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Classic Acne Misconception: “Cystic Acne”

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010


While some misconceived thoughts about acne have been generated by public hype and mysticism, the idea of “cystic acne” is purely to blame on western medicine’s diagnostic language accidentally spilling into the public arena.

These arbitrary terms make more sense if you know how western medicine operates and evolves.

With the advent of more invasive and risky acne medications, doctors needed a cut-off of acne severity to justify when to take the risk of heavy treatment. This cut-off helped physicians weigh benefits of scar prevention and emotional preservation verses the risks of powerful systemic treatments of all kinds.

The cut-off made sense using the idea that someone with “cystic acne” had a serious health risk while those without cystic acne were more safe and maybe shouldn’t risk messing with a livable situation.

The classic western algorithm of topicals, oral antibiotics, hormonal treatment, and accutane has since grown and branched itself off this special cut-off we call cystic acne.

Here’s the problem:

When you categorize levels of a common chronic condition, you create special cases and victimization. In this case, it’s the doctors’ misunderstanding of acne as a whole that allows them to tell a patient, “I have bad news for you.., you have cystic acne”.

After hearing such a unique diagnosis, a patient can easily give in to hopelessness knowing that they have a special, rare, “internal”, and unbeatable disease.

It’s classic medicalization or what I call induced victimization. (a term I use to describe self-victimization that is generated by an authority figure)

In an effort to fix what has been broken for decades, allow me to correct the language of acne.
From now on, we will call all cases of acne “Plain Old Acne”, and understand that when it comes to all chronic conditions, there are no special cut-offs. Only shades of gray that have differing levels of inflammation. This new way of speaking about acne will not allow for any victimization as this project has already proven that all cases of acne are completely treatable without oral medications.

To further this line of thinking, here’s yet another severe case of acne that was treated without any oral medications, lasers, or dietary restrictions.

(the full screen button is in the lower right corner)

Bottom Line:

There is really no such thing as “cystic acne”. It is simply an arbitrary term used to help physicians make tough treatment decisions. There is, however, a chronic condition called plain old acne which can manifest in a variety of magnitudes.

Plain old acne is the same acne that was relentlessly battled in the 1950’s….
It has always been difficult and has hurt millions of people.
This reality combined with the video gallery will help create the optimal mindset for victory.

be well,
-Dr. Neal


©2010 “Classic Acne Misconception: “Cystic Acne”” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

3 Responses to “Classic Acne Misconception: “Cystic Acne””

  1. qaiser Says:

    this is very good and i wnt tret ass well my face were is ur office

  2. dee Says:

    i have tears in my eyes watching these people tell there storys. alot of people dont have the money and cant pay alot for your treatments. please make it to where people can afford this help. i know people that want to die because of acne. and thats the truth! i’ve felt that way myself…so if you can stop acne, please help us do so!!!

  3. admin Says:

    hey Dee,
    I agree that this condition is completely ruining good people’s lives. The program is underpriced at this time. People often times get confused about this price because they are underestimating the condition. Essentially, people are seeking simple answers to difficult problems which often times causes frustration. 280 dollars for a fully supported life transformation seems reasonable to me. There is a future plan to further innovate the practice and make it more affordable to everyone in every language. This next level will require another 10,000 hours of preparation and will probably debut in 2013.

    take care,
    -Dr. Neal

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Did you get to the Beach this Summer? (part II)

Friday, September 3rd, 2010


Continued from “Don’t miss out on the beach…”

Among the countless aggravating factors for acne, none seem to be a bigger challenge than a full day at the beach. The sun, the humidity, suntan lotions, and sweat combine to form a real stress test for troubled skin.

Here’s the problem:
the beach is one of the best experiences this life has to offer. If your troubled skin is taking this freedom away from you, at some point you need to do whatever is necessary to take your life back.

When your skin is finally in real control, you can enjoy nature more comfortably, you can enjoy your friends without the distraction of insecurity, and you can eat all kinds of conscious foods without consequence.

It is my mission to bring this level of comfort to everyone around the world. I have found it, I work hard to maintain it, and am now unwilling to let others waste years, or even decades, hoping and waiting for a magical solution.

I missed a lot of years at the beach due to discomfort, but fortunately at 35, I’ve been able to recapture a lot of my youth.

For those who didn’t make it to the beach this summer because of a relentless skin malfunction, this video is my gift to you…

-Dr. Neal

(use full screen for the full experience)


2 Responses to “Did you get to the Beach this Summer? (part II)”

  1. Darren Elkins` Says:

    hang 10, Doc!! lol

  2. AZ Says:

    Dr. Neal, I love the beach! I live in Florida and haven’t been able to go since I was 15 because of this embarrassing condition. Looking forward to the days where I can hit the waves again! Just started your program, can’t wait to see results.

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