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Another Member Speaks Out

Monday, October 28th, 2013

After decades of silent dissatisfaction with conventional treatments, chronic acne patients are finally speaking out.

The world is changing fast. Enjoy!


7 years of suffering

oral antibiotics
Benzoyl Peroxide

“None made me free from acne”

“I tried everything”

“At first I was not sure about this project. But now I see the price is really worth the results”

70 bumps to 3 bumps in analytics

“I really like the way Dr. Neal builds a relationship with his patients. Something I have never received before”

“I declare that I am free from acne now, really totally inactivated. Thank you Dr. Neal, Thank you Acne Bootcamp”

See one, gain hope, get inactivated. Then make one, and give hope.
(That’s the movement of The Acne Practice)

Dr. Neal’s Lingo: “Inactivated”

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The Acne Awareness Movement

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Big expression today from a highly conscious sufferer who has likely spent over 15 thousand dollars in conventional treatments.

Her story includes dissatisfaction with stem cell treatment. (another very expensive treatment to add to the list of nonsensical approaches)

(click title above if video is not showing)

This awareness testimonial reminds me of several prior videos that can be found on the lower portion of the home page:

“Board Certified Dermatologists”
“Hormonal Acne”
“Maintenance of the Human Body”
“Food and Acne”

Recap of her story:

age 31

acne since 15 years old

10-12 dermatologists

 “I don’t feel that any dermatologist I’ve ever seen really has a grasp on this condition,  period”

retin a
blue light therapy
chemical peels
laser treatment  (smooth beam)
bought blue light panel 
no dairy,  no sugar
“ridiculous vitamin regimen”
(40 pills per day)

(stomach hurts daily from pills)

Stem cell therapy

“never inactivated”

“scarring getting worse with age”

“I underestimated my acne”

“What is wrong with your face?”

“I work directly with clients”

“It’s humiliating,  It’s distressing”

“Even after this extreme routine,  I still have acne”

“Dr. Neal, you are the first glimpse of hope that I have had all year since getting off birth control”

“I had pretty much given up”

“You will be the first doctor that I think even has the slightest handle on this condition”

I’ll ask her how much she has spent in partial failure so far. I suspect over $15,000.
We are revealing this ridiculous injustice in our society.
Thanks for your contributions to the movement,
-Dr. Neal

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180 Seconds of Hope!

Monday, October 14th, 2013

If you still think your case is special, different, or more difficult than everyone around you, know that everyone in this video told me the same exact thing,

“Dr. Neal, my case is the toughest you’ve ever seen!”

Acne is very tough. From that reality, let me show you what is possible with every type of case, skin color, severity, chronicity, resistance, allergy, sensitivity, and life situation.


music by:
Amy May
“Right Right Now” (in itunes)

Here’s some of the raw, untouched photos for ultra-scientific study.
(show these to your professor, your doctor, and your family to see what is real in this lifetime)

See one, gain hope, get inactivated. Then make one, and give hope.
(That’s the movement of The Acne Practice)

©2013 “180 Seconds of Hope” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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5 Tips in the Pursuit of Happiness

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Happy people sometimes feel the need to spread happiness and the road that got them there.

“Happiness loves company” also I guess…

5 actions that worked great for me today:

1) I Exercised: 2 hours minimum per day or bust. (take it or leave it my friends, this is the key to the castle for human beings and explains why our industrialized society suffers from endless chronic ailments)

2) I gave and received love to all those I encountered today.

3) I Expressed myself through public speaking and playing guitar.

4) I worked on my visions, and I planned new visions for tomorrow.

5) I got clean. Using the bootcamp products and black belt skills, I worked hard to get ultra-clean and as smooth as silk. It’s an amazing sensation that was missing for 20 years of my life. (like removing a thorn from my paw that had been there forever)

Take it or leave it my friends. The 5 actions above are working for me and I am 38 years old. I am not scared of getting older because I feel the 5 actions above are elevating my mood further with each passing year.

This elevation and experience has given me an optimistic vision of my 40’s , 50’s, 60’s and beyond.
I’ll be here if anyone needs help navigating clean skin or a healthy life.
be well,
-Dr. Neal

See one, gain hope, get inactivated. Then make one, and give hope.
(That’s the movement of The Acne Practice)

©2013 “5 Tips in the Pursuit of Happiness” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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Another Member Speaks Out

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Another generous client shares about his prior failure, emotional heartache, and the thrill of victory in this new type of medical practice.

Here’s his early progress photos for scientific evaluation:

I am here for those who are slipping through the gaping cracks of our fast paced medical system.

-Dr. Neal

See one, gain hope, get inactivated. Then make one, and give hope.
(That’s the movement of The Acne Practice)

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