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Hoping and Waiting (Part II)

Friday, February 26th, 2010


(Continued from “Are you still Hoping and Waiting”)

I keep meeting people who are hoping and waiting for their acne to get better.

They are either trying to grow out of it or wish it away. It’s tough to witness as this condition can stick around unnecessarily for a lifetime if not properly taken care of.

My mom turned 60 the other day and mentioned to me that her face didn’t feel oily anymore like it always had. (she had bad acne when she was younger and never had asked me for any treatment for the oiliness. I think she just noticed it more when it was no longer present.)

I thought to myself, “ok, now I know what to expect as far as really growing out of this thing”

I met a 54 year old lifetime acne sufferer the other day in the office and we had a chat about the confusion that exists regarding outgrowing acne or oily skin. I told him the story of my mom and then told him…, “Only 6 more years and you’re golden…”

we laughed and spoke more about his life with the struggle of a heavy face full of oil and occasional bumps.

I meet with acne patients in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s every month and invariably the misconceived idea of growing out of it comes up in some conversation.

To minimize underestimation, frustration, and further emotional trauma..,
I think its important to be very clear with young patients who are struggling with this chronic condition.

Here’s the reality of the chronic human condition we call acne:

1) If you have a family history of acne, it started young, you are oily, and you have had it for years:
Expect to battle it for a long, long time.

Your mission is to completely win the battle. Thats what this program is about. Victory over a very powerful beast.
Here’s what a true victory looks like:

-you are not scared of food
-you are not scared of any activity
-your skin feels great
-your skin looks calm and healthy
-you can touch your skin, others can touch your skin
-you are no longer neurotic or fixated on your skin and have moved on to more interesting passions in life.

2) No amount of wishing, hoping, begging, or negotiating will ever magically fix this stubborn condition for you.

Rather, you’ll need to beat it and keep it good so you don’t create further wear and tear. If avoiding things in life because of your skin, you haven’t yet found a full victory.

3) There is neither a Cure nor Root Cause for any chronic condition of life:
-Chronic conditions of the human body never have a cure. They need to be inactivated and maintained for people to move on and heal physically and emotionally.
-Chronic conditions of the human body do not have a root cause. The root cause is the humanity itself. We are all predisposed to chronic conditions in differing degrees. (more on this topic later)

4) Are you “hoping and waiting” while on Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp™??
yikes.., read this post many times and email as instructed when concerned.

5) And lastly as always, It’s important to know that Time = Scarring.

(watching people hope and wait with treatable conditions is a painful experience…)

Hope this helps people get their head around this thing.

I teach people that true power in life comes from working within the confines of reality.

Although magical thinking is fun and soothing, it creates weakness through frustration, disappointment, anxiety, and Fear.

To attain any goal in this lifetime whether it be acne, fitness, success, relationships, or any dream…,
you will find the most power working creatively from the confines of reality.

Bravely confront the truth and what is real, and you will find the step by step pathway to achieve your goals.

-Dr. Neal

©2010 “Hoping and Waiting (Part II)” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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“Troubled Skin”

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010


If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you may have picked up some of the new language I use to describe issues of the skin.

Here’s another term I like to use to describe one of the trickiest skin situations that is commonly encountered.

Dr. Neal’s definition of “Troubled Skin”:

acne-prone skin that is oily, sensitive, thickened, prone to flushing, prone to redness and flaking, prone to premature aging, prone to discomfort and often times intolerant to all types of topical preparations. (Although often times seen in post-accutane patients, this situation can occur in any chronically oily patient)

If left inflamed for decades, the uncomfortable sensation and premature aging can dramatically effect a patient’s emotional stability and wellness.

Anxiety is the norm in patients caught in this chronic situation.

Case Presentation:

This highly intelligent and likable guy suffered for 10 years despite the greatest of efforts to get past the beast of troubled skin.

He had tried and failed:

Alkaline Diet
multiple other food restrictions
All OTC combinations

When he arrived at The Acne Practice, he was very anxious and complained of acne, oily skin, uncomfortable skin, flushing, and redness.

Watch very closely as the most difficult type of Post-Accutane skin situation can also be completely transformed.

This case, and others like it to come, represent both the stuggle I myself went through for years and what is possible for ALL chronic inflammatory conditions of the human body.

If you listen to my bio, pay close attention to the time in my life where my skin could not even tolerate exposure to water. During this time, my skin was very “troubled” and it took some time to get out of that highly inflamed situation.

Patients who have already taken Accutane often times run into the situation of Troubled Skin because they are unable to remove the ever-present oil due to issues of extreme skin sensitivity. Any product they use to cleanse the skin can turn them bright red and flushed. It’s a very tricky situation to navigate as too little cleansing leaves them an oily mess and too much leaves them flushed, inflamed, and often times incapacitated by facial discomfort.

My hope is that this blog, these videos, and this practice will bring awareness to this real health issue.
(I call it “Troubled Skin”)

For awareness sake, I think its fair to say that most dermatologists, primary care doctors, and skin care experts fumble around with this type of ultra-sensitive, troubled skin. You may be handed a diagnosis of “Rosacea”, “Seborrheic Dermatitis”, or “Eczema”. And then may be handed guesswork from topical anti-inflamatories, metrodnidozole, tetracycline, tar, zinc, selenium, special diets, and the list of guesswork goes on and on.

The real diagnosis in this situation is usually Acne combined with Seborrheic Dermatitis, but this doom and gloom diagnosis will not help anyone whose face turns bright red with the immediate application of any topical preparation.

The new term “Troubled Skin” has a much more clear and optimistic plan as a patient can imagine that what gets troubled, can eventually get Well in time with the proper assistance.

The diagnosis Seb Derm or the common misdiagnosis of “Rosacea” for this situation will only enhance the self-victimization of those who will inevitably focus on the misconceived idea of “no cure”
(we’ll talk more about “no cure” for all chronic conditions in future posts)

I hope this video and blog will create global awareness and optimism for this relentless situation.

-Dr. Neal

©2010 “Troubled Skin” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

3 Responses to ““Troubled Skin””

  1. Jerrold Hoxie Says:

    This page is helpful for me to choose the correct product.

  2. lance Says:

    will the paste you sell help for minor seb derm

  3. admin Says:

    hey Lance,

    It does help but this condition often times requires a back and forth conversation as it is very tricky for some people. you can email on the home page if you’d like to start the detailed conversation.

    -Dr. Neal

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Are you Tenacious??

Friday, February 5th, 2010


When it comes to getting what you want in this one and only lifetime…,
would you consider yourself Tenacious??

I’m going to spend many hours posting tips to make sure every home version client finds total victory here.

The office version is still experiencing a perfect success rate. This is not a claim, but a proven reality illustrated by the rapid growth of the largest and most extensive acne gallery ever assembled. I’m very proud of this success rate as it is a result of years of preparation and clinical research.

The mission of The Home Version is to perfectly mimic the office version from home. It often times requires a bit of tenacity.

To aid in this mission, we’ll organize these tips in a new blog category called,
“How To Be a Good Client”

Back to Tenacity….

Lets start with a basic definition of the word Tenacious:

– persistent in maintaining, adhering to, or seeking something valued or desired.
ex) a tenacious advocate of civil rights, tenacious negotiators

-holding fast; characterized by keeping a firm hold (often fol. by of): a tenacious grip on my arm; tenacious of old habits.

-holding together; cohesive; not easily pulled asunder; tough

When describing those who repeatedly beat life’s greatest challenges, I also like to use the words:


Do these words describe the way you live and chase your dreams?

If so, you are ready for a swift victory here.

If not, I can teach you how to attain this level of power:

Step 1:
Read the Participate in the crossfit section of the blog.
Start with “Dr. Neal’s Ultimate Home Workout for All Levels of Fitness”

Find power through this newly created energy.

Step 3:

Then find Tenacity for any challenge in life through your newly found power.

It works like magic if you follow the steps.
(The internal conversation can be key. Think Lance Armstrong or any other amazing athlete for inspiration and focus)

Let me know if this helps you take on your dreams..,

-Dr. Neal

©2010 “Are you Tenacious??” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

3 Responses to “Are you Tenacious??”

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    Excuse for that I interfere … To me this situation is familiar. Let’s discuss.

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