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New Chapter Offering (Unofficial Phone Consults)

Hi All,

Hope you're having a productive day. While we try to match people up with the remaining inventory, a new offering has arisen.

I'm going to remain available on the phone to problem solve with those who are failing their current skin care approach. Only those who have failed many treatments know how tricky this condition can get.

Oily and sensitive, dry and bumpy, needing exfoliation but unable to tolerate any approach? This thing can be a mind scrambler and anyone simplifying it has never gotten caught in the tornado of "troubled skin". Not to mention the inevitable psychological disturbance that accompanies all chronic inflammatory situations.

I don't yet have alternative product ideas as I've been busy selling the remaining inventory.

For now, I'm available for a 20 minute phone call. My current position as the Chief Medical Officer of a multi-specialty health center is demanding so this offering will have to work around my primary responsibilities.

Here's the New Possibility:

1) Send me a highly focused photo

2) Send me your number and best times to try you.

3) Confirm to me that you understand this is an "unofficial chit chat" and not a proper doctor/patient visit or relationship. (We'll be speaking casually as friends, and we'll both assume you have a local doctor for any real "medical" needs or urgencies)

4) When I receive the information above, I'll send a 60 dollar online invoice for 20 minutes of problem solving.

I'm still here for you,

-Dr. Neal

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