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“Self-Victimization” (part II)

Sunday, December 27th, 2009

FAQ:      “Hi Dr. Neal,  my acne is not as severe as some of your bigger cases.  Do you think “non-inflamed” acne is also treatable??”

Answer: Every Case of Acne is both treatable and preventable.

There are no exceptions to this rule.

There are several missions involved in this groundbreaking video project.

Here are the clear, unwavering points being proven by the expanding gallery every month:

1) All Severe cases are treatable despite prior failure

2) All mild and moderate cases are treatable despite prior failure

3) Like many treatable chronic situations, Acne is a self-victimizing condition  (click the link to learn more–“part I”)

4) Acne comes with many emotional problems that were originally caused by acne itself,  but then manifest as their own entity until directly healed.

5) Hormonal Acne, Adult acne, Genetic Acne, Post-Accutane Acne, and Special acne are all special terms for “plain old acne”  that can only lead to self-victimization.

6) Blackheads, “non-inflamed” bumps,  congested pores, pimples of all types, and cysts are all part of the same chronic condition of acne.  (many manifestations of the same condition)

7) By labeling your case of acne by the old terms,  “cystic acne”,  “non-inflamed acne”, blackheads, moderate, severe, mild, comedonal….,  you are creating a special condition from a typical situation.  This mistake creates a pathway to the emotional phenomenon of  “Self-Victimization”

*8)  Self-Victimization is the reason people needlessly suffer from treatable conditions for a lifetime.  It’s difficult to witness people constantly making this emotional mistake.

Watching people continue to make this emotional mistake is the fuel that keeps me writing and video taping.  If I put up big cases,  the mild cased people self-victimize themselves. If I put up women,  the men think their case is special. When I put up darker skin, the light skin people become victims.  If we celebrate stopping the oil,  the dry cases become “special”

I am witnessing this self-victimization every single day and it’s relentless.  I will endlessly fight this emotional decision with thousands of videos until popular thought overwhelms this mistake.

If you have already witnessed this type of behavior in your family members or friends,  let them know of this classic emotional mistake.   Needless suffering hurts us all.

Until this emotional concept and mistake becomes common knowledge in our society, there will always be people who mistakenly think their case is “special”

(this is universal to all treatable lifetime ailments,  not just treatable skin problems)

Fortunately for this particular emotional crusade,  there are videos already in the extended gallery of almost every situation.  Cystic, non-inflamed, light, dark, mild, moderate, severe, hormonal, genetic, adult, teen, seb derm, dry, oily, sensitive, women, men, post-accutane….

Those who have victimized themselves only need to watch them to see what is possible.

For today’s offering, specifically for those who are suffering from “non-inflamed” acne,

here’s some videos plucked out of the collection to help you see what is possible for any situation…

click link below for more videos———->


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When Accutane Fails??

Sunday, December 20th, 2009

This practice was created to fill a special niche for those who have been unable to achieve victory despite great efforts.

See the quote from the About section written in 2007:

“This project is especially important for the many acne sufferers who have already failed powerful oral medications and are now left with a desperate feeling that they have exhausted all options.”

What does someone do after they fail multiple rounds of Accutane??

Are they hopeless?

Are they forgotten by the system?

Do they take a loan out to try laser treatments that are very unlikely to help long term?

What happens to these people??

This entire project was passionately created  for the hopeless, victimized group who has pigeon-holed themselves into a “special” case of untreatable acne.   As seen in the gallery over and over,  there is no such thing as untreatable acne.   (there are no exceptions to this rule)

Although once thought to be the final option for severe and persistent cases,

Accutane is no longer the last resort for acne.

This practice is picking up the broken pieces of all the accutane failures.

Witness how the system is now heading for a major change:

©2009  “When Accutane Fails??”   by  Dr. Neal Schwartz

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Treating Anxiety and Depression Without Oral Medications

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

Acne is a relentless condition that can tweak the mind of anyone.

As you can imagine,  I see many cases of anxiety and depression on a daily basis. In our newer information age,  I’ve noticed people are becomming less and less equipped to handle the emotional stresses of life, possibly due to the search for a magic piece of information that can save them.

In this series of videos and posts, my intention is to shift the emphasis of healing back to action instead of knowledge.

One reason the  internet may be failing to help you find balance is because sitting and watching the screen, in and of itself,  is very bad for your health.

The more you sit and research for magic solutions that require less action,  the worse off your mental health becomes.

Success in achieving any goal often times comes from action rather than the endless gathering of opinions and statistics.

With that in mind,  I’ve decided to make some videos to get people in action.  I will refer patients from the office and clients online to this video collection in an effort to break the spiral of hopelessness and mistaken pessimism that is often unconsciously created while having troubled skin or any other chronic medical problem.

Part 1 is the introduction and Beginner workouts:


20 squats

20 sit-ups


20 squats

20 pushups


20 pushups

20 situps.

For more intensity,  raise either or both numbers as high as you need and repeat sets decreasing the numbers like this:

100 squats

50 situps

80 squats

40 situps

60 squats

30 situps

40 squats

20 situps

20 squats

10 situps

For more beginner ideas,  see the crossfit (beginners) section of the blog.

(see videos 2 and 3 in the link below)


One Response to “Treating Anxiety and Depression Without Oral Medications”

  1. Tami Says:

    I saw your videos on YouTube once before and thought you were just another product pusher until I began reading your Blogs today……..I believe you must be a God-send. Especially after reading your posts on acne-related anxiety and depression, My daughter is 26, has been fighting a very stubborn mild to moderate case of acne for 9 months now, and has been suffering from related depression and anxiety to the point where the response to the acne is preventing her from functioning socially. She has extremely sensitive skin, has seen numerous dermatologists, has tried nearly every topical OTC and prescription product, multiple specialty products, blue light therapy, gluten-free/dairy-free organic diets (has lost 20 lbs in the process), herbals, internal cleanses, endocrinologists, and most recently a very famous clinic in Ohio that gave her the most mild form of Retin-A cream, a 5% BP soap (Panoxyl), clindamyacin topical, etc., which are burning and turning her face red, bringing more bumps to the surface and turning her face into an oil slick (her face reacts by overproducing oil). She is taking nearly every multivitamins and mineral recommended for acne, has normal bloodwork (has not had a period in 6 mos and is not pregnant…possibly low body fat — 6 ft tall and approx 137 lbs). Many failures and definitely feeling like a victim of a condition she cannot kick. She has spent thousands of dollars on specialists, products and special diets and countless hours in front of the mirror cleansing her face day and night. She has spent hundreds of hours doing online research and has even tried the expensive non-comedogenic cosmetics like Jane Eyeridelle (sp?)….she is strikingly beautiful but has lost all self confidence due to the bumps and change in the texture of her skin. I am asking her to give your home treatment a try, as we are several hours by plane from NYC. You do seem to be sincere and your patient testimonials are amazing. She also needs to work on lowering her stress and anxiety and working on relaxation. Thank you for helping people take control of their skin and their lives. God bless you.

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Exciting Site Update…

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009

We are starting a new advanced email system this week.

Contact Dr. Neal through the “New Inquiry” section if you have any questions about access or technical issues.

(We’re working on the bugs for all browsers this week)

One Response to “Exciting Site Update…”

  1. Shaunda Searfoss Says:

    Thanks-a-mundo for the article post.Thanks Again. Great.

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