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Limited Time Starter Kit Offer!

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

Hey Everyone,

I have big news for you today.

We are offering the starter kits for a price
everyone can afford!

Screen shot 2014-05-01 at 9.33.16 AM

We have refined the clinical system and are ready to show the world that the pain and heartache of resistant acne is not something you have to live with, regardless of prior failure. I’m eager to show everyone the feel of the products, the power of acne analytics, and the power of the daily clinical interaction.

For a limited time, the starter kits are now $38 and include the following:

1) 6-8 weeks of our original products
2) samples from other strength kits
3) the interactive dashboard
4) access to Dr. Neal online
5) access to Dr. Neal by phone if needed.

As a reminder, we are not just selling unassisted products. This is an actual healthcare practice that uses a daily interaction to ensure every member achieves their skin care goals.

We are successfully treating:

-Resistant acne
-“Hormonal” acne
-“Cystic” acne
-Acne in pregnancy
-Acne with benzoyl peroxide allergies
-Acne with ultra sensitive skin
-Post-Accutane acne
-Seborrheic dermatitis
-Other acne look-alikes

**A special note to all the pioneers and existing members of this new type of medical practice:

Your participation and contributions have made today’s offering a reality. Know that you were intimately involved in the evolution of a practice that intends to clean up unnecessary suffering from treatable conditions around the globe.

Thanks for all you have done thus far for the movement!
-Dr. Neal Schwartz

p.s. for those who recently purchased a starter kit for 140, a reminder that the “acne awareness rebate” is still available for you.

*This offer is not to be combined with other rebates and we can send only one starter kit per member. thanks.

If you have any questions, feel free to call and ask for Dr. Neal at (212) 869-1303

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“How It Works”

Thursday, May 1st, 2014

The two videos below are here to organize the interactive program. In this special practice, no one faces this difficult situation “all on their own”.

I’ll be here for you.
-Dr. Neal

Basic Demonstration Video:

Part 2 including how to utilize the phone:

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