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An Optimistic Future: Big Plans for The Acne Practice.

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011


As some of you may already know, this project is buzzing with evolution and growth every month. With each step forward, more and more ambitious visions arise and we are all witnessing the growth of a living, breathing movement. The case studies have received 9,130,507 views and another 14,000 are being viewed today. This post will address frequently asked questions about the practice as well as become a road map of what is coming in the next 2 years.

FAQ: I still don’t understand. why is The Acne Practice so expensive??

Many people often wonder why this program is so costly relative to other infomercial or drug store products. 30 years of acne marketing has created a standard genre of over the counter treatments that this medical project has nothing to do with. The reason people think the price is high is because they are comparing the program to product lines that have zero accountability. Even when they offer their gimmicky money back guarantees, they are not taking accountability for the emotional trauma and physical scarring they are directly responsible for. What is not understood is that this program is underpriced at this time. This project represents not only a new genre of treatment programs, but a completely new approach to medicine in general.

Rather than comparing it to a drugstore item, it will help to compare it to the costs of having a personal physician at your side every single day. We use email through disclaimers as the medium, and the support is directly from an expert who has obviously innovated a field of medicine. Given the level of accountability and expert time-sensitive support, 240-300 dollars for this type of program seems reasonable.
(The instruction manual itself is 27 pages deep and was created from years of clinical observation. Refills are 20-35 per product every 5-8 weeks as needed)

That being said, this unique setup begs many new questions that are meticulously being addressed in the evolution of this project.

FAQ: If Dr. Neal is painstakingly helping everyone directly, how is he going to keep up with all the email traffic??

This question has been thought about since the inception of the project and the demand has been met at this time using typists to speed along the communication. It should be well known that all emails are read, written, and sent by Dr. Neal alone.

FAQ: What will you do when you can’t keep up with the traffic even with multiple typists??

This is the question that has already launched the future of this practice and this movement.

Prediction: When this vision fully materializes, I am predicting that this project will be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine as acne is still ravaging millions of people who are currently under professional treatment.

Here’s the movement and worldwide phenomenon that is coming in the next 2 years

1) Acne Analytics™
With the help of some clever programming, I have invented and patented a new software program that will allow clients, on their own, to assess their skin in a more detailed manner than any physician could ever do for them. This innovation in diagnostic evaluation is almost finished and will likely debut later this season.

2) The Interactive Video Version of Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp™
This is a very ambitious project which is now in development. We are creating an interactive online program that will queue up videos of Dr. Neal addressing common concerns and fears for every skin situation possible. Full client accountability will be monitored in an account that tells Dr. Neal the exact level of online participation in the interactive program. If someone is following the program perfectly and still not satisfied, Dr. Neal will be automatically notified and will investigate which detail is being missed in the program. The details of this large scale project will slowly be unveiled as we get closer to completing it. The estimated time of arrival is mid 2012.

When executed with the same precision and passion as the office and home versions, the Interactive Video Version will be able to expand in ways that are not possible with Dr. Neal emailing everyone by himself. Dr. Neal’s expertise and artistry will be fully harnessed by the most sophisticated interactive health software ever developed.

With the new system, expanded manufacturing, and automation in place, the price of these kits will one day be more affordable for anyone who is suffering. Additionally, we can get all 400 videos subtitled in every language to bring this system to those Dr. Neal can’t communicate with at this time.

Again, there are no simple solutions to complex problems. This Interactive Video Version will take much artistic refinement to accomplish the 100% success rate that is acceptable in this practice. I have a specific plan of how this system will be laid down. stay posted. (the office version and the Home Version were generated from the same type of passionate energy)

3) Affiliate Centers
As many of you know, I have a dream of having an army of autonomously practicing aestheticians working from the confines of this successful program. Their role will be to simply speed up the healing after the program has inactivated the skin. Since this vision was introduced, I have spoken with many aestheticians all over the world. There are many passionate ones who are interested but they don’t yet see how they can survive on passion alone. In the future vision of the Interactive Video Version, affiliates will have exclusive distribution opportunities for the kits themselves. Those already enrolled have sealed their territory for future possibilities.

4) International Distribution
Customs fees are a drag on any client relationship. We are shipping internationally every day and have intentions of solving the inconvenience of custom’s fees. When the Interactive Video Version takes hold on a large scale, Distribution worldwide will be a real possibility. Expect this evolution by 2013.

for those of you who think I’m dreaming with an Interactive Video Version that achieves a 100% success rate, reaches everyone in every language, and can be obtained for an affordable price, check out my prior dreams below:

Dream of completely inactivating resistant cases of Severe Acne without oral medications: Done

Dream of making a high definition acne gallery so powerful that even the most hopeless soul can begin to see what is possible: Done

Dream of making an email-based Home Version work the exact same way as the office version worked: Done

I am dreaming. and when I act on these dreams, unbelievable things can happen…

get ready, this is exciting. In the final dream of this project, Dermatologists can leave the world of acne and focus back on what they are really great at. Diagnosing systemic disease, emergency skin reactions, removal of growths, cosmetic procedures, and much more. The chronic condition of acne will naturally leave the world of rigid diagnostic medicine and instead be viewed as a common human ailment that can be locked down by an unwavering definitive integrated program. A two month wait at your dermatologist’s office only to get a standard cocktail that has a 40% failure rate has become unacceptable and this worldwide vision is directly addressing a system that has proven to be mediocre at best.

-Dr. Neal

©2011 “An Optimistic Future: Big Plans for The Acne Practice. ” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

18 Responses to “An Optimistic Future: Big Plans for The Acne Practice.”

  1. Donna Walker Says:

    How does your program work in comparison to a dermatologist”s. My daughter’s Dr. has prescribed retinA
    cream antibiotics, birth control, etc. Nothing seems to work. She refuses to try ProActive. She needs help now.

  2. admin Says:

    hey Donna,
    The standard algorithm of benzoyl peroxide, retin-A, doxycycline, and accutane is almost 30 years old. This program represents a complete innovation in the treatment of this chronic condition. Keep looking through the videos and blog to see what is going on here. you can call the office anytime.

    take care,

    -Dr. Neal

  3. Lydia Says:

    hi i have acne and my face is oily, sometimes its small and sometimes big would you be able to send me information bout the cream what i have to use and howmuch it cost

  4. Adrian Says:

    hi ive suffered from sever acne for 6 years on my face, chest, and back ive tried everything from natural to perscribed and over the counter it goes away some what but still comes back. ive gone to see a dermatologist he did help me but then my acne came back and my last resort was accutane and i was scared to try that out. can you point me in the right direction of what i should look into since im not close to any of your facilities.

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Affiliate Centers: Let’s get it going…

Thursday, January 20th, 2011


hey everyone,
These are exciting times in The Acne Practice and in the world of chronic ailments in general. I’ve noticed that pessimism is slowly being replaced with an optimism that is based purely in tangible proof rather than theory. It’s long overdue.

Anyway, got sidetracked there for a moment. The reason for this post is to talk about the concept of vision creation, realization of visions, and the continuing evolution of this global practice/movement.

Before I unveil the details of my new vision, I’d like to recap the story of my prior visions in this medical project:

2006 Vision: while running on a treadmill in a Crunch gym, I came to the realization that if I were to capture the innovations that were going on in the office, new patients would be able to enter this newly created bootcamp program without hesitation or fear. I knew I had to capture the results in higher resolution than had ever been captured before because embellished testimonials had flooded the television creating widespread skepticism, failure, and disillusionment. In the original vision, the videos would have to be epic in nature and irrefutable in their resolution. It would be made obvious to all that acne is a treatable situation. I was adamant about this goal.

1st Vision Realized: In early 2008, the video gallery had reached its stride and those who were inquiring knew it was real. To anyone who was still wary, the only recommendation I had after the body of work had become extensive was, “try to watch more videos in full screen.” My philosophy had always been that anyone who had become too disillusioned to see the difference in these HD videos may not be emotionally ready for victory over a tough condition. I was naturally weeding out the winners from those who were not ready to win yet.

Mid 2008 Vision: While the gallery was proving the impossible to the world, a new vision was born in 2008. Word of the innovations of the practice was spreading worldwide and suffering individuals began begging for ways to get treated from locations other than New York City. The demand prompted the idea of The Home Version of Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp. This vision came with many challenges that would have to be precisely addressed before the release of the program to the public. You see, if this program could not replicate the success rate of the office version, then the primary goal of defeating pessimism and disillusionment would be tarnished. As it was worked out, it became obvious that the main challenge of the home version was how to replicate the emotional and detailed support of the primary program through the online medium. This challenge would prove attainable by using a set of rigid rules in the practice. The key rule being that any home version client who was concerned about anything would immediately email through a sophisticated email system and chase down any concern until it was resolved.

2nd Vision Realized: After 3 years of shipping Starter Kits all over the world, the home version has proven its success both in an expanding HD gallery of its own and countless happy emails here. It turned out that home version clients, once they realized the rigidity of the program, were also able to tenaciously chase down victory from all over the world.

It’s now 2011 and after having fully realized what seemed like monumental challenges, future visions have been lighting up every day.

Here’s the newest 2011 vision: The next chapter of the project introduces the expansion of the Affiliate Centers which, like all the other far-reaching goals here, will be realized with the support of those who believe in this global movement.

The Affiliate Center in New York is up and running and I’ve been hearing great things from bootcamp clients who have utilized this additional service. The services of the affiliate centers are basic and aimed at simply speeding up the final cosmetic result after a client has inactivated their skin with the bootcamp kit. These centers are not required in this program but since time = scarring both physically and emotionally, they can prove quite helpful when dealing with an emotionally charged condition.

Here’s the challenge: When a doctor or skin care specialist is passionate about their work, it’s very difficult for them to not introduce their own philosophy and ideas into the current program. This sticky and senstive situation puts a bootcamp member at risk of failure as they are now getting conflicting advice.

The Second Challenge: Cosmetic services are historically very expensive and thus a plan to use them creates more stress for many people who are already suffering.

The Solution: To solve these important problems, I will be searching for affiliates who are eager to become a part of this global movement. I will also be using the power of bootcamp client feedback to make sure conflicting information is not creating a disturbance in the rigid program. As I see it in my vision, bootcamp clients in every city will actively contribute to the practitioner selection process, creating perfect consistency and skill in the affiliate centers worldwide. To keep the mission moving forward, I will help support affiliates as they will be offering cosmetic services for a special low price for bootcamp members.

If you are a physician or an aesthetician who is interested in becoming an exclusive affiliate in your area, feel free to contact me anytime. I will be focusing on all US cities first, but international applicants can also contact me to prepare for the future.

(Click HERE for the Current Evolution of this rapidly expanding medical and healing project!)

Here’s my vision for an ideal candidate:

1) Licensed Aesthetician or Physician
2) Have your own office setting or eager to rent your own space for part of the week. (these affilate relationships will be autonomous businesses who are affiliated with the mission)
3) Committed to the project and fully understanding of the pitfalls and consequences of conflicting advice for acne sufferers.
4) A professional who can see that a real innovation has taken place in this practice and despite their own expertise, is still open to learning new healing methods.
5) Excited to be an exclusive affiliate and to become a part of a global movement that is rapidly expanding.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Let’s get it going,
-Dr. Neal

12 Responses to “Affiliate Centers: Let’s get it going…”

  1. D Says:

    Hi Dr Neal (london to newyork)

    When i spoke to you i expressed an interest. i will be moving to the US ATL this year so i will let you know once im there. I would also like to promote my counselling service and see if we can work together. Please let me know what your thoughts are. Im getting alot of compliments on my skin i have run out of the stong lotion but my skin is still great! Thank you soooo much.

  2. admin Says:

    hey D,
    glad to hear it. As expected, successful bootcamp members who are also practitioners will be considered first in each location.
    we’ll be in touch,
    -Dr. Neal

  3. Debbie M Says:

    Hello Dr. Neal,

    I am a licensed Esthetician that owns a small one room facial business. As a teen, I also suffered with acne and self-esteem issues due to it. More and more I am getting clients looking to me to help with their acne. This really hits home and I want so desperately to help them. I currently work with Bioelements products and am looking to expand my expertise and products to better serve these clients. I was so impressed and imspired by your videos. I would love to hear more about possibly becoming an affiliate.

    Debbie M.
    Esthetician at Tranquility Skin Spa

  4. admin Says:

    hey Debbie,
    you can call the office at the number above or email me anytime about this possibility.

    talk soon,
    -Dr. Neal

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1st Affiliate Center is LIVE!!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010


Big news continues… (see the post entitled, “Big News”)

Our first affiliate center is up and running in New York City.
See the New services section above.

Bootcamp Members can now log in to find The Acne Practice Affiliate Centers and benefit from having a skin care expert specifically chosen by Dr. Neal.
The new affiliates are here to locally support The Home Version. Since this is not a spa or cosmetic based project, the prices at the new centers will be incredibly affordable.

To make sure the affiliate centers run in perfect harmony with the mission of this medical project, I urge you to rate them and let me know if they are not performing exactly as expected.

Go to the services section and choose “Rate Your Affiliate”


The more people monitor the activity of the affiliate centers, the faster and more confidently I can create more centers around the world. This rating system really allows you be a part of the quality of care in this project. Your feedback will be vital in helping others who are still suffering.

thanks in advance for helping to change the system of acne treatment worldwide.

I hope you all enjoy this new chapter of the project.

Los Angeles is next…!!


3 Responses to “1st Affiliate Center is LIVE!!”

  1. Pam Miller Says:

    I am soon going to be a licensed Esthetician in Colorado Springs. I am a 45 year old corporate person who has had a passion to help my 16 year old son get rid of his acne. I too suffered as a teenager. It is my passion to help him and others in my city get rid of their acne.

    I am going to be purchasing your system for my son tomorrow (pay day) and put him on the program. He is very excited about it! So am I. We have tried everything outside of accutane to help him. He is healthy and has a good skin care regimine, and I give him high frequency treatments once a week. He still gets new bumps a couple times per week.

    I am also very interested in become an affiliate of your program. Please let me know what the requirements are to become one. Must you be a physician, or can a licensed Esthetician like myself become one?

    Thank you
    Pam Miller

  2. admin Says:

    hey Pam,
    Glad to hear of you passions to help your son and others like him. The future will have Licensed Aestheticians like yourself in every city assisting with the main program that will be running online. A tandem effort using advanced virtual medicine and live skin care support.

    keep in touch,
    -Dr. Neal

  3. Lisa Low Says:

    I am interested in learning more about how this system works. Please help!How can we order

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BIG News!!

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010


In my quest to bring real victory to all those who still endlessly suffer, I am pleased to announce the beginning of the Second Phase of the medical research project I call,
“The Acne Practice”.

After I clear up the current office patients in New York over the next 2 months, I will be going virtual for several months to expand the home version and make the experience of the home version mimic the office version precisely. I will also begin working on“The Acne Practice Affiliate Centers”

In this grand vision of the future of acne treatment, I will be setting up mini offices in every city all over the country, and eventually the world, to help assist clients with the Home Version. These offices are not required for this bootcamp. Instead, they will simply speed up the cometic clean up after inactivation is achieved through the online system. As you can tell from the countless hours of blogs and videos, this breakthrough project comes from a place of passion over all other business interests. With my original mission still as fiery as ever, I’m excited to announce that I will be making live hands-on treatment from affiliate practitioners available to everyone for lower prices than the world has ever seen prior.

Here’s the timeline of this next phase of the medical project.

1) Going Virtual on August 1st, 2010: If you are in the New York area and want to meet me in person, feel free to set up a free consultation anytime before the end of July.

2) Setting up the First Affiliate Center: The Acne Practice New York Affiliate Center will be opening August 1st in my current office space and will be delivering assistance with the home version for unheard-of low prices.

3) The Second Affiliate Center: Soon after things are running smoothly in the NY affiliate office, I will be opening the next Affiliate office in Los Angeles, California.
Likely by January, while creating this new practice, I will be making myself available in person to all those on the West Coast who are still in need.

4) The Third and Beyond: After NY and LA are up and running in a very tight system that brings incredible value to those that have so desperately needed it for so long, I will be opening up the flood gates and setting up affiliate centers all over the country.
Likely in this order: Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Houston, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Boston, Phoenix, D.C., Baltimore, San Diego, Detroit, Columbus, and the list goes on…

5) International Affiliate Centers: Once numerous US cities have been set up and the system has proven to be well organized, I will embark on setting up the first few International Affiliate Centers likely in this order: London, Toronto, Sydney, and beyond.

Mission #1 of eliminating pessimism regarding the treatable condition of acne has been accomplished. Since the presentation of the extended gallery on the home page, I have celebrated this groundbreaking victory.

Mission #2 is to give affordable local support to everyone around the world while they confidently embark on their own bootcamp journey.
This new affiliate project will help me achieve my final mission of victory for all those who still suffer all over the world.

2011 Update on the rapid evolution of the mission, click here!!

Leave me a comment below if you are psyched about this new chapter of the project….!

-Dr. Neal

38 Responses to “BIG News!!”

  1. Tim Says:

    Sounds exciting! Thank you for making the program more accessible.

  2. Lindsey Says:

    I am inspired that the Acne Practice is expanding and so many more people will have access to the kind of results that I have experienced……way to go Dr. Neal.

  3. Tova Says:

    Amazing! I’m excited that that other people get to experience what I have with your program. Changing lives across the globe……

  4. Howie Says:

    Changing the world… one pimple at a time. Very excited about this visionary move for The Acne Practice!

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