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The Gentle Pumice (in the raw) is a unique blend of crystals and organic elements that work to release top layers of skin without causing irritation.  This product is not intended for skin that is highly active with bumps and it is recommended that all clients first participate in Acne Bootcamp before starting this advanced product.  (unless the skin is mostly inactive already and a new client is simply looking for the next level of polish)


As a reminder, we are not just selling unassisted products. This is a new type of practice that uses a daily interaction to ensure every member achieves their skin care goals. This product often requires a back and forth interaction via email to finely tune the products to each individual situation.

The product contains:
Corundum crystals

Crushed apricot kernels

Crushed almond Shells


**If you have sensitive or allergic skin, feel free to ask Dr. Neal which kit is best for you.

Gentle Pumice (in the raw)

  • Each Kit comes with a free daily interaction with Dr. Neal Schwartz.  We use customized videos, direct email, and the phone if necessary.   This is a practice that prides itself in actualy clinical victory.  There is no theory, no hype, no false hope, and no marketing nonsense.  We are offering a solution that follows Dr. Neal's motto,  "Never simple,  but always doable"  

  • With the exception of orders that have not been shipped,  we do not offer refunds in The Acne Practice for two reasons.  The first,  we are a small business that can't use the products again once shipped out. The second is because instead of treating medical clients like consumers, we instead create a healing relationship that requires a back and forth interaction.   This interaction can be critical to success as shown in the extensive HD video gallery.   Let me be the first to tell you,  skin ailments are not simple, and after 40 years of large businesses taunting people with magical potions, this practice has a completely new approach that removes the concept of consumerism in regards to life altering medical conditions.  No false hope and no nonsense.   This practice requires trust,  and hopefully the video gallery is enough to instill the level of trust required. 

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