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An Optimistic Future: Big Plans for The Acne Practice.

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011


As some of you may already know, this project is buzzing with evolution and growth every month. With each step forward, more and more ambitious visions arise and we are all witnessing the growth of a living, breathing movement. The case studies have received 9,130,507 views and another 14,000 are being viewed today. This post will address frequently asked questions about the practice as well as become a road map of what is coming in the next 2 years.

thesis statement for descriptive essay examples FAQ: I still don’t understand. why is The Acne Practice so expensive??

Many people often wonder why this program is so costly relative to other infomercial or drug store products. 30 years of acne marketing has created a standard genre of over the counter treatments that this medical project has nothing to do with. The reason people think the price is high is because they are comparing the program to product lines that have source zero accountability. Even when they offer their gimmicky money back guarantees, they are not taking accountability for the emotional trauma and physical scarring they are directly responsible for. What is not understood is that this program is underpriced at this time. This project represents not only a new genre of treatment programs, but a completely new approach to medicine in general.

Rather than comparing it to a drugstore item, it will help to compare it to the costs of having a personal physician at your side every single day. We use email through disclaimers as the medium, and the support is directly from an expert who has obviously innovated a field of medicine. Given the level of accountability and expert time-sensitive support, 240-300 dollars for this type of program seems reasonable.
(The instruction manual itself is 27 pages deep and was created from years of clinical observation. Refills are 20-35 per product every 5-8 weeks as needed)

That being said, this unique setup begs many new questions that are meticulously being addressed in the evolution of this project.

the poem my doggy ate my homework FAQ: If Dr. Neal is painstakingly helping everyone directly, how is he going to keep up with all the email traffic??

This question has been thought about since the inception of the project and the demand has been met at this time using typists to speed along the communication. It should be well known that all emails are read, written, and sent by Dr. Neal alone. FAQ: What will you do when you can’t keep up with the traffic even with multiple typists??

This is the question that has already launched the future of this practice and this movement.

best college paper writing service Prediction: When this vision fully materializes, I am predicting that this project will be nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine as acne is still ravaging go millions of people who are currently under professional treatment.

Here’s the movement and worldwide phenomenon that is coming in the next 2 years

essay on the role of youth in protecting environment 1) Acne Analytics™
With the help of some clever programming, I have invented and patented a new software program that will allow clients, on their own, to assess their skin in a more detailed manner than any physician could ever do for them. This innovation in diagnostic evaluation is almost finished and will likely debut later this season.

here 2) The Interactive Video Version of Dr. Neal’s Acne Bootcamp™
This is a very ambitious project which is now in development. We are creating an interactive online program that will queue up videos of Dr. Neal addressing common concerns and fears for every skin situation possible. Full client accountability will be monitored in an account that tells Dr. Neal the exact level of online participation in the interactive program. If someone is following the program perfectly and still not satisfied, Dr. Neal will be automatically notified and will investigate which detail is being missed in the program. The details of this large scale project will slowly be unveiled as we get closer to completing it. The estimated time of arrival is mid 2012.

When executed with the same precision and passion as the office and home versions, the Interactive Video Version will be able to expand in ways that are not possible with Dr. Neal emailing everyone by himself. Dr. Neal’s expertise and artistry will be fully harnessed by the most sophisticated interactive health software ever developed.

With the new system, expanded manufacturing, and automation in place, the price of these kits will one day be more affordable for anyone who is suffering. Additionally, we can get all 400 videos subtitled in every language to bring this system to those Dr. Neal can’t communicate with at this time.

go here Again, there are no simple solutions to complex problems. This Interactive Video Version will take much artistic refinement to accomplish the 100% success rate that is acceptable in this practice. I have a specific plan of how this system will be laid down. stay posted. (the office version and the Home Version were generated from the same type of passionate energy)

go here 3) Affiliate Centers
As many of you know, I have a dream of having an army of autonomously practicing aestheticians working from the confines of this successful program. Their role will be to simply speed up the healing after the program has inactivated the skin. Since this vision was introduced, I have spoken with many aestheticians all over the world. There are many passionate ones who are interested but they don’t yet see how they can survive on passion alone. In the future vision of the Interactive Video Version, affiliates will have exclusive distribution opportunities for the kits themselves. Those already enrolled have sealed their territory for future possibilities.

legit research paper writing services 4) International Distribution
Customs fees are a drag on any client relationship. We are shipping internationally every day and have intentions of solving the inconvenience of custom’s fees. When the Interactive Video Version takes hold on a large scale, Distribution worldwide will be a real possibility. Expect this evolution by 2013.
for those of you who think I’m dreaming with an Interactive Video Version that achieves a 100% success rate, reaches everyone in every language, and can be obtained for an affordable price, check out my prior dreams below:

Dream of completely inactivating resistant cases of Severe Acne without oral medications: effective types of essays Done

Dream of making a high definition acne gallery so powerful that even the most hopeless soul can begin to see what is possible: uni essay help Done

Dream of making an email-based Home Version work the exact same way as the office version worked: buy cheap essay online Done

I am dreaming. and when I act on these dreams, unbelievable things can happen…

get ready, this is exciting. In the final dream of this project, Dermatologists can leave the world of acne and focus back on what they are really great at. Diagnosing systemic disease, emergency skin reactions, removal of growths, cosmetic procedures, and much more. The chronic condition of acne will naturally leave the world of rigid diagnostic medicine and instead be viewed as a common human ailment that can be locked down by an unwavering definitive integrated program. A two month wait at your dermatologist’s office only to get a standard cocktail that has a 40% failure rate has become unacceptable and this worldwide vision is directly addressing a system that has proven to be mediocre at best.

-Dr. Neal

©2011 “An Optimistic Future: Big Plans for The Acne Practice. ” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

18 Responses to “An Optimistic Future: Big Plans for The Acne Practice.”

  1. Donna Walker Says:

    How does your program work in comparison to a dermatologist”s. My daughter’s Dr. has prescribed retinA
    cream antibiotics, birth control, etc. Nothing seems to work. She refuses to try ProActive. She needs help now.

  2. admin Says:

    hey Donna,
    The standard algorithm of benzoyl peroxide, retin-A, doxycycline, and accutane is almost 30 years old. This program represents a complete innovation in the treatment of this chronic condition. Keep looking through the videos and blog to see what is going on here. you can call the office anytime.

    take care,

    -Dr. Neal

  3. Lydia Says:

    hi i have acne and my face is oily, sometimes its small and sometimes big would you be able to send me information bout the cream what i have to use and howmuch it cost

  4. Adrian Says:

    hi ive suffered from sever acne for 6 years on my face, chest, and back ive tried everything from natural to perscribed and over the counter it goes away some what but still comes back. ive gone to see a dermatologist he did help me but then my acne came back and my last resort was accutane and i was scared to try that out. can you point me in the right direction of what i should look into since im not close to any of your facilities.

  5. admin Says:

    hey Adrian,

    Everyone is on the home version these days. The affiliate centers are not required. you can email or call if you have any questions about the program.

    -Dr. Neal

  6. caroline Says:

    i am so interested in your bootcamp. I am 47 years old. Acne started with me at the age of 12. i have tried every antibotic, retin A cream, topical stuff….benzol p. , sylic acid, glycolic acid. At 33 I decided to give accutane a try. It worked. My acne was completely gone for about two years. Gradually, every year, it has gotton worse. Now at 47, it is back with a vengence. I am going to a new derm. who has me on doxy, retin a, and a acne wash. it has been about three weeks, seeing no improvement. I have huge cysts, pimples, blackheads, the works….my self esteem is wilting too along with my skin. HELP!!! What do you recomend?
    I am also cocerned with the cost, and what if it doesn’t work for me? I am so down. Can you make payments? Please help. THank you so much for your website. It really gives hope to someone like me.

  7. kathleen progen Says:

    this sounds too good to be true….I am 60 and still suffer from acne….oily skin….mostly horrid blackheads..some bigger ones once in a while……Why would someone at 60 still break out….I do not drink hardly ever….I try to eat well I exercise I am on spironolactone and benzamycin…..and use avon toner and wash I cannot believe I still have a problem at my age oh what is up with that???

  8. admin Says:

    hey kathleen,

    you’re not alone. Many people still have active skin after 60. You can email or call if you need help with it.

    take care,

    -Dr. Neal

  9. beverly Says:

    hi doctor,

    my daughter is 24 been suffering with acne (now severe) since about 13. she has tried everyhing nothing works.;.. having alaot of emotional problems with this….i have trying to help over the years….she tired of trying and failing….I want to start on this treatment….I don’t know wihic kit to get… is oily severe cystic acne…its gotten alot worse…..I saw her yesterday, I just wanted to break down and cry. please help

  10. admin Says:


    sorry to hear of the skin troubles. Feel free to email or call anytime. The new kit selector may help as well.

    -Dr. Neal

  11. michaela Says:

    i am 15 and i suffer from acne.. with ALOT of blemishes. I feel like i’m like the ugliest person in my school. 🙁

  12. carlos Tenango Says:

    yo sufro de Acne quiero saber cuanto cuesta el tratamiento para el Acne i want to know the price of the GEL for ACne

  13. admin Says:

    you can contact me in the Ask Dr. Neal section of the home page anytime.

  14. Lorena Says:

    Hi I need help and real improvement. I’m sad and also very disappointing to this point about my face and acne. I have been having acne since I was about 13 and now I’m about 22 and nothing has really worked. I always have pimples in my cheeks one or four and inside my skin it feels like bumps. I have tried benzynol peroxide, retin-A, i used silyc acid resiliently and it worked for a few weeks but the its stopped working. I tries pro- active I also tried loosing weight and exercising and I use expensive make up that wont clog pores from clinic but acne still there. I wash my face morning and night. I barely made an appointment today to go see a dermatologist and then I started watching accutane videos and how people got so much better but then they side effects really scare me specially because I’m having my wedding like in a month or two and I don’t want to have bad reactions and come out bad in my wedding pictures. I want to look me..

  15. admin Says:

    Hey Lorena,

    see the ask Dr. Neal section of the home page if you need some assistance.

    -Dr. Neal

  16. sweeti Says:

    i am 24 years old and i have acne problem since from 5 years i am highly unsatisfied with dermatologist but after reading this i wish to use the kit that help me i have pimples on my face shoulders ,chest and sometime one or two on back or legs

  17. sweeti Says:

    I’m disappointing to this point about my face and acne. I have been having acne since I was about 17 and now I’m about 24 skin it feels like bumps. I have tried benzynol peroxide, retin-A, i used silyc acid resiliently and it worked for a few weeks but the its stopped working. I tries pro- active I also tried loosing weight and exercising and I use expensive make up that wont clog pores from clinic but acne still there. I wash my face morning and night. I barely made an appointment today to go see a dermatologist and then I started watching accutane videos and how people got so much better but then they side effects really scare me

  18. admin Says:

    Feel free to email through the homepage if you need assistance with this condition.
    take care,
    -Dr. Neal

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The Artistry of Good Nutrition

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011


hey everyone,

I get a lot of emails about nutrition and dietary changes in regards to acne. My main stance on all food and acne can be seen here.

As a supplement to my primary food philosophy, I’ve decided to add a nutrition category to the blog to inform, but more importantly, to simply motivate and increase consciousness.

In the conversation of awareness, consciousness, and motivation, I bring to you my personal thoughts on what we’ll call.., The Artisty of Good Nutrition:

In a world where essay professor huge passions are being generated about food and nutrition issues, there are some basic tenets, criticisms, and personal philosophies I’d like to share with you. (I’ll organize them below)

see url 1) It’s all relative.
If you are eating unconsciously and decide to start putting energy into making common sense eating choices, you should celebrate this new milestone. No one has ever become super conscious or an artist overnight.

go site 2) Never utilize Fear or Guilt in regards to food.
In the Artistry of good nutrition, there is no guilt or fear. It’s an art of consciousness and ever evolving awareness of your day to day decisions. Fear of food is my biggest criticism of many enthusiasts of nutrition. What is not realized is that fear and guilt cause a real emotional stress that can directly aggravate all medical conditions. The art of nutrition should be fun. It should be a game of consciousness that builds on itself in a positive stacking momentum. 3) Being Social.
Food is a great social binder in our human culture. It brings people together in loving and connected ways. If you become too extreme with your food choices that you can’t socially participate, consider the disconnect you may create can be more damaging to the body than the pizza party itself. To have the best of both worlds, try to participate by being creative with your choices and when necessary, use portions to compensate for the lack of quality in the food. For example, at the pizza party, you load up on salad and decrease the amount of pizza. The same type of creativity will be helpful at a subpar restaurant.

see url 4) Desserts are for special occasions.
I think if I were to give one tip to anyone struggling with fitness, health, or body issues, it would be to wean off the addiction and habit of dessert. My view of dessert is something that is to be saved for special celebrations like a birthday, an epic physical adventure that day, or a huge moment in life. The habit of daily, or even twice daily, dessert has hurt many people. Rather than make your own, try to learn from other people’s mistakes. 5) Have healthy staples at home.
If you are forced to be creative with food when out socializing, compensate for the fun by keeping very good staple meals at home. These meals are much more under your control and if used in high consciousness, will accumulate a solid general artistry of nutrition.

click 6) Try not to be misled by hype.
People love chocolate and anything that tastes like chocolate. Try not to be fooled by anything claiming to be good for you that tastes like chocolate. For example, the cacao hype that was propagated by chocolate lovers was very misleading. The incredible amount of antioxidants contained in the brown rectangular bar was so emphasized that it was actually perceived as a “healthy food choice”. Try to be realistic when working around this hype and become conscious of your own personal desires. At any percent, cacao is still dessert. Street vendors now sell it right next to the milky ways. (see #4 above)

source 7) And Most Importantly, There is no substitute for Fitness and Movement.
The biggest wellness mistake I witness over and over is those who justify not moving or working out with the thought that their diet is very conscious. In my opinion, the biggest mistake anyone can make in this lifetime is to not break a sweat every single day. It fuels the body and soul with energy and vibrance that can be transferred to any project, relationship, or activity. Physical fitness is really everything. Mastery of diet and nutrition is an amazing side dish to this physical movement.

With this basic philosophy laid down, I’ll be introducing easy tips to help increase this awareness and artistry in your day to day routine.

to be continued,
-Dr. Neal

©2011 “The Artistry of Good Nutrition” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

One Response to “The Artistry of Good Nutrition”

  1. Darren Elkins Says:

    looking forward to it!!

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Facebook and Twitter

Sunday, May 15th, 2011


hey everyone,

I’ve finally made a Facebook page to capture and share the movement that is happening at The Acne Practice. This Facebook Page will be dedicated to the movement of shared testimonials that is giving hope to millions. I will also be utilizing The Acne Practice as a platform to introduce an entirely new system of medicine that is neither based in the cookbook approach of Western medicine nor the wait and see approach of Eastern healing. This new paradigm of medicine will be geared to tackle all chronic inflammatory ailments of the human body. (and of course prevention of such imbalance)

It will be a movement and I intend to spread the success I’ve had here at The Acne Practice into all of modern patient care.

If you want easy updates from the blog and the movement to your Facebook Newsfeed, you can hit the “Like” button at the top of the new page:

The Acne Practice: The Movement

Promote Your Page Too

I’ve also created a Twitter page and intend to use this medium as a platform to press my fury and strongly held opinions on public healthcare, personal accountability, healthcare reform, the concept of stress, nutrition, and ultra-fitness.

Screen shot 2011-05-15 at 6.09.36 PM

cats cradle essay Here’s the summary of the many passionate missions here: The largest and most detailed acne gallery ever assembled to prove that all acne is treatable and preventable without oral medications. (mission accomplished in 2010) Mission #2: Expand the delivery of this innovation in a way that reaches all who need in every language. (news on the expansion coming soon!)

Facebook: a page dedicated to the movement of clients reaching out to give hope to others who are still endlessly suffering. Also, a place to introduce a novel systematic approach to medicine that is neither based in Western nor Eastern philosophy.

Twitter: A platform where I can release my strongly held stances on public healthcare, health consciousness, fitness, accountability, the art of wellness, nutrition, and the general concepts of innovation and possibility.

If you feel passionately about the declining health of our community and can’t stand to watch pessimism and confusion cloud up the internet, come join me in what will likely be an interesting ongoing discussion.

-Dr. Neal

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The Epidemic Misconception of “Rosacea”

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011


You may notice as you browse this site that I always place quotes around the term “Rosacea” whenever I speak of it. The reason is because, in my opinion, there is no other inflammatory facial condition that has been misdiagnosed and mismanaged as frequently. Not surprising is the global pessimism, retirement, and depression surrounding a condition that is fumbled with as the standard of care.

The scary part is that most of these diagnoses and treatment attempts are coming from the most credentialed board certified dermatologists around. When a consensus of real experts are seen as off-point so often, it has to be considered that there is not only a diagnostic inconsistency, but maybe one of a semantic discrepancy…? (i.e. doctors are calling anything that is red rosacea as a “working diagnosis” to introduce treatment attempts. This idea would be reasonable except…, the diagnosis itself often times creates a self-victimizating mindset which can then perpetuate the spiral of hopelessness.)

When I make an adamant stance on this blog, I’d like it to be understood that these expert opinions are being made within the reality that there is no right and wrong in the world of art, and that medicine is certainly not a hard science. The “standards” of westernized medicine have accidentally mislead many people to believe they are speaking in fact rather than outcome statistics. Given that I’ve spoken to thousands of people who are needlessly suffering from “Rosacea” despite treatment at this time, it seems appropriate to both challenge the standard algorithm and to give insight into the treatment of skin that is inflamed, red, flushing, and uncomfortable. As always, these opinions have not been generated from any form of solitary imaginative thinking. Rather, they have been derived from paying extremely close attention, succeeding in the most hopeless clinical situations, and of course, video taping the results.

I will break this important post into two main categories. Those who have been misdiagnosed with “Rosacea” and those who have been accurately diagnosed yet still have failed the standard of care. 1) The Epidemic Misdiagnosis of Rosacea:

If your skin is red, raw, irritated, has broken blood vessels, has sensitivity to light, spicy foods, alcohol, and heat…., you will probably get a diagnosis of Rosacea from many primary care physicians and dermatologist alike. As mentioned above, they may be using this diagnosis as a quick “working diagnosis” to initiate attempts at treatment.
Here’s what physicians and patients are not taking into consideration when making this diagnosis:

-Oily skin alone can cause all these symptoms also.
-Acne prone and inflamed skin from acne can also cause these symptoms.
-Seborrheic Dermatitis causes all these symptoms as well as eye irritation. (there is also an epidemic misdiagnosis of ocular rosacea) Read this part closely:
-Oily skin causes Seborrheic Dermatitis. (a chronic skin thickening and sensitivity due to oiliness or what is called “seborrhea”)
In a high maintenance patient, Seborrheic Dermatitis will not have the classic scaled and thickened appearance because this patient is constantly removing the flakes every day. Instead, they will present with only red, sensitive, flushed, uncomfortable skin. This presentation is not easy distinguishable on physical exam from rosacea and the misdiagnosis and lifetime treatment failure are driving millions of people crazy.

ucla essay Here’s a very important sidenote to prevent any new self-vicitimation after hearing the diagnosis of Seborrheic Dermatitis:

All oily-prone and acne-prone patients are also prone to a bit of thickening and seborrheic dermatitis. This diagnosis is simply descriptive and in no way dooms people. It’s tricky, but like acne, is always treatable as proven in the redness videos on the home page. I refer to this type skin as “troubled skin” to avoid the emotional pitfalls of hopelessness that are generated from labels and diagnoses. 2) Those with Classic Rosacea who are still suffering:
If the diagnosis of Rosacea has led you and your doctor to a victory over your facial inflammatory ailment, I’m very glad to hear it. This section of the post is for those who have the classic and obvious diagnosis of rosacea yet still have not achieved inactivation despite going deep into the 20 year old algorithm of topicals like metronidazole, antibiotics like tetracycline, and finally isotretinoin. What is important for this group of sufferers to know is that all inflammatory conditions of the face and body are treatable. Inflammation only propagates for years when improperly treated. Let it be known worldwide that the classic rosacea treatment algorithm has helped millions and failed millions. Do not be baffled or depressed if your rosacea is not responding. It happens all the time. This condition is also completely treatable in this practice. Feel free to send your story and focused photos if you’ve tried “everything” and still need some help with it.

This post is intended to be read by both confused patients and practitioners themselves.

xps document writer paper size To the passionate doctors of the world,

“Please hesitate before dooming someone with the misdiagnosis of Rosacea. All that is red, sensitive and irritated is not “Rosacea”. Here’s some tips that will prevent the misdiagnosis:

thesis guidelines usm -Tip #1: If a patient has a history of acne, oily skin, blackheads, and sensitivity issues, consider you are working with an acne-prone skin manifestation we call seborrheic dermatitis. -Tip #2: Many patients with Seborrheic Dermatitis won’t present will scales because they are diligently removing them in a desperate effort to get clean.

Furthermore, when confronted with a real case of classic non-oily rosacea, think twice before ending the management of it after the basic cookbook algorithm is exhausted. These chronic conditions sometimes take more touch than knowledge. We know they don’t really teach the art of medicine in medical school. It’s something that needs to be indulged and cultivated by each and every passionate practitioner.”

The Acne Practice video project represents much more than just an acne solution for those who have become hopeless.

In a world where Acne, Rosacea, Seborrheic Dermatitis, Low Back Pain, and Heartburn are not curable, I’m introducing and illustrating, in high definition, a completely new medical treatment paradigm that is a step forward from the approaches of both traditional Western Medicine and ancient Eastern healing. I will be detailing this new medical paradigm for all chronic ailments in a future post which will break down the history, strengths, weaknesses, and fundamentals of all medicine that is commonly practiced at this time.

I’ll be here,
-Dr. Neal

©2011 “The Epidemic Misconception of “Rosacea” by Dr. Neal Schwartz

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  1. Darren Elkins Says:


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