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A New Challenge

In 2004, the medical community was certain that “Severe Acne could not be beaten without oral medications”. As a mad scientist, I directly took on that challenge and proved what was possible with a huge HD video gallery. These days, I don’t hear that quote anymore?? Not from patients, not from doctors, it’s gone! (hopelessness be gone!)

Then in 2010, the online buzz was that, “Big pimples are treatable, but comedonal acne and milia are impossible to beat” I took on that hopelessness challenge with super HD cases of what I call “mini bumps” and I simply don’t hear of the hopelessness for that condition either. It’s like these things have always been known to be beatable. :)

In some ways, that is mission accomplished! (hopelessness be gone!)

A New Hopelessness Challenge is calling to me:

For decades, it has simply been accepted that as we get older, we will all have belly fat and a medicine cabinet full of pills to keep us alive. Our lives will get bogged down with medical visits, health insurance claims, and painful procedures..., essentially making us all nursing experts in our golden years.

For 20 years, my patients have been telling me, “wait till you get to my age”. Well, I’m getting older and while my high school friends are spending precious time at the doctor’s office for the metabolic syndrome, I’m still not needing meds to keep the machine running. Is this luck or skill.., what do you think?

I’m gonna share it all, it will all be completely free, and my hope is that the process will be fun.

Here’s the introduction video :)

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