my minds’ eye.
    I now use that image of an acne free me during my meditation and have seen a physical improvement in my acne condition.
    I am true believer that the mind controls and shapes our bodies. Dr.Neal is correct in what he teaches in regard to this matter.

  3. Dawid Says:

    i did it before i saw this weird

  4. sophia Says:

    Hi DR:NEAL

    im sophia and im from philipines and im 13 years old .. and can you help me to get rid of my acne pimples couse i really dont like it’. its like i don’t wanna go to school anymore and laugh at me. So i try many products but it didn’t work it get worse..And everytime i watch my self in the mirror i started to cry couse it never happens to me. and dont even hang out with my friend becouse of my pimples. PLEASE HELP ME DR:NEAL 🙁

  5. admin Says:

    hey Sophia,
    I’ll email you back. Feel free to email or call from the home page anytime.

    -Dr. Neal

  6. Cameron Says:

    In the last years I purposely dimmed the lights when going into the bathroom and I have also avoided bright lights in general when talking to people due to the shame and embarrassment of my appearance. Acne is pretty debilitating when you think about it.
    Since I’m now on Dr. Neal’s bootcamp. I’m turning the lights up and not afraid of doing so.
    This advice on emotional balance/harmony and happiness is great because my own journey has indeed affected my confidence, self esteem and general levels of energy. Its time to reclaim my true spirit so I can tackle the world and contribute more of myself.

  7. elizabeth Says:

    I never really thought of looking at myself in two different ways. When ever I look in the mirror I tend to zero in on all my imperfections. All I ever saw was ugly. I never thought I could look at my acne from a different perspective. Most the time I would avoid the mirror as much as possible because it would literally cripple me. But starting this program and being able to take a step back and look at my face from an emotionless clinical point has been surprisingly easy. Thank you for making all your information so easy to understand and being so supportive. All your videos are very helpful.

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