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The Artistry of Nutrition

Sunday, June 9th, 2013

Hey Everyone,

I hope this video helps you gain skill in your pursuit of ultra-wellness.

See one, gain hope, get inactivated. Then make one, and give hope.
(That’s the movement of The Acne Practice)

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New Blog Category: “Wellness Tips”

Wednesday, August 10th, 2011


As a Board Certified Physician, healer, and inventor, I have finely tuned and created countless methods to handle the challenges of wellness and life in general. Today I’m going to start the expression of a full range of original ideas and tips for the whole body that will hopefully help people with the challenges of finding physical and emotional balance in this lifetime.

My first basic tip in this series addresses a very common dilemma:

Does your stomach hurt when you take a multivitamin??

Many people desire to take a multivitamin every day but for millions of people, these pills frequently cause bloating, gas, heartburn, and belly pain. I took one a few years ago and ruined an entire day. In the aftermath of the annoyance, I thought to myself, “I’m never doing that again”

If you are having the same problem with vitamins, I have a simple tip for you today.
“Centrum Chewables”, as shown below, are a widely available option that will dramatically reduce the incidence of stomach upset while taking multivitamins.


I chew one every day with some water and have not had any side effects whatsoever. In a pinch, I switched one day to the full pill last year and immediately had indigestion. So, from personal experience and from having given this tip to hundreds of others already, I offer you this very simple tip that will allow you to take a multivitamin every day. (they also have gummy vitamins and other brands that may be worth checking out as well)

Let me know if it helps,

-Dr. Neal

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The Artistry of Good Nutrition

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011


hey everyone,

I get a lot of emails about nutrition and dietary changes in regards to acne. My main stance on all food and acne can be seen here.

As a supplement to my primary food philosophy, I’ve decided to add a nutrition category to the blog to inform, but more importantly, to simply motivate and increase consciousness.

In the conversation of awareness, consciousness, and motivation, I bring to you my personal thoughts on what we’ll call..,

The Artisty of Good Nutrition:

In a world where huge passions are being generated about food and nutrition issues, there are some basic tenets, criticisms, and personal philosophies I’d like to share with you. (I’ll organize them below)

1) It’s all relative.
If you are eating unconsciously and decide to start putting energy into making common sense eating choices, you should celebrate this new milestone. No one has ever become super conscious or an artist overnight.

2) Never utilize Fear or Guilt in regards to food.
In the Artistry of good nutrition, there is no guilt or fear. It’s an art of consciousness and ever evolving awareness of your day to day decisions. Fear of food is my biggest criticism of many enthusiasts of nutrition. What is not realized is that fear and guilt cause a real emotional stress that can directly aggravate all medical conditions. The art of nutrition should be fun. It should be a game of consciousness that builds on itself in a positive stacking momentum.

3) Being Social.
Food is a great social binder in our human culture. It brings people together in loving and connected ways. If you become too extreme with your food choices that you can’t socially participate, consider the disconnect you may create can be more damaging to the body than the pizza party itself. To have the best of both worlds, try to participate by being creative with your choices and when necessary, use portions to compensate for the lack of quality in the food. For example, at the pizza party, you load up on salad and decrease the amount of pizza. The same type of creativity will be helpful at a subpar restaurant.

4) Desserts are for special occasions.
I think if I were to give one tip to anyone struggling with fitness, health, or body issues, it would be to wean off the addiction and habit of dessert. My view of dessert is something that is to be saved for special celebrations like a birthday, an epic physical adventure that day, or a huge moment in life. The habit of daily, or even twice daily, dessert has hurt many people. Rather than make your own, try to learn from other people’s mistakes.

5) Have healthy staples at home.
If you are forced to be creative with food when out socializing, compensate for the fun by keeping very good staple meals at home. These meals are much more under your control and if used in high consciousness, will accumulate a solid general artistry of nutrition.

6) Try not to be misled by hype.
People love chocolate and anything that tastes like chocolate. Try not to be fooled by anything claiming to be good for you that tastes like chocolate. For example, the cacao hype that was propagated by chocolate lovers was very misleading. The incredible amount of antioxidants contained in the brown rectangular bar was so emphasized that it was actually perceived as a “healthy food choice”. Try to be realistic when working around this hype and become conscious of your own personal desires. At any percent, cacao is still dessert. Street vendors now sell it right next to the milky ways. (see #4 above)

7) And Most Importantly, There is no substitute for Fitness and Movement.
The biggest wellness mistake I witness over and over is those who justify not moving or working out with the thought that their diet is very conscious. In my opinion, the biggest mistake anyone can make in this lifetime is to not break a sweat every single day. It fuels the body and soul with energy and vibrance that can be transferred to any project, relationship, or activity. Physical fitness is really everything. Mastery of diet and nutrition is an amazing side dish to this physical movement.

With this basic philosophy laid down, I’ll be introducing easy tips to help increase this awareness and artistry in your day to day routine.

to be continued,
-Dr. Neal

©2011 “The Artistry of Good Nutrition” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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