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Dr. Neal on “Blog Talk Radio”

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

This recent interview was about acne relating to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

(PCOS Interview)

Many of our patients in this practice have PCOS.


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  1. tabin Says:

    Hi Dr Neal,

    I have seen almost all the videos and i am really motivated to get the treatment for my acne i have on my face .
    i am willing to pay for it if its worth paying . i get breakouts every month before periods and it takes about 3 weeks to clear and then again i get those so i get pimples almost the whole month , i am currently in UK and is extremely difficult for me to get to new york but i will send you my pics and a detailed letter on this address The Acne Practice
    15 West 44th Street
    8th Floor
    New York, NY 10036
    (212) 869-1303 or if there is some contact email please let me know.
    Thanks & Regards,

  2. jade marvin Says:

    Hello Dr. Neal my name is Jadey im thinking of getting your product but before i do i have a few questions. Are you fda approved? What is in your product (the starter kit for moderate acne)? And is this product of yours for sensitive skin? Every product i have tried out seems like im allergic to something in it.

  3. admin Says:

    hey Jade,

    This program was created for sensitive skin and is FDA approved. You can find me in the “Ask Dr. Neal” section if you need.

    -Dr. Neal

  4. admin Says:

    hey Tabin,

    see the home page if you need the email…

  5. shayan Says:

    hi Doctor.i live in Uk,Is there any chance that i can get your product?

  6. jessie Says:

    Hi Dr. Neal my name is Jessie and I am so depressed because of my breakouts. I hate looking at myself in the mirror. To be honest when I watch your videos the first thing I thought was that it will not work for me. I have tried everything. I took many medications like ProActive, Murad….the list goes on. I have seen many dermatologists and done face peels and all the alike. I have even taken ACCUTANE, it worked a little, but the acne came back when I stopped taking it. I even got my face laser by one of the “Top Doctors” in California, Dr. Jacob Rispler. It didnt work.

    I do want to try your product, but I am pregnant. Im not to sure if I or if its dangers?

  7. Punnapa Says:

    Hello Dr.Neal,

    I’ve seen your site from youtube. I have problem with acne almost whole my life, since I was a teenager when I had periods I also got acne fully of my face. I tried to do anything to heals my skin. Only one thing could make me feel better that is birthcontrol tablet. But I want to stop to take this tablet because I already took it more than 10 years.

    I am in Thailand and I do want to try your product. How can I get your product?

  8. Serk Says:

    Hey Dr Neal im from australia, (sydney) i am very impressed with ur videos and ur talent uhmm im 20 years old now i been fighting acne since 15 i have acne yes its a bit wierd i get them evrywhere few on my forehead, cheeks, ontop of my nose, around my mouth area few on my neck and chest i have been on accutane twice now and both times at the end of my conclusion i have had clear skin no bumbs yes a few “flat” scars but im happy with that, but the acne comes back after a while i wana give ur products a go im just a bit worried maybe my acne will grow rather then minimise i guess im strong enough to take risks i have had more success in oral treatments rather than creams on my face but i am going to give ur products a go Thanks for ur time

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Spotlight Case (The Home Version)

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

The reason this practice was designed for  “Those who have failed “Everything” is because the mass marketed businesses, fast paced western medical clinics, and skin spas have been dropping huge numbers of people through the cracks without accountability for the failures.

We have developed a Definitive Practice for acne in New York City and it has become obvious that focused home version clients have been able to master this advanced program as well.

This home version client has given us permission to show her story,  her emails, and her progress photos.    For those who have lost hope,   read every word of this extensive post and you will see that no case of acne is “special” or “untreatable”.

(try Full Screen)

Hi Dr Neal,
I recently came across your practice on Fran Kerr’s High on Health site which I signed up to a few months ago and have been researching it on her site, YouTube and TheAcnePractice site, and am interested in starting the programme. I am 20 (21 in October) and have had acne since I was about 14, so around six years now. Unfortunately though, I am a student from England and I can’t afford to come to New York so I would have to do the home version, but I am 100% willing to do exactly and whatever you tell me and follow your instructions to the tee. I’ll explain my story to you so you know what exactly you’re dealing with.
It started mild and was like my friends’ teenage acne so I thought it was just my age and would clear fairly soon, but when I got to about 16 it was quite a lot worse and after trying countless over the counter facewashes (Clearasil, Oxy, etc etc) that didn’t help, I began to seek medical advice. I tried panoxyl cream 5, oxytetracycline (which made it horrendously bad and was a horrible time in my life), erythromycin, benzoyl peroxide, diannette and microgynon, all to no avail whatsoever.
I then became wary of continuing medical prescriptions in case they made it worse again and tried other things myself such as tea tree oil, neem oil, hemp oil, PurpleEmu acne creams that I’d researched on the Internet, and many many other ‘treatments’, e.g. homeopathy, apple cider vinegar both topically and as an internal supplement, multivitamin tablets, evening primrose oil, cod liver oil, chinese herbal medicine, ‘Clear Complexion’ tablets, Ayurveda holistic tablets, and probably some others that I’ve forgotten as there are so many.
I exhausted these and tried changing my diet, buying Karen Jesset’s ‘Clear Skin’ book online and following a very strict diet, on which my skin began to clear very well, although after a month it ceased to clear any further and started to reverse even though I stuck rigidly to the diet, so after another month it was back to the way it was before I started. I then bought an Acne Lightbox – red and blue light therapy – which I thought started to work at first but after 2months my skin was no better than it was before, so I sent it back to get a refund last Friday.

After then being stumped and very frustrated as to what direction to go in I decided to go back to the doctor. I explained things to him and he said he would refer me to a dermatologist. He offered to put me on anti depressants when I described how it affected me emotionally, but I refused as I am not keen on the idea and can at least feel better when I wear make-up, though it does distress me a great deal, just like many of the people on the videos you have put up on your site. I constantly check mirrors, the first thing I have done every single morning without fail for years is to look in the mirror, and I worry when I am in situations where I am wearing no makeup, it being on my mind the entire time and consuming my thoughts. I’m worried about what my new flatmates will think when they see me with no make-up on for the first time, and sometimes I don’t go out because of my acne and stay in the house depressed and crying all day. Also, it’s frustrating because applying make-up is so time consuming. So I am pretty desperate for your help. I’ve decided, upon looking in the mirror this morning, that I just cannot wait until the dermatologist gets in touch and it would be a better idea to go to you because I’m almost certain anything he offers me won’t work anyway, and I don’t want to go on Roaccutane because of the potential side effects or have laser therapy because of the possible permanent hyper pigmentation.

I’ll now tell you about the condition of my skin so you have an idea of what you’ll be working with. I have large spots (papules and pustules [I get a lot of pustules], and I think the odd nodule sometimes) on my forehead, cheeks and chin. The only place on my face that is clear is my nose. I have suffered mainly with acne on my forehead, chin and the bit above my upper lip, but last January I started getting the odd large spot on the apples of my cheeks and this year this has progressed further out and now I have more large spots and lots of smaller ones that are all over my cheeks, going down to my jaw and these have, in the last few weeks, spread to below my jaw now, and I now also have large spots (one nodule), under my chin/jaw. Aside from the big spots, my skin has sandpaper-like bumps all over my forehead, cheeks, and lower jaw/upper neck. I have started to get a few permanent scars but mainly there are lots of red marks that spots have left. And it sometimes clears a bit and then worsens quickly. I have in the past been used to having lots of very large spots all over my forehead, though after stopping moisturising about 3months ago I don’t get as many now and there are significantly fewer red marks, though it has got much worse on my cheeks. I’ve attached a few photos so you can see. Sorry if the quality isn’t so good on some of them but I tried to get the best ones I could. My skin also gets very oily (oilier than in the photos because I washed my face only two hours before I took them).
I would say my case is severe I think? Have a look at the photos and tell me which product of yours you think I should use, because I’m not sure whether to get the moderate-severe or the severe one. I don’t think I have any cysts so this is partly why I’m unsure.
I hope I’ve given you all the information about my state that you need. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if there’s anything else you need to know. I was wondering how often I would need to e-mail you to let you know of my progress once on the programme? Would I need to send photo’s every few days? Let me know exactly what you require and I’ll gladly do it. I’ll be a ‘good’ patient.
Hope to hear from you very soon.

3 Months Later:

Hi Dr Neal,

My skin’s totally clear and looks amazing! I’ve been pretty much clear for a while, except for accidentally getting one spot, then clear, then one spot again that day, due to not touching up quite in time, but it’s clear now. Thank you so much for this – the freedom of not constantly thinking about my skin is fantastic, I can live normally now! I can’t imagine ever going back to living with acne, it really was taking its toll, I was getting increasingly distressed and depressed about it, anxious, obsessive, compulsive, etc. etc. I now don’t have to let it rule my life! And for the first time in years, I’m happy with what I see when I look in the mirror. It’s amazing. I’m beyond grateful. I’ve got so fed up of spending so much time applying foundation/concealer that I hardly ever wear any now as I feel confident about my skin as it is – there’s a few marks left, mainly on the sides of my cheeks, but these can be pretty much covered when my hair’s down and they’re all fading brilliantly. And the oiliness – I used to have extremely oily skin and it’s so relieving to be rid of the way that looked! And it’s so smooth!

I’ve attached some photos of how my skin looks now, and some of how it looked before in case this saves you time searching for the old ones I sent you. I don’t mind at all you using these on the site, plus the rebate would help me out with the costs. I’ll send you some when all the marks have totally gone if you’d like, too, for a better before and after?

Also, I’ve looked on your site at the three dimensional scarring videos which are great, I didn’t think these would go without some form of laser therapy or something. I haven’t got many given the amount of activity as you said at the start of the programme, but there’s a couple right in the middle of my forehead that are kind of annoying. Will these eventually fade with the products that I’m using now?

Again, thank you so much for all your help!

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  1. Nadine Says:

    I had tears on my eyes after watching this video and reading the story!!! Partially, because I understand what kind of of frustration and stress this person had to go through, partially because of the amazing results she’s got!!!
    Good job and thanks for sharing the video!!!

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Are you a “Good” Patient? (Part II)

Saturday, November 7th, 2009


continued from the post entitled,

Are You A “Good” Patient?

In the office,  I use my presence and energy to help patients become focused and compliant with this advanced program.   The groundbreaking perfect success rate that continues in the office comes from observing and correcting all possible distracting variables using energy and strategic planning.

In this chapter of  “Are you a “Good” Patient?”,   I’m going to be talking about clients in The Home Version.

(i.e.   Are you a “Good”  Home Version Client?)

Over the past year,  a very ambitious vision has become a reality.  My original challenge in 2007 was to somehow replicate the success rate of the office practice in a kit that could be used in any home around the world.  Our top priority has always been victory over all other interests.  It took some fine tuning,  but the final result is producing astounding results.  I’m very happy with the emails that have been coming in and am very grateful for the brave souls who are willing to help others with their photo and video testimonials

I will be posting the most recent home version success story later this weekend.   With every chronic case that is transformed here,  I realize that with further fine tuning of variables,  the home version has the potential to also achieve a 100% success rate.    I will use this blog post to help people in the home version maximize their kit and experience while in this innovative new program.

We’ll leave out the common mistakes here and instead focus on the positives below:

“How To Be An “Amazing”  Home Version Client”

Here’s how:

1)  Observe your emotional reactions: The more in tune you get with your emotions,  the quicker you will notice when anxiety,  concern,  or fear arises.  An amazing client will quickly notice and ask for reassurance or assistance immediately.

2)  Try not to underestimate the power of this program: The more you understand that this program does not fail,  the more you will ask the question to Dr. Neal,  “what am I still doing wrong?”     Those amazing clients who repeatedly ask this question are achieving their goals here.   The office practice is still experiencing a perfect success rate as shown by expanding gallery every month.    Try not to underestimate.   This program is completely new and unlike any program in the world.

3) Try to articulate all details perfectly: An amazing client can efficiently communicate exactly what they are concerned about.  Before you hit “send”,   review your email and make sure it is focused and efficient.

4) Send Cropped Photos: Amazing clients are motivated enough to send focused photos when concerned.     To get better focus,  keep any camera still on a table and use the timer while holding very still.  you can crop them later on your computer.   Work on getting it as focused as possible with any camera.

5) Watch ALL the videos: Amazing clients spend  real time enlarging and critically watching EVERY video in the gallery (over 100).  By making this effort, amazing clients understand very deeply that their condition is completely treatable.   I can hear it in the emails when someone has watched them all.

Amazing clients are having unbelievable transformations and I’m very proud of the results of The Home Version.

A new upgraded communication system is coming very soon that will help guide all clients to communicate details more efficiently and effectively.   (coming very soon!!)

The Home Version gallery has been expanding every month with some of the most dramatic acne transformations ever witnessed.

If you really want it,  you can find it in this new program…

I’ll be here,

-Dr. Neal

©2009    “Are you a “Good” Patient?  (Part II)”     by   Dr. Neal Schwartz

One Response to “Are you a “Good” Patient? (Part II)”

  1. Fredrik Eide Says:

    Finally I found someone who can something about acne.
    I am 24 years has struggled with acne and the scars of too many years.
    can you help me to be white this?
    best regards
    Fredrik Eide

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Dark Marks, Red Marks, and Acne

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

FAQ:    Does Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp also take care of Dark Marks??

Answer: All dark marks and acne are treatable in this bootcamp program regardless of prior failure.

FAQ2:     What if I have only Dark Marks with no Acne?

Answer: This program was designed to handle all chronic dark marks of any kind.   Feel free to send cropped photos to Dr. Neal if you need help choosing the appropriate kit for dark marks.

FAQ3:    What about Red Marks?

Answer: Red marks on lighter skin are also completely treatable regardless of prior failure.

Watch closely as these patients get control of their acne, their dark marks, and eventually their lives…

See More Dark Mark Videos in the Link Below——>


4 Responses to “Dark Marks, Red Marks, and Acne”

  1. Dermitage Says:

    Invaluable information and terrific insight. Thanks for your article.

  2. anthony Tausig Says:

    Please help me Doctor Neal. Im 19 and I have been suffering with acne for the past 7 years of my life. Now having graduated high school and moving onto college, I am the ONLY ONE with an acne problem. My self esteem has dropped so low that I don’t know how I will manage to even make it in college. Please help me.

  3. Trish Says:

    i am an African 18 yr old girl, in university at the moment and i have outbreaks as well as dark marks all over my face. my self esteem is totally diminished i can’t even look at people in the eye and walk with my head down. i hv tried everything from garnier pure active to skin free and even oxy5 and 10. i live in South Africa in africa but i am currently studying in Namibia. so what can i do for my skin? Because i doubt that where i live and come from they have your products. o am so desperate because i have had this for 4yrs now. PLIZ HELP.

  4. admin Says:


    see the “Ask Dr. Neal” section of the homepage. We ship all over the world.

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