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The Last Generation

Friday, March 25th, 2011


While I was putting this video together and thinking about how this movement is taking over prior pessimism for chronic ailments, I realized this is going to be the last generation of people who become victimized with a lifetime of active acne.

Think about this:

Throughout the history of this particular ailment, it was the ongoing lack of real proof and/or fear of side effects that would emotionally corner a suffering individual into the trap of doom and gloom.
With this expansive gallery showing up in HD, this generation will be the last to think their case is “special” or untreatable. This will be the last generation to site hormonal problems, mental problems, liver problems, PCOS, genetics, accutane failure, diet, stress, or any other scapegoat to prove that they are doomed. Any thoughts of hopelessness, helplessness, or pessimism have finally been overcome by an expansive gallery that shows the irrefutable reality that all acne is beatable. (this has become tangibly irrefutable)

Think about it…

This will be the last generation of those who suffer endlessly and needlessly. In future generations, those with acne will just quickly get to work on it without heavy emotion, fear, or inhibition. Not to say there is a cure for anything chronic, only that chronic ailments can always be completely inactivated, emotionally healed from, and maintained.

Up until this point, it took passionate practitioners enormous amounts of energy to beg patients to see the light of hope. The reason I started taking the videos in the office 4 years ago was because I was getting completely exhausted trying to talk people off the ledge of hopelessness. After going nuts trying to verbally explain what is possible using passion and conviction, I found myself worn down and getting imbalanced myself. I thought, “there has to be a better way to convince people of what is possible….” and the video project was born.

The reason it’s so difficult to help someone who feels hopeless is because this type of “convincing” people with heavy conviction has lost its luster after witnessing so many adamant people “claiming” different things. After 30 years of infomercials, we’ve become somewhat immune to an enthusiasm of achieving great skin. The combination of exuberance plus an after shot with makeup and lighting hiding the ongoing activity was enough to create mass disillusionment. Once it set in, this powerful disillusionment would then need to be unwound by the next passionate practitioner. You can imagine how exhausting this can get and can possibly grant some sympathy for your overworked dermatologist who has completely exhausted their energy reserves.

In order to make sure this is the last generation who lives in doom and gloom with acne, the movement continues today with an amazing progress report from a young women named Marie who was compassionate enough to share her intimate story with you all…

If you have been reading the emotional section of the blog, you would have come across my philosophies about living and self expression. As I was reading Marie’s youtube page, I was drawn to her explanation of how and why she expresses her own humanity through her art. I thought it was beautiful and wanted to share it with you:

“Creative expression is a need for survival; for me it is greater than passion or love. I like to refer to my creations as experiential art as this need originated from discoveries I have made through life’s toughest lessons. This is my therapy; a way to untangle the complexities of being me. Confronting truths and being honest to me requires courage, determination, discipline and heart. Awareness and acknowledgement, taking risks and learning create a nurturing environment for me to be healthy emotionally psychologically and physically. I believe it to be miraculous that I have been given the chance to continue on journeying and living; there is freedom in ‘love’ and I choose to connect, give, support, and share with you and the world my intimate life experiences.”

-Marie Tomeoki (the girl from the video above)

Hope this blog is helping people navigate their way out of the maze of hopelessness.

be well,

©2011 “The Last Generation” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

5 Responses to “The Last Generation”

  1. Jazz Lee Says:

    Hello ! i am also a acne sufferer , dr neal and this pretty lady may i ask u if 3-D scars can heals ? as i can say my acne is cleared and now left is what i think is marks and 3-D scar , i heard you mention asian tends to get 3D scars easily ? because i am a asian 😡 singaporean actually . back to the question , i now have those red marks and on those red marks is 3D scars . lastly, how long can it take to cure them . i am a mid 16 year old guy . hope both of you get back to me once you see this . thank you !

  2. admin Says:

    see the 3D scar videos on the home page to see the type of healing that is possible with time and a good home routine. 3D scars don’t begin to soften up until all the acne is inactivated first.

    Take care,
    -Dr. Neal

  3. Jazz Lee Says:

    thank you dr neal . as i am now healing my marks and 3D scars , how long will it take to heal .i have stop having acne for around 2 months already . thank you for reply (: . i now only have pimples which come and will be gone after 1-2 days .

  4. Jazz Lee Says:

    dr neal can you answer my pervious post please ? thank you !

  5. admin Says:

    hey Jazz,
    you can email me in the ask Dr. Neal section or call the office anytime.

    I’ll be here.

    -Dr. Neal

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It’s a Movement…

Thursday, March 17th, 2011


Home Version Clients from all over the world are continuing to bravely share their own transformations in an effort to give hope to others who are still suffering. This beautiful girl has added yet another unbelievable case to the movement. Enjoy…

2 Responses to “It’s a Movement…”

  1. Morgan Says:

    Good morning, doctor! Hopefully you can answer my question via email. I completely understand that taking care of the acne is first and foremost going to eliminate the majority of the scarring, as most clears on its own. However, what do you do for the scars that won’t go away. Is there a cure for that???

  2. admin Says:


    see the 3D scar videos on the right side of the home page video gallery. I’ll be in the “ask Dr. Neal” section of the home page if you need.

    -Dr. Neal

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