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The Acne Awareness Rebate is Here!!

Monday, September 23rd, 2013

After years of trying to realistically get the price of the starter kits down to 40 dollars, our new rebate finally marks the accomplishment of this goal and gives an opportunity for the world to witness what I see every single day.

A true epidemic of acne failure with the standard algorithm of acne treatment.

Please share your story to illuminate this silent epidemic. Let everyone know that this ailment is significantly altering lives all over the world.
-Dr. Neal

Here’s the new rebate offer:

*rebate begins on 9/23/13
*limited time offer

See one, gain hope, get inactivated. Then make one, and give hope.
(That’s the movement of The Acne Practice)

7 Responses to “The Acne Awareness Rebate is Here!!”

  1. Leslie Viviana Says:

    Hi doctor Neal … I just stumbled on your website and it has been illuminating !! What is the acne awareness rebate?

  2. Leslie Viviana Says:

    Sorry what I meant to ask is if the rebate is still going on…

  3. admin Says:


    yes, the rebate is live for those who want to help spread awareness of the epidemic of conventional treatment failure.

    I’ll be in the Ask Dr. Neal section if you need. thanks,
    -Dr. Neal

  4. Fernando Sanchez Luna Says:

    I have severe acne with scars and I would really like your help Dr Neal.

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The “Refer a Friend” Rebate!

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

Please inform me of your referral within 1 week of your friend’s new kit order.
-Dr. Neal

See one, gain hope, get inactivated. Then make one, and give hope.
(That’s the movement of The Acne Practice)

2 Responses to “The “Refer a Friend” Rebate!”

  1. Taiye fadojutimi Says:

    What if you want to refer friend but they are skeptical so you buy it for them. Does that still count?

  2. admin Says:

    Yes, this would count for your rebate.
    However, buying this bootcamp kit before they realize what is possible for them will risk them not following the instructions and participation.

    I recommend you show them all the home page cases until they have a transformative moment realizing what is actually possible for them.
    Skepticism, pessimism, apathy, and depression are powerful forces. I created an evidence based gallery to address these forces. It will help for them to view it all.

    I’ll be here if they need,
    -Dr. Neal

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The Money Back Guarantee has Returned!!

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

I have received hundreds of emails asking about money back guarantees over the past several years.

For those who remember the old office version, I previously had a full money back guarantee in a clinical setting where I could monitor every action and inaction of every patient.

In 2008, The home version came with a new challenge of not having as much control of the day to day operations and I felt unable to guarantee proper participation.

More recently however, the new interactive robot has brought back this same sense of control and in some ways, even more control because I monitor clients daily instead of weekly. With this new sense of control and organization, I am now reinstating the money back guarantee for all starter kits.

Still undefeated with this condition, I stand strong by my products, my service, my innovation, and the movement to influence a culture that, in my opinion, has been finding hopelessness too quickly for changeable situations.

Here’s the details of the Guarantee that will obviously have stipulations regarding participation:

The Acne Practice Definition of Success:
(as shown in the video gallery)

95-100% inactivated, smoother texture, more even color, and highly satisfied with both Dr. Neal’s products and service.

Requirements for Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp and the Guarantee:

1) Daily Participation as outlined in the “How It Works” video for a 90 day commitment.

2) If you miss a day for any reason, a quick new inquiry email explaining why you missed will be required within 48 hours of missing participation.

3) If you are not rapidly progressing in the first 48 hours, full emails are required through the dashboard daily until back on track.

4) If you are not rapidly progressing daily after emailing Dr. Neal, you will be required to call Dr. Neal, or receive calls internationally, once a week to discuss the details of the prior emails.

5) If not rapidly improving by day 40, a private video, only for Dr. Neal to see, is required to show Dr. Neal exactly how you are using the products.

6) If saying “feeling good” in the automated system, you must actually be feeling great with an accurate bump count decreasing rapidly.

7) Private photos, only for Dr. Neal to view, must be focused enough to see pores, fine hairs, and “mini bumps” to be considered participating. (We’ll let you know if not focused enough during the program)

8) If Dr. Neal responds to an email saying “action needed” This action will be monitored for and must be completed within 48 hours to be considered participating.

9) Unless having a technical issue, restarts of the program after a non-participating first attempt will not count toward the guarantee. (members can restart as much as needed in general though)

10) Shipping and customs fees will not be covered in this guarantee

11) The 140 dollar starter kit is the only item that will be guaranteed. If not rapidly improving at the time you need refills, call Dr. Neal to discuss your participation above. If your participation has met the requirements above, Dr. Neal will guarantee your first set of refills as well!
(all other refill orders without a call to Dr. Neal will indicate satisfaction and rapid progress)

I stand behind my products and service for anyone who deeply desires control and is willing to fully participate.

-Dr. Neal

*This new guarantee is valid for anyone purchasing a starter kit on or after June 2, 2013
* This guarantee can be obtained only after a ninety day participation period and no later than 10 days after your bootcamp program has concluded.

7 Responses to “The Money Back Guarantee has Returned!!”

  1. serhat erim Says:

    Hi Doctor Neal,

    I’m writing from Turkey İstanbul. I know that you live in U.S.A. but believe me ı have no choice about my skin problem that’s why ı’m sending this mail to you.

    ı have acne problem for 3 years and ı’m 28 years old and ı have tried everything about my problem like antibiotics, cosmetic cream and etc. but they didn’t work.

    ı don’t know how to pay your treatment wage from Turkey but the thing ı know that ı need your treatment.

    so please help me.

  2. admin Says:

    We ship to anywhere DHL/USPS will travel and can take care of anyone around the world using the online interface.

    To reach me for any questions, go to the home page and click, “ask Dr. Neal”

    Otherwise, the “which kit is right for me” button is where all clients get started here.

    I’ll be here if you need,
    -Dr. Neal

  3. ornela Says:

    Dr Neil saved my life! that’s all I want to say. Forever grateful.

  4. rhea86 Says:

    hi doc neal, it’s been a while since i contact you, sorry for being skeptical about the treatment, i am here still here in saudi.i emailed you before but i didn’t continue..i haven’t tried the treatment yet..i wanna try the home version please i need your help..i still have some bumps on my back and some on my face..hope for your response..


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Financing Available from Paypal!

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

FAQ: “Dr. Neal, do you have any financing plans available for Acne Bootcamp?”

Answer: We do now through “Bill Me Later” at

As a reminder, this is an all or nothing bootcamp program that does require daily participation. When we begin here, it will be assumed you are paid in full and any financing questions can be addressed by paypal. Thanks.

Healing is all about creating new possibilities…
Hope this new possibility helps those who are saving up for bootcamp,
-Dr. Neal

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The New Robot has been Amazing!!

Monday, November 12th, 2012

It’s been three weeks in the new video-interactive robot and it has been truly unbelievable.

I can now effortlessly monitor every client in the program every single day. I know who is doing great, who is in the process of learning new skills, and who is not participating. There is no more wondering whether a client I fought hard for is doing good or bad. All the data is presented to me on a daily basis and it’s organized on the backend to highlight every detail. It’s been a pleasure to say the least.

Allow me to show you how cool this is:

This client is was feeling good for two days, then a concern popped up. He addressed it with a video as shown below:

Here’s some more:

And this is just the beta version!

This project is going to change our health care system for all chronic conditions.
I promise.
-Dr. Neal

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