The Acne Story    
Although it may seem you're all alone when suffering from persistent acne, it's amazing how many others are fighting through the same physical and psychological struggle.
Here's the typical story of acne:

Stage 1 "Something New?"

One morning a bump pops up. It hurts a little and you get up to check it out in the mirror. If you're a young teenager, it might be kinda fun or exciting because it's a sign of the new changes that come with puberty. However, once the excitement wears off, you realize you need to do something about it quickly. Most people go to the drugstore to pick up a popular acne fighting cleanser or cream. For many, that is all that is needed to gain control and deal with the skin changes that come with time. Others will not get physical or psychological relief from a simple product and may even get worse on whatever they have purchased. For the unlucky group, the claims made by the these products are the first of many psychological wounds which are not soon forgotten...

Stage 2 "It's War"

After the first failure, most Acne patients quickly get motivated to completely clear their skin of acne and marks. This crusade usually consists of trying many highly marketed acne solutions and services. Some will go with natural remedies and beauty services, while others will seek medical attention immediately. They will all soon find out that any route can be very tricky. Whatever route is chosen, some will find relief along the way early, gaining total physical and mental control. Yet again, others will not be so lucky. For the unlucky group, the psychological effects of multiple failures will spiral and begin to create skepticism, pessimism, depression, anxiety, and apathy.

Stage 3 "Heavy Meds"

Time has passed now..., and for the unlucky group who still hasn't found relief, a new anxiety about permanent scarring is also wearing away at their already fragile state of mind. Regardless of what treatments were originally tried, most end up at the doctor's office to discuss all the possibilities that Western Medicine has to offer this problem. Many will try clever combinations of oral antibiotics and strong topical formulations. Others will be offered Birth Control Pills and Anti-Androgens to control hormone levels.
Once again, some will find control and be relieved of their physical and mental suffering for long periods of time. Others will not be so lucky and will then be offered Oral Isotretinoin, a powerful drug at the top of the food chain of prescription acne medications. This drug is very effective yet also has a history of difficult short term and possible long term side effects that make it very undesirable to many health conscious individuals. After all risks and benefits have been weighed and the course of oral isotretinoin is finished, many people will have found long term control. However, once again there will be others who are not so lucky. They will either relapse quickly, discontinue the medications because of dangerous side effects, or finish the course without ever getting clear.

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Stage 4 "Post Oral Isotretinoin"

This unlucky group now understands acne as well as many primary care physicians. They have been studying the disease for many years and truly believe they have exhausted all options. Some will give in at this point and make a bad decision that their particular case of acne is untreatable. In this pessimism, they have self-sealed their own fate. Still others will never give up even though their face is getting scarred and their wallet drained. They are on a lifetime mission to achieve control. They may try another course, and maybe even a third course of Oral Isotretinion. Some will win by this point and believe it or not, others will amazingly still be oily and bumpy. They may try oral prednisone for awhile which has very predictable long term side effects. They may go back to topicals and experiment with different prescription creams and gels. If they haven't already tried it, many may dive into food restriction strategies and become obsessed with controlling their diet as an attempt to control their skin. In this extended massive crusade, some will eventually find relief while others will sit waiting for the next best thing to come around and save them. While waiting, they will endure continued physical and emotional scarring.

Stage 4b "Replacing Acne With Irritated Skin, Rosacea, or Seborrheic Dermatitis"

Many people gain control of their acne at a cost to their skin's health. Whether its from oral medications or topicals, many former acne sufferers are left with uncontrolled redness, flushing, peeling, dryness, or irritation. The biggest mistake made by these patients is the idea that this new skin problem is now unchangeable. Their former failures and pessimism is often times projected forward onto their next skin problem.


Many people take a different route altogether in this battle. As a coping stategy, they learn to relax, accept what gains they have made with their doctor, and go on living without obsessing about their skin. Although these individuals suffer much less psychological effects of acne, there is no doubt they are always being slightly affected.
While we all respect the character is takes to mentally overcome such a difficult situation, this decision to accept a changeable condition often times proves to be a mistake.

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