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Hi there, 

The product office is closed for now but I'm still here as this practice is one of my many passion projects.   I'm now 48 years old.   (I developed The Acne Practice when I was 29   :)


I currently work as the Chief Medical Officer of a large public clinic but I'm available to help any acne sufferer who has "tried everything" and is feeling stuck.   


Resistant Acne is not simple and similar to general health,  it often requires both products and skill development.  (I can help with both on the phone)


My offereing here is an "unofficial 20 minute chit chat" with a tenured expert.   At this time, I don't have private malpractice nor am I keeping private medical records.  For this reason,  this is NOT an official medical visit, this is not an official medical practice, and I expect you have a trusted local doctor available if you are not rapidly improving with any medical condition.    


This 60 dollars is for an unofficial, casual chit chat with the old doc.   Consider me a retired doctor from private practice. 


By purchasing this offering,  you agree to the details above and understand I can't be your doctor at this time. 


If you purchase this casual call,  expect an email for a loosely scheduled time for both of us to chit chat in the next week.  If our schedules are not aligning, I will refund the purchase if the call doesn't happen within one week.   



-Dr. Neal

20 Minute Call with Dr. Neal

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