“I’ve Tried Everything”

How many times do you think I’ve heard this quote in the last 5 years?

As you listen closely to the testimonials, you’ll see that you’re not alone in thinking, “I’ve tried everything”

Hopefully this video will bring insight to this emotional situation.

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Logic with one faulty premise:

Premise #1) I have tried everything my doctors and healers have given me,
I have used them exactly as directed, and my acne is still very much active.

Inaccurate premise #2) Those who fail everything from their doctors and
healers are now deemed “untreatable”

Therefore: I am untreatable, and therefore screwed. Please send me
to an acne colony as there is no hope for me.

Logic based in clinical evidence.

Premise #1) Acne has been proven to be a treatable condition without exception.

Premise #2) If treatment is failing, adjustments in your treatment are necessary.

Premise #3) Those who get tired of reaching out for help, will not easily find these adjustments

Therefore: Those who get tired of reaching out for help will often times never find victory with their acne

See one, gain hope, get inactivated. Then make one, and give hope.
(That’s the movement of The Acne Practice)

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©2014 “I’ve Tried Everything” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

4 Responses to ““I’ve Tried Everything””

  1. Libby Says:

    I have tried everything and I have used them exactly as directed, and my acne is still very much active, I really hope to have a relieve with your Acne kits elektronik thank you!

  2. admin Says:

    hi Libby,

    I can help you regardless of the prior failure. The “how to communicate in acne bootcamp” video on the lower home page will ensure your victory here.

    Talk to you soon,
    -Dr. Neal

  3. Oscar Says:

    Hello Dr. Neal. You’ve probably have attended many seminars, classes, presentations, etc with Dermatologists. I’m curious to what their responses are, if you’ve asked them, why not at least try to offer their patients something in line with your program. It just seems unreal that they have been using the same techniques for the past 20 years while they still admit that there is a chance that their only popular treatment, antibiotics, always has a chance of failure with a recourse of only more antibiotics. What answers have you received from dermatologist when you present your approach? To me, just a regular person with no med school, I would try your approach and if the situation is life threatening, go for the antibiotics.

  4. Dr. Neal Says:

    hey Oscar,
    they don’t know about this program yet. If they knew, they would all likely send their patients to do what works. In a world full of marketing mania for things that work only part of the time, it’s hard to get everyone to look at the real clinical evidence. Maybe one day you’ll help spread the good word and bring justice to a system that has let many people down in the past and present.
    Thanks for your support of the mission,
    -Dr. Neal

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