Born and raised in the suburbs of Baltimore, Dr. Neal had a very unique family dynamic which allowed for much observation and personal growth. Having a mother as an Acupuncturist and a father as a traditional Internist, young Dr. Neal was given a rare opportunity to observe both the strengths and limitations of Western Medicine and Eastern Healing for decades.

  A very athletic child and teenager, Dr. Neal's personal wellness, fitness, and energy were very high throughout the wonder years of junior high and early high school. His own acne starting kicking up persistently by junior year of high school but at that time, didn't hold him back socially because he was very busy with his many new interests and passions. It wasn't until age 20, still constantly fighting persistent moderate acne, that the condition started to win the psychological battle. The cumulative toll of seeing many dermatologists, failing dozens of products, and getting expensive aesthetic treatments began to consume young Dr. Neal's life.

  At 21, With no relief in sight, Dr. Neal opted for going on oral isotretinoin despite fears of losing his hair and permanently altering his well being. The medication was grueling but eventually successful. Unfortunately, one year later, the beast was back at full strength and his skin was twice as sensitive as a result of the recent oral medications.

  It seemed unbelievable that despite having full access to all medications and dermatologists through his father, and having a full understanding of how the body can heal itself from his mother, that Dr. Neal could still be losing the battle to acne and now seborrheic dermatitis as well. The persistent failure gave an insight into the limitations of both Western Medicine and Holistic healing. Always an optimist, he thought, "There had to be another option out there...."

  Through medical school, Dr. Neal's passion for fixing his own and other people's acne blossomed and he found himself traveling all over the country to train with some of the best dermatologists around. As far as his own persistent problem was concerned, he was unwilling to ever give up. His journey led him into many more reputable dermatology offices as a patient. With every new visit, Dr. Neal had only one question for the renowned acne experts. "Is this chronic problem changeable or unchangeable?"

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If the best doctors in the world believed it was unchangeable, Dr. Neal would've decided to use his strength to emotionally rise above an unchangeable situation. (like inspiring individuals do when they get badly injured.) However, If in fact, chronic acne was a changeable condition, he thought, "how much do I need to pay to get a real result." At that time, young Dr. Neal had about 1000 dollars in his savings account and would gladly give it up to any dermatologist who had the confidence and swagger to promise him results. None had the confidence though. He only kept hearing, "I think this might help" or "lets try this and see what happens".

  Thousands of dollars and many trial and error treatments later with both physicians and aestheticians, Dr. Neal was losing confidence in a medical system he had by now become a part of. He was now 29 and had become a Board Certified Family Practitioner.

  With his energy still high, and his prescription pad in hand, Dr. Neal decided to take into his own hands what 10 other doctors could not do for him. He was on a mission to conquer this beast for himself and anyone else like him who had lost faith in the medical system. Years of trial and error paid off and the condition of acne was broken down and rediscovered in a new light. Using a different language, uniquely formulated products, and a new methodology, Dr. Neal had created an acne practice that can rapidly clear and prevent any degree of acne with or without oral medications.

  Given the worldwide skepticism surrounding new acne programs, Dr. Neal knew he would have to capture every detail of his results in high definition to convince the world that there truly is no need to fear acne anymore.

"Hopelessness With Acne Has Become Unacceptable"