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Holiday Schedule: (Update)

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

I’m back…!

Happy New Year!

Hope this new year brings you a victory over all bodily ailments and allows your heart to open up to all those around you.

When our hearts are actively re-opened, the magic of life finds its way back in.

Shipping is back on, phones are back on, and I’ll be catching up on emails tomorrow.

I’ll be here,
-Dr. Neal

5 Responses to “Holiday Schedule: (Update)”

  1. Charlotte Petrina Says:

    Hi Dr. Neal

    I would like to start the acne bootcamp today!! I have very oily skin but it can become very dry and irritated with the harsh treament products that I have been using. I break out constantly…..say every other day, theres a new pimple on my face….mostly aroung my mouth, under my nose and around my chin line.

    I am 41 years old and have been battling acne since I was a teenager and nothing has honestly work!! I’ve seen a dermatologist and still nothing has worked.

    Can you please email me back asap??? I want a new face!

    Thanks Charlotte

  2. Dionne Says:

    Hi Dr. Neal, I called your office today after watching several videos. I am very interested in starting your bootcamp. The entire year of 2011, I consistently saw a dermatologist, receiving silk peels, chemical peels and several topical medications. After a full year of consistent visits and much money spent, I am still breaking out on my cheek and chin area. I am 38 yrs old and have been battling with this “hormonal acne” since I was 30 yrs old. Yes my confidence is not as high as I know it should be due to these acne challenges. Can you please help me get started on a successful road to clear skin? I am excited to see how your product will work. Thanks for your time. Also where exactly is your office in NY because I live in NY?

  3. admin Says:

    If you call and leave a message, we will call you back today. You can also email in the “Ask Dr. Neal” section of the home page. It takes me 1-3 days to respond.

    Talk to you soon,
    -Dr. Neal

  4. mika moore Says:

    Hi, i like to start my tratment bootcamp i have acne in my face cheast back for now 2year please healp. im for MOZAMBIQUE and i have 27 year i fill so unhappy my salfe please what i nid to do for start , i have use now so much products and not weeke please help

  5. admin Says:

    Hey Everyone,

    you can find me on the “ask Dr. Neal” page or by phone in the office.

    talk soon,

    -Dr. N

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