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My skin is “Special” (Part II)

Friday, March 26th, 2010

One of the earliest posts on this blog was called, “My skin is Special”

It talks about the emotional phenomenon of categorizing oneself in a hopeless situation based in prior heartache and failure.

After seeing this next unbelievable case, I will ask you whether you still think your case is special and untreatable.

Pay close attention to every detail of a case that seemed unbeatable for years.


Acne for 18 years!
Flares mostly with Menstrual Periods
Never had a clear month (“no vacation”)
emotionally affected
life choices and dreams affected
compensatory life skills were developed to overcome the challenges.

Prior Failures:

Multiple Dermatologists
Oral Antibiotics
Rx Topicals (multiple)
OTC Topicals (multiple)
Lifestyle Modification
Food Changes
Home Remedies


©2010 “My Skin is Special (Part 2)” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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