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FAQ: What is the Magical Active Ingredient??

Friday, November 5th, 2010


hello everyone,

I’ve been getting this question since the inception of The Acne Practice and I thought this post would help clear up some of the global confusion about acne and chronic conditions of the human body in general.

Here’s the reality:

There is no magical cause of acne. (read that twice)

There is no magical cure for acne. (read that twice)

There will never be. If I’m wrong about this, I’ll happily move on to another passionate chronic condition that ruins people’s lives.

With this understanding, one will also realize there are no magic single ingredients.
There are also no demon ingredients. None of the current FDA acne ingredients are the magical cause of cancer on our planet.

If you find yourself angelifying or demonizing single ingredients, consider you have become victim to the trauma of acne, prior failure, and the marketing machine of the 21st century.

The more a company convinces you that the ingredients are the magical secret, the more they can hype up the magic fruit they found on the far off reaches of the volcanic islands.

I’ll break down the marketing logic for you in full detail:

inaccurate premise #1 There is a magic cure for acne somewhere on the planet, we have just yet to find the secret source.

inaccurate premise #2 The fruit of the magical islands of _______ , (fill in Figi, Tahiti, Hawaii, or any other beautiful remote place), has a fruit that has magical healing powers. When applied to the skin, magic will happen.

Therefore: Since we have harnessed the power of this magical fruit in our acne line, we have found the CURE for acne!!?!!

Perfect logic! …and totally inaccurate based on the inaccurate premises. (Reminder that logic is based on consistency, not accuracy)

Here’s another mistaken road people take with ingredient focus:

Premise #1: Acne Ingredient “A” makes me red and irritated

Inaccurate premise #2 Redness and irritation are the signs of a real skin “Allergy”

Therefore: I am allergic to Ingredient “A” for life.

Perfect logic, and completely inaccurate.

Here’s another:

Premise #1: All acne ingredients make me red and irritated.

inaccurate premise #2: Skin that can’t handle any acne ingredients must be special and different from all other people.

Therefore: Since I can’t use acne medications, I am doomed to have acne forever. My case is special and untreatable.

perfect logic! … and completely inaccurate. (see 135 videos including those with skin allergies)

Here’s another:

premise #1 I know everything there is to know about skincare ingredients.

premise #2 I still have active acne.

inaccurate premise #3 Ingredient knowledge is the key to healing

Therefore: Since I know everything and still have acne, my acne must be untreatable!!?!!!

perfect logic!! ….and classically inaccurate.

Here’s a question for you:

If ingredient focus is the key to clearing acne, why are there so many biochemists, skin care formulators, and self-proclaimed experts with active acne??
How is this possible??
They know everything there is to know about the science of skincare??

Maybe science has limitations in the world of chronic human conditions?? Think about it…

FAQ: then what is the cause, and how do I fix it??

Answer: The reason there is no single source is because the cause of acne is our own humanity. There are different degrees of family predisposition, but everyone can break if pushed hard enough.
Some families have a ton of it, others have less. Some people with no family history stress themselves out enough to be the first in the family to suffer. Some people have had it since puberty while other lose control for the first time in their 30’s. Its a combination of 3 main factors we will discuss in detail in a later post.

This same idea is true for all chronic conditions.

Rather than magic single causes and cures, try to keep in mind the idea of aggravating and alleviating factors for the following human conditions:

Chronic Fatigue
Panic Attacks
All Chronic GI Ailments
Tension Headaches
Low Back Pain
Acid Reflux
etc. (anything you see remedies for over the counter)

can you start to see what a human chronic condition is verses an acute affliction??

Chronic Conditions have no single magical cause and no single magical cure. The ailment companies of the world would rather you believe otherwise. How else would they hype up the special “juice” (see photo below)


(from 2003 to about 2007, countless patients of mine would go nuts over the healing power of this magic juice. Then somewhere along the line, I stopped hearing about it from patients…?
do you think they ran out of fruit on the magic island??

or maybe hype is what it is: A way of marketing to an unsuspecting audience who does not understand the nature of chronic human conditions.

In this practice, people like the products not because what they think they can do based on magical ideas, but rather how it feels on the skin. Creating base formulations is much more of an art than a science.
Also.., this practice was created specifically for those like myself with skin allergies and sensitivities and requires zero active acne ingredients for those who are extremely sensitive. Each kit comes with over 1000 possible combinations.

When you can break down this next sentence, you will undertstand why ingredient shopping is a classic mistake and you will understand the mission of this expansive medical project.

“Although there is no cure for acne, any chronic condition, or even death…., when one’s ailment becomes completely inactivated and time allows the mind to heal from the ordeal, one can truly become “cured”

This type of dramatic transformation has been captured countless times in HD to allow hopeless people to see what is possible. If still hopeless, I recommend watching them all.

Bottom Line:

Angelifying or Demonizing any ingredient for any chronic health condition is a simplistic and failure-prone perspective on both medicine and wellness. The single source/single cure mentality creates mistaken hopelessness and a powerful hype that companies love to harness for marketing.

when something becomes Angelic, “Yes!…, we have this special ingredient in our formulation!!”

and when something becomes demonized by unproven fear, “Oh no!!.., We never use that horrifying ingredient!!”

It’s classic. Hopefully this project will help clear things up.

take care,

-Dr. Neal

©2010 “What is the Magical Active Ingredient??” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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  1. Darren Elkins` Says:

    love it!! keep em coming Doc!! Ps Hope you know that I am constanly sharing your blog posts and videos on facebook!!!! hope all is well. Ttys..

  2. Arujunan Says:

    Hey Dr Neal…cool stuff…very well explained!!

  3. edison Says:

    yo tengo una clase de acne severo en la cabeza en la corona de la cabeza desde hace mas d e 4 años y se me va y viene no se como quitarlo definitivamnete aconsejeme un tratamiento dr. o digame como hago para que trate alguien

  4. Delinda Brockenberry Says:

    Excellent post over again! Thank you;)

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