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Music Therapy with Dr. Neal

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

Stress is an elusive force. Tough to recognize, tough to beat.

I’ve found that accompanying your own voice with the guitar or piano is one of the best medical therapies I’ve ever encountered.

If you long to sing and play guitar for fun, this video will help you get over the hump.

Part 2

Share the gift of playing guitar with your family and friends:

Guitar Links:
Guitar Center
Tuner: use Korg chromatic (black) or iphone app called “cleartune”

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Licensed and Board Certified for 10 years

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

wow, I’m getting old… 🙂




In total, my journey as a physician has consisted of:

4 years of College

4 years of Medical School

3 years of Residency

10 years of Private Practice

= 21 years of training and clinical practice.

2 Responses to “Licensed and Board Certified for 10 years”

  1. MotherTeresa Says:

    HI, can you tell me some of the bad things about this, and the cases you have not been able to take care of?

  2. admin Says:


    There has never been a case that was untreatable to total inactivation. Ever. To do the program correctly, all clients must memorize the “how to be a good client” category of the blog.

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The Riddle of Acne Has Been Solved.

Saturday, November 5th, 2011


There is no cure for any chronic ailment of the human body. There is also no cure for death. We are mortal beings who do the best we can to optimize our health to feel comfortable, vibrant, and powerful.

Chronic Ailments, by my definition, include the types of nuisance imbalances that we are all predisposed to on some level. Some examples are:

Gastritis, Low Back Pain, Eczema, Acne, Acid Reflux, Allergies, Joint Pain, Headaches, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, IBS, and anything else you see a remedy for on the drugstore shelf.

While there is no cure for any of the above ailments, there is total inactivation, emotional healing from the ordeal, and proper prevention of future relapse.

These types of inflammatory ailments are riddled with treatment failure because total inactivation often times requires a real mastery of one’s own body. Partial inactivation along with multiple failed attempts will increase anxiety and hopelessness for any situation. After hopelessness has set it, disillusioned sufferers need more than a claim or an imaginative theory before making themselves vulnerable again to failure.

Rather, they need tangible proof. This obvious necessity was the catalyst that sparked the entire HD video gallery. The mystery of acne disappears once hard evidence is finally introduced into the conversation.

The success rate of Acne Bootcamp remains at 100% for all those who are taking the time to do Acne Analytics™ and email in a time-sensitive manner. (This is the actual statistic for the past 3 years)

What’s even more amazing is that those who master Acne Analytics are not even needing my help as much throughout the program.
The software itself is allowing clients to learn about their skin and master this advanced program.

When a safe treatment plan shows a 100% success rate with a condition previously riddled with failure, it’s perfectly reasonable to say,

“the riddle has been solved”

For all clients who are starting their transformational journey in this bootcamp program, know that your victory is a foregone conclusion if you memorize the post entitled, “Acne Bootcamp Tips”

The Riddle has been solved. Now it’s time to spread the word. If your primary care physician or dermatologist have any questions about this advanced program, feel free to have them call me anytime. They will soon be very familiar with this new practice.

Here’s to a future society that is not relentlessly bogged down by treatable ailments.

-Dr. Neal

Acne Bootcamp Tips

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2 Responses to “The Riddle of Acne Has Been Solved.”

  1. sage Says:

    Ok so Im 13 and I have bad acne and everyone makes fun of it who do I stop my acne from happening?

  2. admin Says:

    hey Sage,

    Acne is not always a simple fix. We have a comprehensive bootcamp here if you need.

    -Dr. Neal

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