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Photo Tips for Acne Bootcamp

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

As many of you know, we are using focused photos and Acne Analytics to master our skin in The Acne Practice. I’d like to emphasize that photos taken during Acne Bootcamp are NOT for public display.

They are solely used for us to evaluate, monitor, and organize your condition in this advanced program. If you would like to share these photos after you achieve your personal victory, you can send a specific written consent that allows me to use your photos for this movement.


That important point being said, allow me to teach you how to take a great photo to maximize your acne bootcamp journey.


Check out this amazing photo I just took with my 2010 iphone. Amazing detail right! Steve Jobs is the king of this technology but it seems all other brands are catching up fast. And very soon, every phone will be able to take a photo like this one in seconds.

So here’s how I took this shot in 10 seconds:

1) Lighting: Lighting is everything when it comes to focus. Notice I am using sunlight here, but not directly on the skin. The sun comes through the window indirectly lighting up every pore. Fluorescent indoor light is the second best option to indirect sunlight. You can use both.

2) Focus Button: For the iphone and other newer phones, tap on the screen once and a box will pop up in the display. It will then focus specifically wherever you tap. This is tougher when taking photos of yourself, but the iphone also lets you turn the camera around. (cameras on front and back may have different strengths, so make sure to try both)

3) Further Back: In an attempt to hide one’s identity, I’ve noticed clients have been taking photos from very close up. This will often times create a loss of focus. Instead, pull the camera back further, and crop your photos on your computer afterwards.

4) Holding Still: Most importantly, you need to hold your hand and your face perfectly still. I recommend sitting and using either a timer or propping your arm up with a big pillow to keep everything perfectly still. The slightest movement changes everything. Take 5 quick shots in a row to see how sensitive the focus is to movement.

5) Practice: Practice makes perfect. This photo took me 10 seconds because I’ve been playing with the camera phones for awhile. Practice makes perfect so keep playing with it until you can see every pore…! This level of focus will ensure your organization and victory in Acne Bootcamp.

follow 1 through 5 and you’ll have this new skill locked down!

oh wait, one more if needed:

6) Borrow Someone’s Phone: These tips can help any phone take great photos. However, If you want the best shots, just borrow someone else’s phone for 5 minutes and email yourself the photos. Then delete them from the phone! Easy.

I’ll be here,
-Dr. Neal

4 Responses to “Photo Tips for Acne Bootcamp”

  1. Sofia L Villa Says:

    Dr. Neal,
    why this pictures look clear in my phone? I can see every pore, when I uplog to your program doesn’t look clear, looks blurry. I fell bad because is been long time and my pictures there not good.

  2. admin Says:


    you can email me on the site if needed anytime.
    possibly your computer screen is not as tight as your phone.
    We’ll let you know if they are good enough for analytics each time.
    -Dr. Neal

  3. meslem lila Says:

    i saw your videos on youtube showing little bumps on a girls faces.
    since im 13 years old I have them, i have 22 now.
    im so ashamed and I don’t want to put makeup anymore cause i feel sad and sick.

    impossible for them to go away I tried everything!!

    i have like hundred of them of my forehead and chicks a little bit.
    where can i send you pictures?

    can u recommand me something please
    im desperate !
    thank u so much

    lila (france)

  4. admin Says:


    I’ll email you. Feel free to send you number if you need me to call you back in france.
    talk soon,
    -Dr. Neal

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