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Weaning off Antibiotics Contest….. Win $200 cash and be off Antibiotics for life!!

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

Prove to us that you were still breaking out on oral antibiotics and show a good before shot with your story.  If you can then prove that we got you completely clear and you were then able to wean off your antibiotics for good…..,   you will receive $200 dollars cash.   Your presentation must be able to prove Rx in your name and current success without the use of anything else but Acne Bootcamp…Rolling admission…. multiple winners will be paid for clear convincing videos and proof of Acne Bootcamp success…. 

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  1. diane Says:

    hmm i should tell my brother about this .. hes been on accutane for 5 months but still has severe acne!

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I,m in the process of saving money for your product. I am 27yrs old and have had acne for over half of my live. It is getting worse as time goes on and has been spreading everywhere. I really hope this product could work for me.

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Biggest Acne Transformation of 08′ $500 cash prize

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

As many people will learn when they receive their starter kit,  we offer free products for those who send us clear photo and video testimonials of their success with “The Acne Practice”. We’re taking the stakes up further this year and offering $500 cash to the biggest acne transformation captured in clear video attesting to only using “Acne Bootcamp” products.  The winner will be decided upon at the end of december and a check will be granted to the winner january 1st…We’re going to need proof that there were no other oral medications used. A signed testimonial and video of you using the products are required.  Follow up clips are required at monthly intervals showing proof of the date. Ask Dr. Neal for any other information regarding this contest.


-2 casual before photos  and 2 casual after shots  (not for display,  only for proof of the case)-1 clear clinical before and 1 clear clinical after (use our case studies as an example) -Before and after close up video with audio story, weekly follow up clips, clip using products,  and verbal and written promise of no use of other acne medications.-signed photo and video release (Ask Dr. Neal)  emailed or faxed to 212-869-1305.  Contest ends December 31st 2008  


Update:    here’s our  2008 Winner!!

stay tuned for more contests for 2009…

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