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A Foregone Conclusion…

Friday, March 27th, 2009

      There is an amazing force generated when you are having a real 100% success rate with a condition that has brought failure to so many people.

When a new patient is getting started in the program,  this is the realistic mentality I offer them these days:

We are having a 100% success rate with all types of acne.     “By entering this Bootcamp program,  it is already a foregone conclusion that you will get completely inactivated”     Period.

It’s a matter of fact statement based on a perfect success rate that has defied all previous practices, regimens, protocols, pills, statistics, etc.

If you are currently suffering from a severe case,  consider getting this thing extinguished for real.      We have had long distance patients make the trip to the office from all over the world.


I had a new thought yesterday,  “Maybe I’ll build  “barracks” for Acne Bootcamp to house patients who live outside New York.   People can come and stay inexpensively for 2-3 weeks,  get confident they are going to make it to victory, and then go home physically and emotionally transformed.

  …might be cool one day…..    


FAQ:     Some have asked,   “How does this success rate relate to The Home Version??”

Answer:    The home version uses the same original products as the office program. The difference is that all communication is based on the client initiating email contact.   There are no appointments or reminder calls in the Home Version.  Instead, the home version client takes on a large responsiblity to reach out for assistance in a time-sensitive manner. 

For any home version client who follows the detailed instructions and knows how to repeatedly ask for assistance,  “It’s also a foregone conclusion that they too will get completely inactivated.”      I make myself available for anyone who is still suffering.


I’ll be here, 

-Dr. Neal




p.s.     It only took us 15 months to make this magical gallery…!

2 Responses to “A Foregone Conclusion…”

  1. Maria Says:

    This is such a beautiful idea! Generous heart.

  2. Maria Says:

    In response to this by Dr. Neal:

    I had a new thought yesterday, ”Maybe I’ll build ”barracks” for Acne Bootcamp to house patients who live outside New York. People can come and stay inexpensively for 2-3 weeks, get confident they are going to make it to victory, and then go home physically and emotionally transformed.

    …might be cool one day…..

    This is such a beautiful idea! Generous heart!

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More Crossfit: days 6,7, and 8

Thursday, March 26th, 2009



 climbing with my brothers in Yosemite.    My original crossfit inspiration...

climbing with my brothers in Yosemite. My original crossfit inspiration...

**continued from the  “crossfit”  category.



     My patients in the office are asking for more crossfit workouts.  This is best place for them to gather the information quickly.  











Dr. Neal’s Selection of Crossfit Workouts:

Day 6

100 Burpee/pullups



  The bar shouldn’t be too high.   Don’t forget that you can take as long as you need to complete this.  This single set could take 30 minutes!    just take breaths and rest when you can’t continue.  Always use a water bottle rather than waste time and momentum walking to the water fountain.  Always use a stopwatch and record your times.  





Day 7   (advanced)


For time:
15 Handstand push-ups
1 L Pull-up
13 Handstand push-ups
3 L Pull-ups
11 Handstand push-ups
5 L Pull-ups
9 Handstand push-ups
7 L Pull-ups
7 Handstand push-ups
9 L Pull-ups
5 Handstand push-ups
11 L Pull-ups
3 Handstand push-ups
13 L Pull-ups
1 Handstand push-up
15 L Pull-ups


Warm up you shoulders for this one and make sure you are comfortable in a handstand on the wall before trying the handstand push-ups.  You can do tiny shallow dips at first.  This workout can take as long as you need.  Remember it’s one long set with short breaks as needed.





Day 8 



For time: 

1 mile Run

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Squats

1 mile Run


Details:    Take breaks as needed, have water bottle handy.


My patients in the office are having full body and mind transformations using these crossfit workouts.  I’m going to keep adding more as I continue to get positive feedback in the office.  If you haven’t started this type of workout yet,  try one of the beginner routines to get your motor running…

(Always be conscious of your limitations and check with your doctor if you are unsure of any exercises)


Remember…,   “It’s never too late to re-capture your youth”      -Dr. Neal




©2009  “More Crossfit: days 6,7, and 8”    by   Dr. Neal Schwartz

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Time = Scarring

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009


“If I only knew then what I know now”


Acne is a time-sensitive condition.  

If time passes without urgency to get proper treatment, the skin can be severely worn down by the active inflammation.

This time sensitivity is the reason that inappropriate treatment is so dangerous with this condition.  Any random regimen, prescription, procedure, or diet that does not rapidly bring down the active process of acne in the first week is doing major damage by allowing the inflammation to persist.    


The first law of medicine,  “First do no harm” ,  is currently being disregarded  in the mass marketed and amateur world of acne treatments.   An ineffective or inappropriate treatment that allows for the inflammation to persist can cause serious harm.    

(i.e.    even just a simple dietary program that isn’t working over many weeks can cause real damage by distracting a patient from getting the appropriate help they immediately need.)


I had a patient ask me the other day,  “Does this look like the type of acne that causes scarring?”

My answer was,  “All acne, regardless of how small, causes scarring if left active for long periods of time.”  

  The skin can only take so many inflammatory wounds before it starts to show the signs of  wear and tear.


Bottom line:    

–If you don’t have the proper sense of urgency to get this thing under control,  you will likely regret the wasted time. 

–If your practitioner does not have a sense of urgency to get you better, you need to consider a more passionate practitioner.

–If you are hoping, waiting, dreaming, or wishing for results…,   you are allowing for precious time to pass unnecessarily. 


 This is a time-sensitive condition.   


I’ll be here, 
-Dr. Neal




©2009  “Time = Scarring”  by   Dr. Neal Schwartz

2 Responses to “Time = Scarring”

  1. ai Says:

    About 3 years ago I started to break out like I’ve never broke out before. I had the occasional break out in high school but never had them on my cheeks, just the t-zone. But 3 years ago I started to break out on my cheeks and now they have left 3-D scars and some dark marks. What would I need to do or use to get rid of the scars? My acne is more or less under control now. I’ll get a pimple here and there but nothing serious like before. I feel hopeful because I’ve had the scars for only a few years and I’ve seen videos where the scars disappeared and they’ve had them for longer.
    I’ve had PDT done a few times, a couple times last year and a couple times this year, it seemed to put my oiliness and breakouts under control.
    I would like to get the bootcamp products but I’m not sure if that is what I should be getting.

  2. AJ Says:


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12 signs you are on a Mediocre Acne Regimen.

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

      Not all acne treatment programs, procedures, or pills have the ability to clear stubborn, resistant cases.  The strength of a treatment plan can be rated by how fast you can prevent scarring, how perfect you can get your skin, and how confident you are about keeping it perfect once you reach your goal.   If you are moving through life wary and fearful of breakouts, you may be on a non-optimal treatment plan.    


Here are 12 signs that your treatment regimen is not optimal.

1) You are not improving within 2 days of starting.

2) You find yourself hoping and waiting a lot.

3) You are oily, dry, or irritated.

4) You are scared to eat certain foods, scared of stress, scared of heavy exercise, or scared of menstrual periods.

5)  You either don’t trust your practitioner or do not have qualified assistance available.

6) You fear the side effects of your treatment every day.

7) You are scared of bleaching your clothing.

8* After fully committing to a new program,  you still find yourself endlessly searching for better options on the internet.

9) You are not 100% sure you are progressing in the right direction.  

10) Your regimen takes more than 4 minutes to complete.

11) You are always in search of the perfect moisturizer to reverse the unwanted side effects of your medication.

12)  You have become cynical and pessimistic about a treatable condition.



These are the signs of a possible impeding treatment failure.   If anyone in this program has even one of these signs,  they are expected to email me immediately.

Here’s an example of  someone who is in Total Control of her skin and her life:    



Hope this helps, 

-Dr. Neal




©2009  “12 signs you are on a Mediocre Acne Regimen”     by  Dr. Neal Schwartz

3 Responses to “12 signs you are on a Mediocre Acne Regimen.”

  1. R Says:

    Yep, I remember feeling all those things listed before too….for 30 yrs. I recall the agonizing wait until you had the home version available and I immediately ordered it when it came out. That was back in June of 2008 and now in March 09, I’m still using it faithfully and wouldn’t be without it!!

    I’ve gone from moderate/severe acne to nothing but clear and smooth skin. From using heavy pancake makeup, concealer, and powder to now using only light mineral makeup. My face feels wonderful and soft. I seldom think about it anymore but am still amazed at the results I’ve continued to experience. I only wish you had been around years ago.

    Perhaps one day I’ll be able to afford to have some of the scarring removed some way (deep & wide pitting in some areas) but the red marks have long ago faded.

    Along with the great products came the help from Dr Neal and I’ll never forget how he answered each and every one of my emails filled with questions and concerns. The program was so different from what I was used to but I just ‘knew’ it would work – videos don’t lie. I’m enjoying clear skin for the first time in 30 years. Thanks again Dr Neal!! 🙂

  2. Christina Says:

    My acne started when I was 11 years old, in the middle of sixth grade. I was the only person that had it. I was a small, young-looking girl with hideous pimples PLANTED in my face.

    I’m 13 now. My acne is now moderate-ish. It’s not so severe that it’s not reacting to medication (no matter how little…), but it’s not good enough to be able to cover with make-up.

    My mom had severe acne as a teen for 2 years (she has scars now), and my dad had none.

    Somebody PLEASE tell me when this crap’s gonna be over with.

  3. admin Says:

    sorry to hear of the current struggle.

    you may want to read the post entitled, “are you hoping and waiting?”

    I’ll be here,
    -Dr. Neal

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New Videos!!

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

     Here’s a few amazing videos that haven’t yet been loaded up here.  We usually make a new video every month.  It’s been amazing watching the ongoing transformations both in the office and at home….!          (make sure to watch them in High Quality)       



This one is worth watching first:




Severe cases:      








Home versions: 


Eric     Eric(with video)






Flushing and Redness:





Stubborn Moderate Cases:








After-After Series (coming back months after to show continued success)





“Hormonal ” Acne:




Body Acne:




Weaning off Oral Antibiotics:




**A special thanks to all my patients and home clients who were brave enough to share their stories with the world.   As more come forward, those who are still caught in the spiral of hopelessness will be able to see what is really possible. 

Be well, 

-Dr. Neal

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